Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Maker Blues

As you can see from my lack of posts here, I have largely retired from blogging. No commenting on the blogs of others, either. I lost interest and decided my time would be better spent on other activities. Work, mainly. Being a Maker and working hard to earn enough to live comfortably while, at the same time, having a too-large amount of money stolen to support all the Takers that voted for Obama is not an easy task.

When will the Republican Party get their act together and get serious about rebuilding so that they have a chance the next time out? Then again, perhaps they are relying on Obama to do all the work for them? Once the economy crashes again, then the public may be forced to accept the fact that a welfare state is unsustainable. But, even though that will probably require a economic depression, I fear it is the only way this country will ever wake up.

Unfortunately that will likely mean mass poverty, starvation and even rioting of the ignorant masses who think they should be given a free ride paid for by those of us who are working our butts off and using our brains to get ahead. Barack Obama has demonized us productive people to the point where the idiots who vote Democrat think we (those of us whose work keeps the economy going) are the bad guys.

Frankly, I find it truly sickening. When the economy collapses due to their greed and laziness I too will suffer. That is why I'm trying to accumulate as much wealth as possible before it all goes to hell. Of course an investment strategy will be key to surviving the coming depression, as inflation will likely make any cash one might hold worth considerably less.

So far my investments have been doing well, providing a decent rate of return. I only worry about getting out before the stock market crashes. My sources say that around the time of the next presidential election is when the policies of Obama may cause the house of cards which is our economy to come tumbling down. I fear that day, although I am planning for it and working to see that I have enough to make it though.

Many of you Takers will likely bite the dust, but I surely will not shed a tear. You will only have your lack of foresight and selfishness to blame for your predicament then. You should have voted for Mitt Romney instead of going for the guy who promised you free stuff paid for by those of us who actually work.

TLB #50