Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sick Liberal Pervert Leo DiCraprio Stars In Film Where He Is Homo Raped By A Bear

The following from the Drudge Report website concerning an upcoming movie from Liberal Hollyweird.

The new movie Revenant features a shocking scene of a wild bear raping Leo DiCaprio! The explicit moment from Oscar winning director Alejandro Inarritu has caused maximum controversy in early screenings. ... The story of rural survivalism and revenge reaches new violent levels for a mainstream film. The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling. He is raped - twice! (Source).

Now, I have seen other stories on the net in which the studio responsible for this filth denies the homo rape scene... but I'm not buying it. Has Drudge issued a retraction? If so, I haven't seen it. Given the fact that this movie hasn't opened yet, perhaps the scene in question will be edited out before it hits theaters?

Who knows? I do know that once again the Liberal media is saying that a fine Conservative news source is lying. Frankly I am sick of it. We all know that it's the Liberal media that lies more than Hillary Clinton.

This is why I can report that I will NOT be going to see this pornographic trash! With or without the gay rape scene, this movie was still directed by the same fool responsible for Birdman, a 2014 film that "garnered wide acclaim and numerous accolades including Academy Award nominations" despite being terrible.

I stupidly sat through this stupidity recently (during a free movie channel preview) only to find that there was no ending! The main character (played by Michael Keaton) might have jumped to his death from a hospital window, or perhaps he actually flew away. I won't try to explain as doing so isn't worth the effort. The bottom line is that Birdman was one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. Take my advice and avoid any film directed by Alejandro Inarritu.

But, despite how bad it was, that didn't stop Hollyweird from heaping praise upon it.

By the way, this outdoes Hollyweird's obsession with everything gay and unnatural. Two other films I've heard about recently that focus on perversity include Carol (features a lesbian relationship between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara) and The Danish Girl (which "stars Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe, one of the first known recipients of sex reassignment surgery").

All this following the SCOTUS decision to legalize the unnatural "union" of two people of the same sex. And, now that this sickness is being referred to as "marriage", Hollyweird thinks it's OK for them to embrace wickedness by making it central to the plot in many more movies.

Which is why I'm thinking that this bear raping scene being in "Revenant" (as reported by Drudge) is likely factual. Because, now that the SCOTUS has let this genie out of the bottle, perversions are becoming the norm. And Hollyweird is no longer content with perversion involving man or woman alone. Logically the next step includes other perversions such as bestiality.

Obviously Liberals are to blame for this. They wish to send America to hell in a handbasket, and getting the public to accept more and more perversity is a part of that plan. Me, I'm praying that our next president is a Republican. This being yet another example of how having a Liberal in the White House leads to bad things. What we have here is an example of evil percolating down from the top.

TLB #67

Saturday, December 12, 2015

President Trump Will Obliterate ISIS by Bombing The Shit Out Of Them

The question is why isn't our Muslim president doing this already? Actually, I jest. The reason is that he's a Muslim and on the side of ISIS!

This also explains why B. Hussein wants to import a bunch of ISIS fighters under the guise of them being "refugees". No, Fox News analyst Ralph Peters, B. Hussein isn't a #pussy, he's a manchurian president who is taking down American from the inside.

That is why 2017 can't get here fast enough for me. I eagerly await the day that president Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office. Then immediately gets to work building the wall between us and Mexico to keep out all the criminal rapists (and has Mexico pay for it). And begins deporting all the "refugee" terrorists admitted under B. Hussein.

Yes, it is true that Mr. Trump has not laid out any detailed plans regarding HOW he intends to get Mexico to pay for that wall. Nor has he said how deporting people based on their religion is constitutional. But if he did the Progressives could develop counter-measures to stop President Trump. So he has wisely decided to keep the details on the downlow.

No doubt that, when conducting his many business deals, Trump does not give away how he is going to one up those he negotiates with. The Progressives try to make it look like Trump is just BSing us, but we know (based on his highly successful business career), that Trump knows what he's doing.

Which is why I'll definitely be voting Trump, and If you don't want America to be defeated by ISIS you will too.

TLB #66

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Transgendered Leftist Activist Attacks Planned Parenthood, Shoots Cops & Veteran In A False Flag Operation

This commentary concerns the Colorado Springs shooting at Planned Parenthood on 11/27/2015. in which "a police officer and two civilians were killed. The shooter, a nutjob named Robert Lewis Dear, surrendered and was taken into custody after a standoff that lasted five hours".

The junior US Senator from Texas and Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, following the PP killings, revealed that the shooter is a "transgendered Leftist activist".

Cruz explained, "We know that he was a man registered to vote as a woman". This discrepancy on Dear's voter registration was first reported by The Gateway Pundit, a self-described "right-of-center news website", under the claim that he "identifies as [a] woman". Conservatives have since run with the claim that Dear is transgender. (Source).

I'm guessing that this is a false flag operation designed to give the Left ammunition in it's quest to keep Planned Parenthood open so it can continue murdering babies and selling them for parts. As Mike Huckabee said, the PP murders are "selling baby's body parts like the parts of a Buick". They found another opportunity to profit off their holocaust of the unborn and took it, in other words.

We know the shooter is a Leftist, despite where the shooting occurred, BTW, due to who he killed. Two police officers and a Veteran. Individuals from two organizations that the Left despises. We know that the so-called "Black Lives Matters" movement has been targeting police officers for murder. Now the Left is targeting cops and Veterans... and in places where they can claim that the Right is responsible.

The shooting took place in a Planned Parenthood, proof that the shooter was a Conservative... they'll say. To which I say bullshit. The fact that 1) this dirtbag was a transgender, and 2) he targeted police and veterans - proves that this "dear" fellow was a Leftwinger. Clearly.

BTW, props to Senator Cruz for bringing this to the attention of the nation. Maybe Donald Trump will select him as his VP? That would be acceptable to me, except for the fact that Cruz was born in Canada and thus the "natural born" question comes into play. That, and his father was a Cuban, I hear. A better choice would be Mike Huckabee, I think.

Huckabee, in my opinion, would be an excellent choice because he has promised to use the National Guard to shut down the Planned Parenthood baby murdering factories.

TLB #65

Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Death To America!" Says Prez B. Hussein With Deal That Allows Syrian Terrorists (Masquerading As "Refugees") To Enter America By The Thousands!

I don't know how there can be any doubt now that our illegitimate Kenyan Muslim president is actively working against the interests of the United States! This time the unelected/ineligible US "president" B. Hussein is bringing thousands of potential terrorists (which the traitorous Left calls refugees), into the country against the will of the American people!

Yes, many state governors are saying N-O, but others are saying that, yes, they really want a Paris-style attack! Although I doubt that the constituents of these insane Leftist governors want this. At least the next time these "death to America" governors come up for election the electorate will install 50 Republicans as governors?

As Ann Coulter said (via tweet) when Paris was attacked, "Donald Trump was elected president tonight". By which she meant the seeds were sown for Mr. Trump's landslide election. Now that B. Hussein has demanded the US accept Syrian "refugee" terrorists? How can Mr. Trump NOT be a lock for president?

I mean, why THE HELL would the voters send another Democrat to the White House given that the current Democrat is currently working (from the inside) to bring down America? And by "another Democrat" I mean Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bernie Sanders, the Commie Socialist in second place, won't get the nomination. A lot of the Blacks (and others who like free stuff) might be willing to vote for comrade Sanders, but with no Billionaires backing him up he doesn't stand a chance. Hillary, who has the big money Liberal fascists on her side, has the nomination locked up, I think.

No, I think it's looking like a virtually certainly that our next president will be Donald Trump. That is, unless the B. Hussein election stealing machine manages to steal the election for Hillary. A president Hillary Clinton would continue to import Syrian "refugee" terrorist by the TENS of thousands!

Me? I'm with Ann Coulter and Donald Trump. If Trump is elected he will immediately begin deporting the Syrian "refugee" terrorists in addition to the Mexican illegal alien murders and rapers.

TLB #64

Friday, September 4, 2015

President Donald Trump?

I think I'll vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. As for Huckabee, my preferred candidate, saying that Obama "will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven", I say he is offering "brutal honesty".

All the Republican candidates would immediately begin to roll back Obama's gay agenda if elected. Except for Kasich and Jeb. Huckabee appeals to the good Christian voters of this country. While Trump tells the truth re the invading illegals, he has yet to say where he stands on traditional marriage. The fact that he's been married so many times does give me pause.

All the positive things Trump has said about Hillary also gives me pause. Although, as Trump has noted, Hillary might not make it to the nomination and may instead end up behind bars. Perhaps due to being convicted of treason for disseminating classified info via her private email server?

Remember, however, that her cheating husband should have been impeached and removed from office, but wasn't. I am not therefore too hopeful that Hillary will be held accountable for any of the incompetence she displayed during her tenure as secretary of state. Including the fact that she got one of our diplomats killed in Benghazi.

Surely Trump, a proven businessman with a long history of accomplishment, would do a better job than the bungling/incompetent/traitorous Obama? I mean, he just "negotiated" a deal with Iran that gives them 100 million and a path to build a nuke within 2 months?

Obama should be sent to the slammer along with Hillary, both of them being traitors to America. This is why Trump says we need to "make America great again". It was great until Bubba and Hillary Klintoon and the undercover Muslim came along (shouting "death to America"... internally).

Problem is, Trump will need to get enough votes to overcome all the democrat cheating. And even though he'll get the votes of all the law-abiding Mexican-Americans, all the illegals voting might guarantee a Hillary victory.

TLB #63

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Death To America!" Says B. Hussein Obama With Deal That Allows Iran To Get Nukes!

I don't know how there can be any doubt now that our illegitimate Kenyan Muslim president is actively working against the interests of the United States! Not only is B. Hussein "marching Israel to door of the oven", as candidate Huckabee pointed out, but he's bringing death to America as well. According to the clueless John Kerry, Iranians don't actually say "death to America", they only chant it. Seriously, he said this! (Source).

Texas Republican Ted Poe, of the House Foreign Relations Committee, in response to Kerry's idiocy, said "Well, I kind of take that to mean that they want us dead". Indeed they do, which is why the Hussein deal that "virtually guarantees" Iran will acquire nuclear weapons (according to Jenny Beth Martin, the CEO and co-founder of Tea Party Patriots) must be stopped!

The following is from one of America's top Conservative news sites...

Even top Democrats have come out against it. Senators Chuck Schumer of NY and Bob Menendez of NJ, both plan to vote for an upcoming Senate bill disapproving of the deal.

J.B. Pritzker, a lifelong Democrat who chaired Hillary's 2008 campaign, wrote last week: "Regrettably, the Iran deal fails to meet these goals and raises the prospects for war... By legitimizing Iran's nuclear program, removing the pressure of economic sanctions and allowing it to obtain conventional weapons and ballistic missiles, this agreement makes the prospect for war more likely, not less".

President Bill Clinton's CIA director, James Woolsey, also wrote last week: "Congress must stop President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. The most important reason — Iran can threaten the existence of the United States by making an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack using a single nuclear weapon". (Source).

Say what you will about the Democrats (their socialism will destroy America if we allow it), but no democrat president has ever worked directly with a muslim America-hating regime in order to HELP them acquire nukes with which to attack us and Israel!

Instead of being allowed to push this "deal" forward, B. Hussein should be arrested, tried for treason, and executed as an enemy of American... In this Conservative's opinion. Although that most likely will not happen.

Hopefully this "deal" can be stopped with help from the few sane democrats who aren't falling in line behind B. Hussein. Why are they selling out America, BTW? Do they feel they need to go along with B. Hussein because he's their president (and gullibly believe this "deal" is actually in our best interest), or do they hate America (and wish to bring it down) as much as B. Hussein?

TLB #62

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why America, Why?

In 2008 Hussein was just the former community organizer and junior Senator without a past. In 2012 he was running on his record of accomplishing nothing. All the flowery hope and change B.S. shouldn't have meant a thing. Romney blew it, even though his victory should have been as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

TLB #61

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Barlowe Rejects The Sin Of Homosexuality (Not That He Was Ever - Even For One Second - Tempted)

As Doctor Ben Carson truthfully related, being a homo is your choice. And, despite tasting semen for the first time in his life, Barlowe did NOT like it and was NOT converted. Barlowe CHOSE to remain totally straight. Although his abuser tried very hard to convince me to chose the "alternate" homo lifestyle, Barlowe refused.

I was not making a double entendre either, when I said Barlowe's abuser tried very "hard". While his abuser's member was extremely hard (as well as extremely large), I was referring to the efforts only. By which I mean the anal raping. As well as the oral raping. Barlowe did not enjoy it one bit. In fact, it was pure hell.

I do take some solace, however, in the fact that my abuser is going there (hell, that is). For being a homo, as well as for the raping. In any case, I am now doing my best to put this nightmare behind me. Also not a double entendre... although, yes, my behind was quite sore for awhile.

Luckily Barlowe has not contracted AIDS. Which I got myself tested for as soon as I was released from the slammer. What a relief! But the nightmare is not over yet, it seems. Dan, my former co "worker" sued Barlowe and Barlowe lost! In addition to paying for Dan's medical bills (resetting his broken nose), a large judgment was handed down for "pain and suffering".

Because the wuss cried a lot in court about how much pain he was in... and the jury bought his act. And awarded Dan an extra 1.2 million, which was Barlowe's entire life savings!

Now Barlowe is utterly broke! Not only that, but none of his former clients were interested in taking their business to Barlowe. Yeah, I tried to start my own firm and poach my former clients, but none bit. (the a-holes!).

So, for now, I'm flipping burgers at Mickey-D's. How humiliating! But still I work hard, in order to impress the pimply-faced teen who is now my "superior" that giving an ex-con a second chance was a good idea.

By the way, in regards to Barlowe being a completely straight male, one of the first things I did after receiving my first Mickey-D's check was to find a hooker and give her a good banging (missionary). Sex outside of marriage might be something the Lord frowns upon, but I think the Lord would give ol' Barlowe a pass, given recent events.

Fact is, I think the Lord smiled when he saw proof that Barlowe had rejected the sin of homosexuality.

TLB #60, BS #9.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

"The Man" Tried To Break Barlowe, But Failed

In all honesty, however, The Man did come very close to breaking Barlowe. He had to dig down deep and, through prayer and manliness, keep himself from going insane. What am I talking about, you might ask? Also, where has Barlowe been? (That is another question you might be asking).

As you might remember, it was my last commentary, now many months old, where I revealed that Barlowe snapped and let Dan (my co "worker") have it. By which I mean I punched him in the nose. And broke his nose, for which Barlowe was not only arrested, tried and convicted (of assault), but also successfully sued by the lazy liberal slacker!

After Barlowe rejected the plea deal that would have resulted in probation only, I was convicted by a jury of my "peers" and sent upstate for a six month stay behind bars. I say "peers" (in quotes) because I think the "peers" were actually peers of Dan, by which I mean they were all lazy Liberal losers! I mean, that is the only way I can explain Barlowe being convicted when I was only acting in self defense!

Now, I probably could have done six months standing on my head, but Barlowe did more in prison than serve time. Unfortunately Barlowe was "lucky" enough to get sent to a prison with a sadistic warden who put Barlowe into a cell with a large Black man. A retarded miscreant who anally raped Barlowe on an almost daily basis.

That is, until Barlowe put an end to the abuse by shiving his abuser in the yard, rendering him dead. Yeah, for that Barlowe could have received a lot more time... which is why I hesitated for so long. But one can only take so many anal rapes before one simply does not care any longer.

Fortunately the act was not caught on camera and Barlowe was never charged with the "crime" (of self defense). In fact, as soon as the other prisoners found out, Barlowe became somewhat the hero. Because Barlowe's abuser was sent up for raping many little boys.

Which explains why Barlowe was targeted, even though he is an older gentleman. His abuser was a homo. Excuse my political incorrectness... I mean he was a same sex attraction pervert. Although that is (apparently) acceptable in Barack Hussein Obama's America now. Being attracted to persons of the same sex that is. Raping children is, for the time being, still against the law.

In any case, I have more to tell, but (for now) I will sign off. But I am back and have decided to give this blogging thing another go... so stay tuned for further commentaries from ol' Barlowe... beaten (and anally raped) but not broken.

TLB #59, BS #8.