Friday, March 11, 2016

Donald Trump's Manhood Is Enormous

I LOLed when our future president dick slapped that pathetic putz Jeb with his huge swinging member... metaphorically speaking. Mr. Trump was absolutely correct about the invasion of Iraq being a strategic blunder of the highest order. He was dead wrong about our former president George W lying, however.

But I say Mr. Trump did what he had to do to take out Jeb, so I harbor no ill will for his misrepresentation of the Bush administration getting it wrong concerning Hussein (Saddam, not Barack) having WMD. Democrats and other world leaders all thought Iraq had WMD.

But now that Jeb is out of the race Mr. Trump says he doesn't know if the former president Bush lied. He does know. Bush did not lie. The reason he says he "doesn't know" is because it would be too jarring to the stupids for him to go directly from saying Bush lied to saying he didn't lie. He'll get to that later. The important thing is that Mr. Trump did what was necessary to get rid of Jeb.

That's what men with enormous dicks do. Being so well endowed gives them the nerve to do what is necessary to get the job done. That is one of the reasons I'm casting my ballot for Donald Trump. He'll kick Hillary's ass. Mr. Trump, I'm confidently predicting, WILL be our next president. And, just like Mr. Trump, my confidence comes from having a big dick. In addition to a big brain. Something else Mr. Trump and myself have in common.

That Mr. Trump has a big brain in addition to a big dick is something we know because of his enormous success in business. Two things his rivals find incredibly intimidating. His success in the boardroom due to his big brain and his success in the bedroom (bedding some of the hottest women on the planet) due to his having a big member.

The combination of the two makes many men extremely jealous. Those with small dicks, that is. Men who are similarly endowed (men like myself) can't help but respect Mr. Trump. Because he's used both of his endowments to achieve such great success. And both his big brain and his big dick will contribute to the success of his presidency, as the world leaders he meets with will be intimidated (by both).

TLB #70

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