Monday, February 11, 2013

Is George W Bush a War Criminal Or A War Hero?

There are those on the Left that say George W Bush illegally invaded Iraq and authorized waterboarding/torture of terrorists - and is therefore a war criminal.

Then there are those on the Right who say ex-President Bush did what was necessary and kept us safe by going on the offensive against the terrorists in Afghanistan and in Iraq (where the leaders of those two respective countries gave the terrorists safe harbor).

So, George W Bush - war criminal or war hero?

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  1. The retaliation against Iraq was quite legal under international law. There have been a large number of claims of Bush's war crimes submitted to the International Criminal Court, and it has rejected every single one as being without merit.

    Even the UN accepted the US claims justifying the action, and has never passed a resolution against it.

    Kofi Annan, the UN Sec. Gen. has said it was illegal, but these were off-the-cuff comments and he was not acting in any official capacity or detailing any resolution or policy.