Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Master Negotiator President DJT Makes History! NK To Get Rid Of Their Nukes Immediately

Our excellent president, the master negotiator Donald John Trump, has convinced the dictator of North Korea to get rid of all its nuclear weapons! Truly this is an historic occasion, given the fact that President Trump has accomplished what no other president could. He spoke with Kim Jong Un for a short while, and in return for cancelling very expensive war games, Kim agreed to get rid of all his nuclear weapons.

Even I, as an ardent Trump supporter, am impressed. I mean, a while back I urged the POTUS to immediately nuke NK. I now must admit that there is egg on my face. I misunderestimated our leader's ability to talk Kim into doing exactly what Trump wants. I should have know that Trump, history's greatest negotiator, could pull it off.

So, color me impressed. Also quite embarrassed. Trump's strategy of maximum pressure worked, despite the lying media's mocking of him for his tweets disparaging Kim. And promising fire and fury. The lying media worried that Trump would start a nuclear war with NK. Instead he has brought peace.

Unfortunately Democrats don't want peace. They would rather NK keep its nukes. Only so they can say Donald Trump failed! How pathetic these America-haters are. But Donald Trump did not fail. He knew all along that his strategy would work. Obviously I will never question President Trump again.

President Trump will be elected to a second term. Despite the irrational hatred of the Left. Their hate due to the success of this White man. A White man who had to come in and clean up the mess left by a failed Black president. Sorry, Libtards, but a Black simply isn't smart enough to be president.

For the record, that isn't racist, it's just science. Although I'm sure that if any Leftist Libtard reads this, I will be accused of being a racist. Libtards being so predictable in that regard. They simply cannot accept the fact that the White race has scientifically been proven to be superior.

Good genes don't hurt either. Which, as Trump himself has pointed out, he has. Anyway, thank God that Crooked Hillary was not able to steal the presidency. Even with Obama and the Deep State's attempt to rig it so Crooked Hillary was victorious, Mr. Trump won. The American people demanded new leadership and turned out in droves to support the superior candidate.

Now, as a result of this wise decision, taxes are lower, the economy is roaring, unemployment is at an all-time low, ObamaCare has been destroyed, jobs are coming back to the US, illegals are being kicked out and NK is denuclearizing. Just think that if Crooked Hillary had been elected... NONE of these great things would have come to pass.

God Bless Donald Trump!

Image: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sign a historic denuclearization agreement. DJT convinced KJU to give up all his nuclear weapons immediately.. a huge win for DJT and the USA!

TLB #103

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hillary Clinton Colluded With Russia. Lock Her Up!

As we all know now, it was Hillary Clinton, and NOT our wonderful president, Donald John Trump, who colluded with Russia. Hillary Clinton paid Christopher Steele to brew up some fake news to slander Donald Trump with. Also, as we all know, it was HRC who had a staffer of her's murdered (Seth Rich) for transferring DNC data to a thumb drive and passing it off to Julian Assange.

Donald Trump assures us that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is 100% pure bunk. A completely made up hoax/witch hunt fabricated to discredit the United State's best president ever. Traitorous Liberals want America to fail, pure and simple. The Muslim jihadist Barack Obama spent 8 years trying to destroy us from within. Finally the American people had had enough... and voted for the successful billionaire real estate magnate in overwhelming numbers.

Not many people know this, but Donald Trump won both the Electoral College and the popular vote. As per Presidential Politics, "Trump still has the popular vote". He STILL has it, they say. Meaning he had it in November of 2016. Yeah, you read that right. That HRC won the popular vote by almost 3 million ballots? Turns out that was fake news!

So much fake news from the Liberal media, all designed to bring down this popular-vote-winning President. Amazing that these supposed "news" outlets can get away with blatantly lying! Proof positive that Libturds hate America. As the Harvey Weinstein revelations have shown (yet again), they are perverts and pervert enablers.

Another HUGE perversion of the truth is this "Trump colluded with Russia" narrative. First of all, who cares? It's not even a crime. BTW, that's per respected dirty Jew Libturd lawyer Alan Dershowitz! But, more importantly, he didn't do it. The TRUTH is that it was Hillary Clinton who colluded with Russia!

The above picture shows the rotten Hildabeest and her partner in collusion, Vladimir Putin. The Deep State traitors thought they could get away with their crimes AND install Crooked Hillary, but they were mistaken! Now many Obama administration colluders will go to prison. Suck on that, Libtards!

TLB #102

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Moment Of Silence For The 17 Murdered Florida Teens

Hey, Libtards! Now is NOT the time to talk about gun control. Now is the time for thoughts and prayers and moments of silence. But OF COURSE gun grabbing Libtards ALWAYS politicize such tragedies. SHAME on them!

I know I'm praying. Praying that the American people aren't convinced by this CRAP about stopping gun violence with better background checks and the banning of "military style" weapons. I know I need my AR-15, and you can take it when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. And I will KILL YOU if you try to "confiscate" my arsenal.

President Trump believes in gun rights, as the Founders enshrined in the 2nd Amendment. Explaining why the NRA spent so much to get him elected (more than any president ever). What part of "shall not be infringed" do these crazy Libtards not understand? These teens that were murdered should have all been packing. It is their fault that they got murdered. Or the fault of the government for not passing a universal conceal and carry law.

Frankly it's my opinion that we should just chuck out all UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun control legislation. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! No background checks and no waiting. Just plunk down your money and get your gun. It's what the Founders envisioned.

A heavily armed citizenry shooting it out on a daily basis. Some innocent people might get caught in the crossfire, but (overall) I think the death toll would be lower. Because the bad guys would be taken out before they killed so many.

For the record, I am NOT joking. You can call me a 2nd Amendment absolutist. There should be ZERO restrictions on my RIGHT to own a firearm and to carry it with me wherever I go. Many people are killed in automobile accidents each year, and we have therefore passed reasonable auto-control legislation. Testing and licensing, safety regulations, etc. That's fine, because automobiles aren't mentioned in the Constitution, Libtards!

TLB #101

Friday, February 16, 2018

So Many School Shootings: Proof Positive We Need MORE Guns

Of course, following this latest school shooting, the Libtards are calling for gun control. Again. But taking away people's Constitutional Rights is NOT the answer! Is a "mentally ill" person a lower class of American citizen to whom the Bill of Rights does not apply? Of course not. That is why President Trump rolled back the unConstitutional barring of people who are "mentally ill" from their RIGHT to buy as many guns as they want.

No, the answer to this problem is not less guns, but MORE guns. Obviously those who seek to mass murder people with guns would think twice if their victims were armed. As opposed to unarmed and defenseless. I mean, come on, that's common sense! This is why I strongly support a nationwide conceal and carry law. Everyone who wants to arm themselves for their own protection should be allowed to do so.

Are background checks mentioned in the Constitution? Hell no! Does the 2nd Amendment say you can only have so many bullets in a clip? Does it say that a citizen's right to own a gun SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED except when it comes to AR-15s? Of course it doesn't! This is why I've been stockpiling guns and ammunition for awhile now. I need to protect myself and it is my right.

Despite the agents of the oppressive State saying I'm a "felon" and have therefore "lost" my RIGHT to own a firearm. Or as many fucking firearms as I desire (a few dozen as of the writing of this post). Because I defended myself and a Liberal douche who was menacing me got punched? I'll just continue to acquire my guns via gun shows and private sales. Because if I was subjected to a background check I would "fail".

An armed citizenry is a safe citizenry in my opinion. No, scratch that... it is actually a proven fact that more guns would make us safer. As per the research of gun rights advocate John Lott (author of the book More Guns, Less Crime) there aren't enough guns in America.

What we need to do is arm everyone. Because more guns equal less crime! The answer is right there in the title of Lott's book. And he has the research to back up his assertions. Libturds hate the Constitution and want us to be LESS safe. That's why their answer is ALWAYS more unConstitutional gun control. They want to take away your and my RIGHT to protect ourselves!

I'm not saying that young children should be armed. That would be ridiculous. But I think gun safety should be taught in school and that every child should be issued a firearm around age 10. Younger than that and protection should be the responsibility of the teacher (who should be armed). And a few heavily armed guards stationed in all institutions of learning would be a good idea too.

This could be a way of providing employment to ex-military. I mean, we've all heard about how homelessness and unemployment is higher among ex-military. So why not give them good jobs protecting school kids? Gun-grabbing anti-Constitutional Libtards, of course, oppose such common sense solutions.

Image: Gun rights are human rights! Does not every human have the right to defend themselves?

TLB #100

Friday, February 9, 2018

It's A Man's Business If He Needs To Beat His Wife

So "White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned amid reports that he had been emotionally and physically abusive to two of his wives". He was forced out because people don't know to keep their noses out of other people's business, in other words.

Should someone be canned or forced to resign, even when they're doing a kick ass job? Apparently in this age of #metoo political correctness the answer is "yes". Unfortunately. Who can deny the fact that, as the MAN in the relationship, sometimes one has to show who's boss and lay down the law. To keep the woman in her place. Nothing wrong with that, IMO. It is the way it always has been. And (more importantly) always should be.

Adding to the outrage, Mr. Porter wasn't granted a proper security clearance due to these scurrilous accusations. Accusations he totally denies! Not that I think he should have not have been granted a proper security clearance even if the accusations were (and are) true. Because, as I said, that's his business and has nothing at all to do with the excellent job he was doing in the Trump administration.

But he DENIED the allegations! Similar to how President Trump denies the allegations of the 20 plus women accusing him of sexual harassment or assault. They're both "guilty" of lying hos making bogus accusations for political gain. The only thing Porter did wrong, apparently, is marry two lying Democrat sluts.

Image: Placard from pro-Commie site Democratic Underground which they THINK slanders John Kelly and Rob Porter. Image of Mr. Porter's ex wife shows her with a black eye, which presumably Porter gave her. Note, only one of her eyes is blackened, not both of them. I guess he went easy on her. Apparently, because Porter disciplined his wife, that means he can't be a man of true integrity and honor. Idiots.

TLB #99

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Fortunate We Are To Have A Very Stable Genius As POTUS!

Our wonderful president, Donald John Trump, is a very special man. Also, an infinitely better president than the previous office holder. Big league. Mr. Trump loves farmers. Unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who wanted to force family farmers to have to sell their property if parents who passed away left the farm to their kids in their will.

Can you believe it? Obviously Dems are in the pocket of Big Agriculture. What else can explain their unbridled hatred for family farms? This is why the farmers voted Donald Trump for president. "Oh, are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege", Mr. Trump told attendees of the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual convention in Tennessee on 1/8/2018.

We are ALL so very lucky that Mr. Trump decided to make the sacrifice to run for and serve as our president. Democrats, despite the unparalleled success of the Trump administration, can only tear him down and spread vile lies about this great man. They are truly evil.

An example of these lies include the recent charge that Mr. Trump is mentally ill. I refer to the work of fiction from a dirty money grubbing Jew named Michael Wolff. This immoral liar fabricated an entire book in order to make our fantastic leader look bad. Because he knew the Liberals would eat it up. Indeed, they lined up to buy Fire and Fury (they are very bad people).

But Mr. Trump has no problems in that department. The brains department that is (not the equipment size department, a department in which he is also not lacking). Mr. Trump is a genius. Mr. Trump attended an Ivy League school (Wharton) and graduated with honors, the valedictorian of his class (I'm guessing).

So, there you have it. As per Mr. Trump's 1/6/2018 tweet, not only is Mr. Trump a genius, but a very stable one at that (one of the founding members of the Higher Ordered Person's Society, I believe). Mr. Trump later went on to point out that the Left is taking a page from the bash-Reagan playbook by suggesting mental illness. Of course we all know that Ronald Reagan did develop Alzheimer's disease AFTER leaving the presidency.

So, yes, Fred Trump (Donald's father) did die of Alzheimer's, but it was not until he was 87, Libtards! Donald Trump is 71, so he won't develop Alzheimer's for 16 more years. Giving him more than enough time to serve two terms and be retired for 9 years before dementia sets in. That is if what happened to his father happens to him. Which is unlikely, given the fact that Mr. Trump possesses a superior brain.

In any case, it is a crying shame that the dirty lying Jew Michael Wolff (and the publisher of his fiction book about Mr. Trump) cannot be sued. Satan surely smiled when this defamatory book about our incredible commander-in-chief was released - and the fake news media started disseminating the most vile lies from it in their broadcasts!

Fortunately the American People love Mr. Trump and ignore these lies (Mr. Trump, if you deduct all the illegal votes, being the popular vote winner). Lies such as these only show how incredibly desperate the Left is. They will stoop to no low to discredit our awesome POTUS, a man who is undoubtedly a very stable genius (a genius who will easily be elected to a 2nd term, so SUCK IT Libtards!).

TLB #98

Monday, January 1, 2018

President Trump Should Order A North Korean Nuclear Strike Now!

I heard today that Kim Jong Dung (the short, fat little turd that "leads" North Korea) said his nation is fully nuclear capable and can fire off a missile (a type-o-dong) tipped with a nuke that can reach anywhere in the United States. And that "the button" is on his desk and can be pressed whenever he so desires.

My response? President Trump needs to order a nuclear strike on North Korea immediately! Previously President Trump said that if Dung did anything we'd "totally destroy" North Korea. But why wait for them to hit us first? IMO we need to launch our nukes and launch them NOW.

Sure, a lot of Gooks will die, but whose lives are more important? The lives of "innocent" Gooks, or the lives of innocent Americans? That's the choice, friends. As far as I am concerned, the choice is an easy one. Even if it involves the deaths of many South Koreans. The "experts" say we "can't" attack because Dung has a bunch of heavy duty guns aimed at South Korea and thousands of our "allies" in Seoul will be killed.

That may be so, but little Rocket Man must be stopped at ANY cost. Get our soldiers out of there, then launch the nukes. Now, I don't know how mad such an action might make the South Koreans, so maybe we should nuke them too. Given the fact that dead people can't complain.

TLB #97

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thank God (The Christian God) That Donald Trump Has Given Us Permission To Say "Happy New Year" Again

First President Trump brought back saying "Merry Christmas". An affirmation of this Christian holiday that the entire nation should be celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. Because we are a Christian nation. Barack Obama (being a devout Muslim) hated that Christian Americans (the Majority) celebrate during the month of December. He might have signed an executive order on the issue (I'd have to look that up to be sure).

As I previously related, I know from personal experience that wishing people a "Merry Christmas" was at least strongly discouraged. I bet you didn't know, however, that "Happy New Year" was similarly discouraged. As per the Islamic calendar (the Hijri calendar), "The current Islamic year is 1439 AH. In the Gregorian calendar, 1439 AH runs from approximately 21 September 2017 to 10 September 2018".

The Gregorian calendar is the calendar we use in the Western/Christian world. A new year for Muslims does not come to pass until September 10, 2018. January 1, 2018 (Gregorian calendar) is just another day for Muslims. Muslims like the prior president, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. If Obama discouraged saying Merry Christmas because he didn't recognize Christmas (as a Muslim), he SURELY did not recognize New Year's Day as any kind of holiday.

This is a fact I was previously blissfully unaware of. How did I find out you may ask? Dan told me. Dan, as you may recall, is the office Liberal. Or the only person in the office whom everyone knows is a Liberal due to the fact that he's obnoxious about it.

"Happy New Year" I wished a number of my co workers after we returned to work in 2013 after the Christmas holiday. Including Aadila, a Muslim woman who is part of the secretarial pool. You could tell she is Muslim because she wears a hijab. I found out about that after I asked her why she was wearing a scarf all the time.

So, I was working at my computer when Dan approached me. Sitting in a chair next to my desk, Dan said, "hey, buddy, you probably don't know it, but Aadila, as a Muslim, doesn't follow the same calendar as we do. By wishing her a happy new year, you're offending her religion".

WTF? I responded. Dan started to explain, but I got and left. "Bathroom emergency" I lied as I walked away briskly. I had to get away from Dan before he angered me so much I was tempted to punch him in the nose (what eventually got me fired). Anway, while in the bathroom I decided to "release some tension" and rub one out. Before "release" I decided to snap a pic of my powerful erection and send it to Aadila.

She might be a Muslim, but she's also incredibly hot. I don't want to date her, but I surely won't mind a one night stand. Hopefully my dick pic would convince her of the same. Like romancing a woman to convince her that you should date, the purpose of a dick pic is to convince a lady that you and her should bang. Once, just for the joy of it. Women are human beings, after all. And we're ALL sexual animals.

I surely couldn't expect her to make a decision in favor of one night of passion with no idea of what my equipment looks like, right? I mean, what if we got naked and she found out that my junk was "fun sized"? Not that that was a possibility, given how LARGE I am down there. But how would she now without a picture?

Unfortunately Aadila and I never hooked up. The BITCH reported me to HR and I was called in for some "counseling". I lied and said I sent the pic by accident and it was intended for my RECEIPTIVE girlfriend. What ended up happening is that the firm paid Aadila some money to go away. And a letter of "reprimand" was placed in my permanent file.

"You are so close to being fired" the big boss told me. "Now, given the fact that you're our most productive agent, I would really hate to have to do that" the boss said, smiling. Then we laughed about the dick pic. "Wow!" the boss exclaimed. "I can definitely see why you'd be interested in hitting that" he exclaimed, making a "large bazooms" motion with his hands.

"Unfortunately we can't have it, Barlowe. I should dock your pay for what we had to pay Aadila to go away. But I'll just take it out of your bonus. Now, don't do it again" the boss said, winking. Fortunately (for me) the #meetoo CRAP was years away.

"I have a wife, a mistress and a girlfriend, Barlowe. But I didn't meet any of them here at the firm. From now on consider all women who work here off limits". "Look, but don't touch", I replied. "Got it boss". "Exactly" the boss agreed. "Also, don't say anything that could get you in trouble. We all know how sensitive chicks are".

Anyway, I'd like to wish my readers a very Happy New Year. Now that I'm ALLOWED to do so, what with a fine Christian man like Donald J Trump in the White House. As opposed to a Muslim America hater like the former potus.

TLB #96, BS #14.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Praise Jesus! Our Godly Leader Donald Trump Allows Us To Say "Merry Christmas" Again

This is after 8 LONG years of a Muslim being in charge. And saying "no way" to displays by Christians of "the reason for the season". I know that I am so happy to have a real Godly Christian man back in the White House. As opposed to tratorious Muslim vermin like Obama and family.

Now, if you're thinking, "wait a minute, Barlowe. Saying Merry Christmas was never outlawed", I must strongly disagree. Not "outlawed" per say, but I know for a FACT that it was strongly discouraged. The firm where I work switched from having CHRISTMAS parties to HOLIDAY parties. This, even though I'm sure my old boss was and is still a Republican. I'm not sure if he voted for Trump or not, though (I left the firm before the 2016 election).

In any case, I, during one of these "holiday" parties, innocently wished a number of my fellow employees a very Merry Christmas. I did this because I am a Christian who acknowledges that the reason that we celebrate is due to the birth of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Does this OFFEND non Christians? Perhaps, but I seriously do not give a f*ck. This is America and (as per the Founding Fathers) also a CHRISTIAN Nation!

Anyway, my wishing people a "Merry Christmas" (both before, during and after the "Holiday Party") apparently offended someone. I suspect it was the Muslim. There is (or was) some brown skinned woman who wore a hijab employed as a secretary. And, YES, I did wish her a "Merry Christmas" on multiple occasions. It was after I loudly wished "Aadila" (I think that was her name) a very Merry Christmas that Dan (the Liberal slacker) approached me. According to Dan I was disrespecting Aadila's religion and making her uncomfortable.

Well, I told Dan to piss off. America is a Christian Nation and Muslims, if they don't like it, can go back where they came from. Aadila, and other Muslims, should be grateful to live in a country where they are granted such freedom. Dan, a sour look on his mug, told me that he'd be reporting me to HR. I told him to go ahead and do that. Then I walked away. Even though he continued to lecture me. "Don't walk away from me when I'm talking" Dan objected.

"F*ck off Dan" I said angrily (though under my breath so nobody but Dan could hear). Dan obviously got it that I was in no mood to be messed with and he left, although he did march straight into HR. It wasn't long after that that the big boss called me into his office. "We can't have this, Barlowe!" the big boss bellowed. "Can't have what?" I responded. "I've heard about your anti-Muslim bigotry. This is an all inclusive firm and YOUR bigotry will not be tolerated!"

WTF, I thought. "You're talking about me wishing people a Merry Christmas?" I asked. "I think that you should stop saying that", the boss man countered. "Try Happy Holidays instead" he suggested. Although I could tell that it wasn't a suggestion. This was surely the result of a Muslim being in charge of our nation. Of that I had no doubt. And now that a Christian man is president again, it crystal clear.

Obama (a Muslim) as president had a chilling effect on the utterance of the phrase "Merry Christmas". I know this is a FACT due to me personally being told not to wish anyone (in my workplace) a "Merry Christmas". So, before you buy into the Liberal bullshit about "Merry Christmas" never being verboten during the Obama administration, just know that they're lying.

Praise be to Trump for bringing back "Merry Christmas". And it will be a very Merry Christmas, what with the spectacular gift POTUS Trump has bestowed upon us. I refer to the tax cuts. Barlowe, being the proprietor of a pass through entity, will benefit greatly.

Paul Ryan wants to go after entitlements next, and to that I say "it's about time". Let these poor losers get jobs and pay for their own "necessities" (big screen TVs, Play Station 3s, Mercedes, steaks and shrimp for every meal, etc) instead of MOOCHING off hard working tax paying MAKERS like myself!

TLB #95, BS #13.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Confirmed! George Soros Stole Alabama Election From Roy Moore For Doug Jones

In my last post I wondered if the election in Alabama had been stolen. I mean, would the citizens of Red Red Alabama REALLY send an evil pro-baby-murder Leftist to the Senate? Instead of a good Christian man like the honorable Judge Roy Moore? Yes, there were allegations of pedophila against Moore, but the allegations were 100% FALSE.

In fact, the lying sluts who came forward and LIED about Roy Moore groping them were PROVEN to have lied. Beverly Young Nelson admitted that she forged Moore's inscription in her yearbook. Additionally, it was revealed that the fake media organization known as the "Washington Post" PAID women to make up bogus stories about Moore (he should sue their asses!).

I was confident that the good White Christian voters of Alabama would see through this bullshit and get out and vote for Roy Moore. Instead the "news" media is reporting that the BLACK vote was larger than ever and that pushed the anti-Life Jones over the top. Narrowly.

So narrowly that Roy Moore did not concede. Not all the votes are counted and he might yet win (*fingers crossed*). But was the Black vote (people who vote solely on the issue of government handouts and freebies) ACTUALLY as large as reported, or is there something fishy going on here? Well, I looked into it, and what I found is that, YES, the election was almost certainly stolen. Explaining why Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says he is investigating concerns of voter fraud.

Aaccording to Father Mark Hodges of LifeSiteNews (pro-life organization), "Doug Jones didn't win the Alabama election. George Soros and his media allies did". As revealed by Mr. Hodges, "Highway 31", a George Soros funded anti-Moore superPAC "created and bought time for ads smearing Moore with long-disproved accusations, such as the slander that he was... banned from the Gadsden Mall".

Soros' SuperPAC, in addition to registering felons to vote (5 to 10 thousand murders, rapists and other violent criminals), bussed in out-of-state Blacks to vote in Alabama (comitting multiple felonies!).

Bill Mitchell is a pro-Trump patriot and founder of YourVoiceRadio, a podcast and a YouTube channel. The Weekly Standard reported (prior to the 2016 POTUS election), "Mitchell's highest calling is unskewing the polls to mete out the hidden truth of an inevitable Trump win".

So, as we all know, Trump won the election. Mitchell also predicted that Moore would win. On 11/26/2017 Mitchell tweeted "Moore will win easily. AL gave Trump a 28 point margin in 2016". Are we to believe that Mitchell accurately predicted Trump's win, but was so wrong about Moore? Or is it more likely that the Dems (funded by Soros) cheated?

Yeah, the Alabama election was CLEARLY stolen. If you don't see it you need to get to a proctologist ASAP to have your head extracted from your asshole. The dishonest D'rats will stop at nothing to derail Trump's MAGA agenda. Because they hate America and do NOT want it to be great again. Let's pray Moore gets the recount he's calling for and it is proven that he actually won.

TLB #94

Monday, December 18, 2017

Voters Of Alabama Demand More Abortions!

With the election of the lover of baby murder, Doug Jones, elected to the US Senate, the people of Alabama have made their choice clear. That choice? More abortion. Moore (ironically?) is opposed to abortion. Yet the voters chose Jones, sending a message. That message? "We love abortion".

Hard to believe. The electorate of RED RED Alabama went for a pro-baby murder like Jones? Maybe the election was stolen? Moore has yet to concede, and is seeking a recount. Yet HOW could it be close enough for Obama to steal (for Jones) unless a near majority of the voters of Alabama LOVE abortion?

I don't know. I was very pleased with the election of Donald John Trump. America is finally back on the right track. With principled Christian men like Kris Kobach working hard to take the vote away from minority and "immigrant" cheaters (double and illegal voters) Mr. Trump vanquished the evil Hildabeest. But now this????

Satan's candidate Jones won, and you know that HIGH on his agenda will be increasing abortions pronto! "I love killing babies" Doug Jones exclaimed in his victory speech. "This is a great victory for lovers of murdering babies. My master Satan thanks the voters of Alabama. Now on to Washington so I can get down to the hard work of writing legislation to make abortion on demand more readily available. And government funded".

Or, that's what Jones would have said had he told the truth. Instead he referenced the false allegations of "child molestering" the Left drummed up agaisnt the Christian candidate Moore. A reporter for the WP (the lying media's flagship) named Bernie Bernstein solicited (and offered cash payments) for lying whores to make false charges against Roy Moore. I've heard the audio.

The WP, of course, denied that anyone in their employ was named "Bernie Bernstein" or that anyone who worked for them recorded the robocall. I call bullshit on their denials. This is how they got the women who have made fake charges of groping against Moore to "come forward". They obviously paid them off. Being a good Christian man, Roy Moore would never sexually assault, grope, or otherwise assault a child! The very idea is preposterous.

I think it's more likely that Doug Jones molested kids. Male kids. And that we haven't heard about it because the WP sat on the story/covered it up. I have no proof, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was 100% true. Because someone as evil as Jones wouldn't be content to only murder babies.

TLB #93

Friday, December 15, 2017

Barlowe Bayer's Tale Of An Uber Successful Hardworking Maker

The hardworking Maker whom this tale concerns? That would be me, Barlowe Bayer. I've busted my ass since being released from prison. On bullshit charges, I should note. Since when are people arrested for acting in self defense? My arrest and conviction was an outrage and a miscarriage of justice.

Anyway, that I've been busting my ass trying to rebuild my life explains why there are 2 large gaps in my blogging. It was December of 2014 when I was convicted (railroaded) by a Libtard judge for defending myself. Unfortunately I gained the upper hand and beat the shit out of my provoker. For that "crime" I received a 6 month prison sentence. This happened because I refused to accept a plea deal. Because I was innocent.

Afterward, rebuilding my life left little time for blogging. I began serving my sentence in late January of 2015 and was released in July of the same year. For a short period of time I worked in the fast food industry, flipping burgers at Mickey Dee's.

This was almost worse than being in prison. Having to take orders from the pimply-faced teen who was my boss. It took great restraint on my part not to tell the Mickey Dee's boss baby to shove it up his ass. F*cking brat thought I was a loser because I was a middle aged man working for minimum wage.

Because of that he thought he could talk down to and disrespect me. No way I'd have taken that except I was desperate. Luckily he was the only person who knew I was an ex-con (my probation officer set up the interview). But all the while I was working at MD's, I was calling, schmoozing and networking. In an effort to restart my career. At first I met with no success. Eventually one of my old clients told me what I already suspected. Which is that my old boss (and FORMER friend) was bad mouthing me behind my back!

The a**hole! I'll have my revenge one day. I'm not sure how right now, but I can't dwell on that now. Things took a turn for the better when my uncle died, leaving everything to me in his will. I was made whole again and then some. Turns out the old bachelor had socked quite a bit away.

After receiving my inheritance I made an offer clients could not refuse. Which was that I would work for them gratis. For free, that is. Then, after the results of my work were known, I gave them the option of paying me for more work, or for us to part ways. Now, given the fact that Barlowe KNOWS what he's doing and does it well, most of these clients decided to pay me for my work.

The only trouble with this tact was that I was seriously eating into my inheritance for the period of time I was giving away my talent (and working for nothing). But, given how much money my uncle left me (I'm not going to give even a ballpark figure, but TRUST ME, it was a LOT), I made it through OK. Point is, if you work hard and put your nose to the grindstone, you will prevail.

For the record, the amount I paid out in "inheritance taxes" was more than what I lost working for a zero dollar wage. Freaking greedy government! Now, our new leader, President Trump, has vowed to put an end to this greed (by eliminating the death tax). Unfortunately it will be too late for me. I already paid (another anal raping, if you ask me). I doubt the law will be retroactive.

Anyway, I'm back. Honestly, I wouldn't have to work if I didn't want to, but I love what I do. That, and I love to live large. Jaunts to Europe, fancy sports cars, a few homes, dining in fine restaurants, etc. I deserve it after what I've been through. But such a life isn't cheap. Especially when the tax man anally rapes you on a regular basis (being self employed I have to pay Uncle Sam an estimated tax quarterly).

Hopefully President Trump will do something to alleviate my burden. The largest tax cut in history is what I'm hearing. Sounds good to me. I might even hire on a few employees to do the bookkeeping after my tax cut goes through. Full time that is. Right now I use a few people sent over by the temp agency, but they only work part time.

TLB #92, BS #12.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Whore Who Puts Out In Return For Campaign Contributions

She would do ANYTHING for campaign contributions! "Anything" obviously being a reference to sex. My guess is that Mr. Trump (back when he was a private citizen and politicians used to come to him for money to fund their campaigns) banged the senator from NY multiple times.

She'd come to his office in Trump Tower, he'd bend her over his desk, lift her skirt, pull down her panties and do her doggy style. Or maybe she'd go to her knees, pull down his pants and underwear, and suck his huge member right there. All in exchange for "campaign contributions" (what a whore!).

Remember when our excellent President revealed that Mitt Romney would have dropped to his knees for an endorsement (re his unsuccessful bid for the presidency)? Seems that many people want to suck Mr. Trump's large penis.

Our future president declined, of course. Not being gay. I do, however, doubt that Romney is gay, having several children. The reason he'd have done it, I'm guessing, is because Mr. Trump exudes a raw animal magnetism that no human, male or female, can resist.

(In the video below our future president reveals that Mitt Romney was BEGGING for his endorsement. Romney was so desperate that he'd have sucked Trump's penis if only he had asked. But Trump didn't ask/said no when Romney offered. Because Trump knows Romney is a choke artist... and Trump prefers those who swallow to those who choke).

TLB #91

Monday, December 11, 2017

God's Candidate Roy Moore Will Vanquish Satan's Candidate, Doug Jones

I'm referring to the Senate race in Alabama for Jeff Sessions' seat. Sessions is currently doing the Lord's work of increasing the penalties on the lawless and violent Blacks. The drug using, white-women-raping low IQ criminal element that has been plaguing our inner cities. "Black Lives Matter" says our brave law enforcement officers are gunning down (murdering in cold blood) innocent and unarmed Black thugs, but Jeff Sessions knows this is a LIE!

Roy Moore, the Christian candidate for Sessions seat, will be a vote for President Trump's MAGA agenda (including locking up the criminal Blacks). Roy Moore has been slandered by the lying media as a "child molester", but child molesters target children, not teenagers! Roy Moore, as a 30-something Alabamian DA, might have dated some teenage girls, but he always got their mother's permission.

Not the ones that are accusing him, however. He does not know any of these lying sluts. As has been reported recently, one of these lying sluts (Barbara Young Nelson) forged Roy Moore's signature in her high school yearbook! No doubt the man hating Gloria Allred put her up to it.

In any case, 30 years ago was a different time. Women often got married while still in their low teens. And Roy Moore, being a respected DA, would obviously be considered a catch by any young woman or her mother and father and probably would have begged Moore to take their daughter's virginity.

That is the way I feel about it, in any case. Being a Christian man, I also like to "date" them young. Very young. But NOT children. I also, like Mr. Moore, realize the threat that Islam and the perversion known as "homosexuality" pose to our country (both of which should be illegal).

Doug Jones, on the other hand, wants to get into Congress so he can vote for laws enabling the murder of babies in the womb. From what I've heard, he's OK with chopping up little kids right up to the point that they're about to be born. As long as they are partially in the birth canal, slaughtering any baby is A-OK with this evil sicko.

This is why the choice, IMO, is an easy one. Elect Satan's candidate, Doug Jones, or God's candidate, Roy Moore. Roy Moore never groped or otherwise assaulted any woman or girl. These are all lies. Lies similar to the ones lying sluts leveled against our strong Christian POTUS, Donald John Trump.

President Trump, as a victim of lies fabricated by the fake news media, recognized a fellow victim in Roy Moore. Also as a fellow man of God. A strong Christian who lives by his faith. A faith that tells him dating young teens is Biblical, cutting the taxes on rich people creates jobs somehow, and that cutting government payouts to worthless poor takers forces them to take responsibility for their lives or die.

TLB #90

Thursday, November 23, 2017

I'm A Hebephile Too!

This is a post about Alabamian candidate for US Senate, Roy Moore. Roy Moore is a good Christian man who has falsely been accused of molesting and sexually assaulting young teenage girls decades ago. Clearly this is a political attack orchestrated by the Left as a dishonest and immoral scheme to derail his candidacy and help his ultra Liberal Democrat opponent. Because, like Trump, Moore will be a force of disruption re the corrupt establishment (Republican and Democrat).

I stumbled upon a blog by a wise sage calling himself FreeThinke yesterday. I encourage my readers to travel on over to his blog and read his excellent defense of Mr. Moore. In a post on his blog the Free Thinker writes "Some these allegations are clearly fabrications. That certainly seems to be true of the claims against Roy Moore".

Actually those are words from an American Thinker article by by Clarice Feldman, a chick! Moore's wife Kayla is also standing by him, saying "I have been married to my husband Judge Roy Moore for over 32 years... and he has always been an officer and a gentleman". The point being that, while multiple women are lying about Moore, multiple women know the truth!

As for Roy Moore's future wife, Moore himself wrote that they met while attending "a dance recital at Gadsden State Junior College". Newsweek points out that this was when Moore was 29 and Kayla was 15. Big whoop. I'm sure he asked her mother's permission before dating her. As he previously noted was his custom.

Scratch that. As per Newsweek, Roy did not actually start courting Kayla until several years later. So she was at least 17 when Mr. Moore first felt her up (possibly grabbing and squeezing her titties). And I am POSITIVE he asked her mother's permission. Can I massage your daughter's boobies? May I place your daughter's hand on my erect penis? And other similar questions.

Note that pedophilia is illegal. The Cultural Marxist media has been lying about Moore being a "pedophile". However, as per the definition, pedophiles are sexually attracted exclusively to prepubescent children. This would be before the young girl hits age 10 or 11, which is when puberty usually begins for females. Although (again, as per the definition), "criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13".

This explains why the youngest teen Roy Moore dated was 14. He is not a pedophile and is not attracted to children! Yet any frequent viewer of the news is bound to hear "pedophile, pedophile, pedophile" in any coverage of this story by the dissembling Leftist media. It makes me sick how they can get away with their fake news and not be called on it!

Roy Moore is clearly a hebephile, which is an individual who has a strong, persistent sexual interest other humans (of the opposite sex) who are pubescent (early adolescent), which is typically ages 11–14. Although Moore has dated young girls older than that, so that might mean he is a ephebophile, which would be the term used to describe someone with a sexual interest in girls 15 to 19 years old.

Either way, 20 years is obviously way too old for Moore. To date, at least. Or so I thought until I read on Wikipedia that Moore and Kayla Kisor "married a year later in 1985 when Moore was 38 and Kisor was 24". So I was wrong when I speculated she was 17 when they started dating earlier in my commentary. And I was also wrong with my sentence at the beginning of this paragraph. Nothing wrong at all about dating a 23 year old and then marrying a 24 year old.

Me, I think 24 is too old. I mean, being a man in his mid-50's, I used to date women in their 30s and 40s (while saying no to 50 year old old hags past their prime). I consider myself to be a healthy, in shape, hunky man in his 50s. Also, being quite wealthy (more on that in a future post), there are different standards, of course. Young women like to be with older, more financially stable men.

So, I was dating this 30-something woman when her 13 year old daughter caught my eye. Subsequently I asked permission to date her (the daughter). The mother was irrationally offended and slapped me and told me to get the f*ck out of her house. Then (a few months later), when I came into some money (a rich relative died) she actually approached me!

She was interested in resuming our relationship, but I said "no way". I did take the opportunity to remind her that I found her daughter quite attractive, however. At which point she began crying. Finally I got it out of her that she'd run into some financial difficulty and was about to have her home foreclosed on.

Anyway, I managed to negotiate a date with her daughter in exchange for paying off her mortgage. Actually, I gave her a few thousand dollars for the date and it wasn't until awhile later that she agreed I could go further if I stepped in to prevent her (and her daughter's) imminent homelessness.

Deflowering a 13 year old was one of the finest experiences of my life, I must say. Or, so I imagine, given the fact that, if anyone asks, the 13 year old and I only kissed. As opposed to me taking her "innocence". I will deny that happened, as will the girl and her mother. Because I warned them of the severe consequences if either of them blabbed.

Not because there is anything wrong with what I did, but because some tightwads might THINK there is something wrong with a 50-something year old man having sex with a 13yo girl. I mean, I never considered it previously. Or, I thought about my urges but never acted on them until recently. Obviously, as per the acceptance by the voters of Alabama (who may very well send Roy Moore to the Senate) Trump's base thinks it's perfectly natural (Joseph was an older male when he hooked up with Mary).

In a comment on his blog, FreeThinke writes, "attempts to DENY our essential identity as SEXUAL BEINGS have caused MOST of the MISERY experienced through the ages". Additionally "hypocritical moralizing is as harmful to the human psyche as it is vicious and profoundly stupid".

Donald Trump also dates (and marries) younger women (though not as young as Moore used to date). The lesson here is that men should throw off the chains of hypocrisy and stop denying our essential identity as sexual beings. If a man is attracted to a young girl, he should go for it. As long as she is 13 or older. And especially if, when you ask her mother for permission, the mother says yes.

As for older women who want to date young men? I'm not opposed (lest you accuse me of sexism). Perhaps the old bag is well off and the young man sees the perks in having a sugar-mamma. And he will agree to date the older woman (despite his natural revulsion). That's fine by me. I am surely no prude. In fact, I've decided that I'm a PROUD hebephile. Although I'm not going to go around announcing it. Outside of this blog post, that is (which I will claim is "satire" if it comes to anyone's attention).

BTW, now that I've had my way with the 13yo a few dozen times, I think I've tired of her. Time to find another girl to "date". As for the mother, when I paid off her mortgage I also had her sign a non-disclosure agreement drawn up by my lawyer. I don't think she read the agreement carefully, because it says I am the owner of her home and can kick her to the curb anytime I choose. That will ensure she keeps her mouth shut, I am confident. I mean, she already agreed to let me bone her daughter to avoid being put out in the cold.

TLB #89, BS #11.