Thursday, March 10, 2016

Donald Trump Has A Huge Dick

He guaranteed us that he has no problem in that department. And he has a smoking hot wife. You think a woman that hot would marry ONLY for money? Yeah, money was most likely a factor, but you think a woman that looks like Melania is going to marry a guy with a small dick? I think not.

And Melania is just the latest model. Trump dumped the previous wives and upgraded because he's THE MAN. And, having a big dick gives a man the confidence to be successful in business. As a man who has been successful in business myself, I can attest to this trueism.

People say that African American men have large members, but if that's universally the case, then why is Barack Obama such a weenie? I mean, he's letting ISIS walk all over us! Something they knew they could do thanks to Hussein's first order of business as president being him going on an apology tour!

This was his way of saying "I'm with you, my Muslim brothers". They knew then that there was nothing to fear under a Hussein presidency of US troops coming in and kicking their asses. Because, as Obama said in his memoir, he stands with the Muslims. Because he is one. And, I'd bet a lot of money that he has a small dick.

President Trump doesn't lack the BALLS (which are also large, matching his huge swinging member) to send in the troops to take out those ISIS terrorist bastards once and for all! Sure the American people are tired of war, but this would be purely a mop up operation. First (as he said), President Trump would bomb the shit out of them.

Which is why I'm so looking forward to Mr. Trump's presidency. ISIS will be defeated and we'll take their oil. Which means that gas prices will likely drop below a buck a gallon. The Trump presidency will bring prosperity back to American. As Trump says, he's going to "make America great again".

By the way, I did see all the Leftist media outlets making fun of Donald, but it was Marco Rubio who insinuated that Donald's equipment is fun-sized. Mr. Trump had to respond to a challenge to his manhood, so it's Rubio who should they should be poking fun at, and NOT Mr. Trump.

TLB #69

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