Wednesday, February 27, 2013

America-Hating Propaganda Coming to Your TV Courtesy of Global Warming Hoaxster Al Gore

I was flipping through the channels on the boob tube last night when I came across the Al Gore network, CurrentTV. Out of curiosity I decided to watch for a while. The channel started out as a forum for viewer generated content, then switched to Liberal propaganda. Not to long ago, I believe. Then ex-president Al Gore stabbed his Liberal cohorts in the back and cashed in to the tune of 100 million (his share, I've heard).

"Stabbed in the back", I say because the sale was to Al Jazera. Now, it isn't that Liberals aren't sympathetic to America-hating Arabs, but it's my understanding that all the Liberals currently employed by Current are going to be canned when Al Jazera takes over. The channel will then be re-branded "Al Jazera America" and all the Liberal propaganda programming will be replaced with radical Islam propaganda programming.

There is one program on Current that is hosted by Turks. Maybe they'll keep that one? It's headlined by some Iranian named "Cenk" who pronounces his name as if the "C" was a "J". The dude claims to be an atheist (which, seeing as he's a Liberal, makes sense). If true, and he isn't a secret Muslim - I can't see Al Jazera keeping him on.

In any case, is this not proof of how much of a hypocrite Al Gore is? As the face of the global warming hoax, you'd think he'd have more sense than to sell out to the Saudis. But then, this is the individual who thought people would be dumb enough to believe he invented the internet.

So now he's taking oil money while sending a bunch of Liberal agitprop spewers to the unemployment line (to join Keith Olbermann)? Not that the second thing is bad, but Liberals must be outraged. That is, the few who aren't watching MSNBC. I heard that Current's ratings are abysmal, so Al Gore was probably just cashing out while the network still has some value.

Question is, why did Al Jazera agree to pay so much? Are they suckers, or is this part of the Muslim Brotherhood plan to bring Sharia to the US? I would not be surprised if our Muslim president was revealed to be an investor.

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