Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Little Marco" Is Jealous Of Donald Trump's Yuge Penis

Comedian Trevor Noah says our future president is using his yuge dick to f*ck the entire Republican Party.

The following via Mediaite.

Trevor Noah tonight riffed on Donald Trump's dick and the Republican efforts to cockblock him from the general election. He was a little thrown by Trump joking about his manhood, but explained that it's not really his dick that's huge, "it's someone else's huge penis and Trump just licenses his name on it".

Noah proceeded to examine just how desperate the Republicans are to prevent Trump from being the nominee, including undermining that whole "every vote counts" thing... but they'll still support him if he's the nominee. And so, Noah concluded that yes, Trump has a big dick after all, because he's using it to "fuck the entire Republican party". (Link).

Darn right Mr. Trump has a big dick. And, hell yeah, he's using it to f*ck the entire Republican Party... including that wuss Marco Rubio. I bet his is "fun sized". Ha ha ha ha ha!

Trump is really shaking things up, which I am very pleased to see. Because most of us have had enough with crappy nominees like John McCain and Mitt Romney. As Donald said, Mitt choked. He should have won in 2018... easily. Because B. Hussein is SO BAD!

And, despite being a Black man, Hussein likely has a small weenie. We know it from the way he's constantly bending over and taking it up the rear from our enemies. First there was the apology tour, now he's practically surrendering to ISIS. Time to elect a REAL man to the presidency, I say.

Donald Trump will dick slap ISIS, just like he dick slapped that putz Jeb Bush. Even his mommy knew the country doesn't need any more bushes! So why the hell did he run?

Thankfully Donald Trump put Jeb's candidacy out of it's misery, right? Even if he had to fib about our former president (the other bush) "lying" about WMD. We all know that Hussein (Saddam, not Barack) moved his WMD to Syria. Where the hell do you think Assad's WMD stockpiles came from?

As for Little Marco, he's toast as well. Going negative on Trump didn't help him one bit (which is why he's now regretting it). He regrets it every day, I'm sure. Attacking Mr. Trump in the area he is CLEARLY lacking in, that is. Marco doesn't have what it takes to be president, while Mr. Trump does. I think you can guess what "it" is. And it is yuge!

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