Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Eliminate Poverty

Liberals seem to believe that the way to combat "poverty" is to create a culture of dependence. Poor people can't pull themselves up by their own bootstraps; Liberals believe the only way to fix poverty is via redistribution. Take from the productive members of society and give to the unproductive ones. Unfortunately redistribution doesn't work, and Democrat politicians know this.

The reason the Democrat politicians lie about what would really help cut down on poverty is because it is the only way they can retain power. They hook voters on gifts from the government. Those with a proclivity toward laziness fall for this trick because it works out quite nicely for them. They get to continue to be lazy and the rest of us pay for them to veg out on their couches while watching their widescreen TVs and eating Cheetos.

The frightening thing is that, as the last election has proven, many voters now have absolutely no shame when it comes to demanding the government give them things. This is an extremely dangerous road our country is headed down.

So, how should we attack this problem? I'll tell you. The cure for "poverty" (which is really just lower-wage earners viewing those who have more than they do with envy) is to break the culture of dependence. This would involve a complete reformation of the welfare state. The budgets of many programs could be cut drastically or eliminated completely.

I realize that some people, who due to genuine disability are not able to provide for themselves (and I am not a cold-harted bastard who says these people should be left to die), but those who refuse to work should suffer the consequences. Sloth is, after all, one of the seven deadly sins. Would Jesus want us to enable those who won't help themselves? I think not.

This approach would save the federal government a lot of money - and force those to lazy to work to change their ways, or suffer the consequences. I believe most would. What we didn't spend on these sluggards could be used to reduce the federal income tax. When people realized they could keep more of what they earn - this would incentivize them to work harder. People who work hard for their money resent it when the government takes the fruits of their labor and gives it to those who don't deserve it.

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