Saturday, December 12, 2015

President Trump Will Obliterate ISIS by Bombing The Shit Out Of Them

The question is why isn't our Muslim president doing this already? Actually, I jest. The reason is that he's a Muslim and on the side of ISIS!

This also explains why B. Hussein wants to import a bunch of ISIS fighters under the guise of them being "refugees". No, Fox News analyst Ralph Peters, B. Hussein isn't a #pussy, he's a manchurian president who is taking down American from the inside.

That is why 2017 can't get here fast enough for me. I eagerly await the day that president Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office. Then immediately gets to work building the wall between us and Mexico to keep out all the criminal rapists (and has Mexico pay for it). And begins deporting all the "refugee" terrorists admitted under B. Hussein.

Yes, it is true that Mr. Trump has not laid out any detailed plans regarding HOW he intends to get Mexico to pay for that wall. Nor has he said how deporting people based on their religion is constitutional. But if he did the Progressives could develop counter-measures to stop President Trump. So he has wisely decided to keep the details on the downlow.

No doubt that, when conducting his many business deals, Trump does not give away how he is going to one up those he negotiates with. The Progressives try to make it look like Trump is just BSing us, but we know (based on his highly successful business career), that Trump knows what he's doing.

Which is why I'll definitely be voting Trump, and If you don't want America to be defeated by ISIS you will too.

TLB #66

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