Thursday, February 28, 2013

Traitorous Al Gore Conspires With Those Who Wish Death to America

As you probably haven't heard, ex-president Al Gore sold his TV channel Current to the Arab-owned Al Jazeera. Previous to this deal I ONLY considered this dirtbag (Al Gore) to be a dangerous huckster who "invented" global warming in order to scare American into investing in "green energy" (as it turns out, global warming is just a money making scam).

But now Al Gore is selling his TV network to those who wish to wage jihad against Christian America? World Net Daily warns that the "expansion into American cable markets by Al Jazeera... could offer a serious security risk for America".

The article goes on to point out that, "Al Jazeera's primary Arabic-language network has frequently served as a mouthpiece for [the] Muslim Brotherhood..." and that the purpose of their expansion into the US market is to radicalize Muslims living in American.

So what the hell was Al Gore thinking? Is Gore involved in this conspiracy with Al Jazeera, or did he only do the deal for the cold hard cash (and doesn't give a damn about his country)? I'd also ask why Congress hasn't stepped in and passed some kind of legislation to stop this sort of thing, but considering who is president, their lack of action isn't surprising.

Anyway, the reason I stopped on CurrentTV last night was because I was wondering if I'd hear any chants of "death to America". Not yet, apparently. They're still airing Liberal propaganda. I saw some Arab guy named "Jenk" (but spelled "Cenk") who lied about his spewing of Liberal propaganda, claiming he KNEW what his audience liked about the show was that it is "honest".

This is a exact quote from a promo for the show that I recorded on my DVR:

Jenk voiceover: "I think the number one thing that viewers like about the Young Turks is that we're honest. They can question whether I'm right, but I think the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability is just trying to look out for us".

Really Jenk? If at all honest, I'd have expected everyone still working at Current to quit en mass and call out Gore for his traitorous actions. The whoremonger Eliot Spitzer quit, but I haven't heard him say anything against his former employer.

Just another reason why I view all Liberals with suspicion. Either they're completely ignorant of how evil their ideology is, or they are complicit in that evil. Either way America would be better off without them.

TLB #16

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

America-Hating Propaganda Coming to Your TV Courtesy of Global Warming Hoaxster Al Gore

I was flipping through the channels on the boob tube last night when I came across the Al Gore network, CurrentTV. Out of curiosity I decided to watch for a while. The channel started out as a forum for viewer generated content, then switched to Liberal propaganda. Not to long ago, I believe. Then ex-president Al Gore stabbed his Liberal cohorts in the back and cashed in to the tune of 100 million (his share, I've heard).

"Stabbed in the back", I say because the sale was to Al Jazera. Now, it isn't that Liberals aren't sympathetic to America-hating Arabs, but it's my understanding that all the Liberals currently employed by Current are going to be canned when Al Jazera takes over. The channel will then be re-branded "Al Jazera America" and all the Liberal propaganda programming will be replaced with radical Islam propaganda programming.

There is one program on Current that is hosted by Turks. Maybe they'll keep that one? It's headlined by some Iranian named "Cenk" who pronounces his name as if the "C" was a "J". The dude claims to be an atheist (which, seeing as he's a Liberal, makes sense). If true, and he isn't a secret Muslim - I can't see Al Jazera keeping him on.

In any case, is this not proof of how much of a hypocrite Al Gore is? As the face of the global warming hoax, you'd think he'd have more sense than to sell out to the Saudis. But then, this is the individual who thought people would be dumb enough to believe he invented the internet.

So now he's taking oil money while sending a bunch of Liberal agitprop spewers to the unemployment line (to join Keith Olbermann)? Not that the second thing is bad, but Liberals must be outraged. That is, the few who aren't watching MSNBC. I heard that Current's ratings are abysmal, so Al Gore was probably just cashing out while the network still has some value.

Question is, why did Al Jazera agree to pay so much? Are they suckers, or is this part of the Muslim Brotherhood plan to bring Sharia to the US? I would not be surprised if our Muslim president was revealed to be an investor.

TLB #15

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Eliminate Poverty

Liberals seem to believe that the way to combat "poverty" is to create a culture of dependence. Poor people can't pull themselves up by their own bootstraps; Liberals believe the only way to fix poverty is via redistribution. Take from the productive members of society and give to the unproductive ones. Unfortunately redistribution doesn't work, and Democrat politicians know this.

The reason the Democrat politicians lie about what would really help cut down on poverty is because it is the only way they can retain power. They hook voters on gifts from the government. Those with a proclivity toward laziness fall for this trick because it works out quite nicely for them. They get to continue to be lazy and the rest of us pay for them to veg out on their couches while watching their widescreen TVs and eating Cheetos.

The frightening thing is that, as the last election has proven, many voters now have absolutely no shame when it comes to demanding the government give them things. This is an extremely dangerous road our country is headed down.

So, how should we attack this problem? I'll tell you. The cure for "poverty" (which is really just lower-wage earners viewing those who have more than they do with envy) is to break the culture of dependence. This would involve a complete reformation of the welfare state. The budgets of many programs could be cut drastically or eliminated completely.

I realize that some people, who due to genuine disability are not able to provide for themselves (and I am not a cold-harted bastard who says these people should be left to die), but those who refuse to work should suffer the consequences. Sloth is, after all, one of the seven deadly sins. Would Jesus want us to enable those who won't help themselves? I think not.

This approach would save the federal government a lot of money - and force those to lazy to work to change their ways, or suffer the consequences. I believe most would. What we didn't spend on these sluggards could be used to reduce the federal income tax. When people realized they could keep more of what they earn - this would incentivize them to work harder. People who work hard for their money resent it when the government takes the fruits of their labor and gives it to those who don't deserve it.

TLB #14

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Liberals More Likely To Get Butt Cancer, Doctors Say

NewsMax Health reports* that 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Although political persuasion generally has no effect what-so-ever on which individuals will develop cancer, research has surprisingly shown that individuals who identify as Liberal are far more likely to develop a certain type of cancer. What type you say? Cancer of the butt.

Hard to believe? Unfortunately it is sad, but 100 percent true. NewsMax health doctors theorize the reason for this odd phenomena is all the lying and falsehoods your average Liberal needs to internalize in order to blindly follow their Liberal ideology. Deep down they know what hogwash most of what they believe is, and internalizing all this bullshit is, apparently, extremely toxic to the body.

So why butt cancer and not some other kind of cancer? Clearly the reason is that Jesus believes punishing Liberals with butt cancer is poetic justice. Any cretinous Liberal who would deny their fellow citizens the freedom and liberty guaranteed by Conservatism deserves this righteous judgment from the All Mighty. Additionally, a link between consuming bullshit and butt cancer makes perfect sense, logically.

*Please note that while everything I wrote sounds (and probably is) true, NewsMax Health has NOT actually reported this, and zero doctors have ever said Liberals are more likely to get butt cancer. To my knowledge there is absolutely no scientific research that backs up this theory, but no doubt that if any were done, it could be easily validated.

TLB #13

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prez Hussein Nominates Two Islamist Infiltrators to Cabinet Positions?

Prez Hussein's recently departed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who resigned in disgrace after her bungling lead to the murder of our diplomats in Benghazi) hired a Muslim-Brotherhood-connected individual as her deputy chief of staff.

Now it appears as though both proposed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and proposed CIA Chief John Brennan have ties to radical Islam. According to a writer for the National Review, "rumors abound on Capitol Hill that a full disclosure of Hagel's professional ties would reveal financial relationships with a number of unsavory groups, including one purportedly called Friends of Hamas" ( initially broke the story).

And it also appears as though John Brennan converted to Islam (*gasp*). World Net Daily reports that former FBI Islam expert John Guandolo says, "Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on the behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia", and that "his conversion to Islam was the culmination of a counterintelligence operation... to recruit him".

Can there be any doubt that Prez Hussein's Christianity is a sham and that he is in fact a Muslim working with the radical Islamists to bring down the US (from the inside)? This is seriously scary stuff people! The question now is: will the Congressional Republicans have the nerve to block these appointments?

I'm thinking "no". Hussein's people are probably at work covering up this information, and painting the truth tellers out there as "conspiracy theorists", right now.

So, what do you think? Is this the end of America as we know it? Will Prez Hussein complete his mission in the next four years, or will he leave that to Hillary?

TLB #12

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will the State of The Union be Muslimey?

All presidents always conclude the state of the union by claiming it is "strong", but the American people know that right now it isn't. The Hussein administration bailed out the Wall Street fat cats - and they're doing better than ever - but many hard-working Americans are still struggling (with the exception of those who voted for Obama - they're lying back and taking it easy while enjoying their extraordinary financial gifts).

Anywho, what do you think Barack Hussein Obama will call for in his speech before Congress? Will he express his desire to abolish the 2nd amendment and lock up freedom loving patriots who refuse to turn over their guns? Or will he only push for other infringements on our constitutional rights that fall short of total gun confiscation, such as banning so-called assault rifles and high capacity clips? Useless background checks that criminals won't adhere to?

Will the "president" I didn't vote for insist that we travel further down the road to socialism and increase the tax burden on the job creators? Will he say he's willing to reduce our reckless spending, but only by gutting the military?

Certainly he won't suggest we abolish our legal system and replace it with Sharia Law, even if that is his secret ambition?

TLB #11

Monday, February 11, 2013

Is George W Bush a War Criminal Or A War Hero?

There are those on the Left that say George W Bush illegally invaded Iraq and authorized waterboarding/torture of terrorists - and is therefore a war criminal.

Then there are those on the Right who say ex-President Bush did what was necessary and kept us safe by going on the offensive against the terrorists in Afghanistan and in Iraq (where the leaders of those two respective countries gave the terrorists safe harbor).

So, George W Bush - war criminal or war hero?

TLB #10

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Socialist Dystopia Formally Known as America

It's my understanding that President Barack Hussein Obama wants to fundamentally transform America from a capitalist powerhouse where everyone can succeed if only they work hard, into a Socialist dystopia where those who work hard are punished for their success. Dinesh D'souza says it was a dream Barack Obama got from his father's ghost.

If this occurs I'll bet that even the Blacks will wish they had voted for Mitt Romney.

TLB #9

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Does President Obama Want to Destroy My Wealth?

I just received an email from the news organization World Net Daily, and, according to them, president Obama wants to DESTROY my wealth! Frankly, I don't understand why he would want to do this. Previously I thought Obama wanted to confiscate my wealth and redistribute it.

Mitt Romney said Obama promised gifts to the people who voted for him, so does it not make more sense for Obama to use my wealth to provide these gifts? Either way I guess I'm screwed. To me it does not seem fair that Obama plans on destroying those who did not vote for him. Perhaps the guy really does hate America – and wants to villainize those who achieve success? How long will it be before Obama transforms America into a Socialist dystopia?

TLB #8