Monday, May 9, 2016

Father Of Canadian Born Ted Cruz Linked To JFK Assassin Oswald

As you likely know, Ted Cruz, the man ineligible to be president due to being born a Canadian citizen, dropped out of the race for the White House. Thank goodness. Not that there was any doubt in my mind AT ALL that Mr. Trump would prevail. But if Cruz somehow had become the nominee, you can bet that the question of his eligibility would have plagued and likely derailed his campaign.

Yes, the current president isn't eligible to hold the office of the president for the same reason (not born in the United States), but Ted Cruz was running as a Republican! Whereas it was fine to sweep B. Hussein's lack of a non-forged birth certificate under the rug because it was "racist" to question the eligibility of the first Black president, Ted Cruz is a White Republican.

Or Cruz is perceived as such, despite being Hispanic on his father's side. Much the same as Hussein is Black (and Muslim) on HIS father's side. But, like I said, with Hussein none of that mattered very much. He was still able to run for and "win" an office he wasn't eligible to hold.

But the hypocrite Dems would have objected to Ted Cruz being the nominee (if he had "won"). I heard that a nutjob from Florida named Alan Grayson said "he'll sue over Canadian-born Cruz's natural-born citizen status if the senator is the GOP nominee".

Mr. Trump was also worried about Cruz's eligibility. But unlike Grayson (who defends the interloper Hussein), Mr. Trump has been very strong on the subject of only people who are eligible being able to run for the presidency. Given the fact that he's gone after Obama; questioning his phony-baloney birth certificate.

Recently Mr. Trump brought up another issue that could have brought down the Cruz candidacy, had he been the nominee (if the GOP had stolen the nomination from Mr. Trump via a brokered convention).

Trump first made the inflammatory claim on the morning of May 3 on Fox and Friends: Cruz's "father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald being, you know, shot". The charge is lifted straight from the grocery store checkout tabloids, specifically a National Enquirer report based on photos of Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963.

Two photo experts told the Enquirer that another man in the grainy image bears a resemblance to young Rafael Cruz Sr. (Anatomy of a talking point: Donald Trump on the JFK assassination by Linda Qiu. PolitiFact 5/6/2016).

Note that this story is from the Leftwing smear site, PolitiFact. Here PolitiFact says "we rated Trump's claim Pants on Fire". But I trust Mr. Trump, given the fact that he is a man of high integrity and surely would not repeat an allegation such as this unless he was absolutely positive it was correct.

Which isn't to say that I think Ted Cruz should be held responsible for his father's role in the assassination of JFK (whatever that role was). There is the fact, however, that Ted is still very tight with his father... giving him a big hug after conceding the race to Mr. Trump (while elbowing his wife Heidi in the face).

And Ted's father Rafael was very active in his son's efforts to court Evangelical voters. Something that Mr. Trump commented on saying, "it's disgraceful that his father can go out and do that". And people are angry about it. Angry because Rafael lied about God being on his son Ted's side and saying that (if Ted is not prez) "the alternative could be the destruction of America".

Which is, of course, total bullcrap. The destruction of American will occur if Hillary is elected president. But the man to prevent that destruction is Donald J. Trump, NOT Ted Cruz! Frankly I think the DOJ should look into deporting both lying Ted and his lying father. Perhaps that might happen when Mr. Trump is elected president?

Image: Canadian-born Ted Cruz elbows his wife in the face while hugging a traitor who conspired to kill a US president (his Cuban-born father).

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