Thursday, November 23, 2017

I'm A Hebephile Too!

This is a post about Alabamian candidate for US Senate, Roy Moore. Roy Moore is a good Christian man who has falsely been accused of molesting and sexually assaulting young teenage girls decades ago. Clearly this is a political attack orchestrated by the Left as a dishonest and immoral scheme to derail his candidacy and help his ultra Liberal Democrat opponent. Because, like Trump, Moore will be a force of disruption re the corrupt establishment (Republican and Democrat).

I stumbled upon a blog by a wise sage calling himself FreeThinke yesterday. I encourage my readers to travel on over to his blog and read his excellent defense of Mr. Moore. In a post on his blog the Free Thinker writes "Some these allegations are clearly fabrications. That certainly seems to be true of the claims against Roy Moore".

Actually those are words from an American Thinker article by by Clarice Feldman, a chick! Moore's wife Kayla is also standing by him, saying "I have been married to my husband Judge Roy Moore for over 32 years... and he has always been an officer and a gentleman". The point being that, while multiple women are lying about Moore, multiple women know the truth!

As for Roy Moore's future wife, Moore himself wrote that they met while attending "a dance recital at Gadsden State Junior College". Newsweek points out that this was when Moore was 29 and Kayla was 15. Big whoop. I'm sure he asked her mother's permission before dating her. As he previously noted was his custom.

Scratch that. As per Newsweek, Roy did not actually start courting Kayla until several years later. So she was at least 17 when Mr. Moore first felt her up (possibly grabbing and squeezing her titties). And I am POSITIVE he asked her mother's permission. Can I massage your daughter's boobies? May I place your daughter's hand on my erect penis? And other similar questions.

Note that pedophilia is illegal. The Cultural Marxist media has been lying about Moore being a "pedophile". However, as per the definition, pedophiles are sexually attracted exclusively to prepubescent children. This would be before the young girl hits age 10 or 11, which is when puberty usually begins for females. Although (again, as per the definition), "criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13".

This explains why the youngest teen Roy Moore dated was 14. He is not a pedophile and is not attracted to children! Yet any frequent viewer of the news is bound to hear "pedophile, pedophile, pedophile" in any coverage of this story by the dissembling Leftist media. It makes me sick how they can get away with their fake news and not be called on it!

Roy Moore is clearly a hebephile, which is an individual who has a strong, persistent sexual interest other humans (of the opposite sex) who are pubescent (early adolescent), which is typically ages 11–14. Although Moore has dated young girls older than that, so that might mean he is a ephebophile, which would be the term used to describe someone with a sexual interest in girls 15 to 19 years old.

Either way, 20 years is obviously way too old for Moore. To date, at least. Or so I thought until I read on Wikipedia that Moore and Kayla Kisor "married a year later in 1985 when Moore was 38 and Kisor was 24". So I was wrong when I speculated she was 17 when they started dating earlier in my commentary. And I was also wrong with my sentence at the beginning of this paragraph. Nothing wrong at all about dating a 23 year old and then marrying a 24 year old.

Me, I think 24 is too old. I mean, being a man in his mid-50's, I used to date women in their 30s and 40s (while saying no to 50 year old old hags past their prime). I consider myself to be a healthy, in shape, hunky man in his 50s. Also, being quite wealthy (more on that in a future post), there are different standards, of course. Young women like to be with older, more financially stable men.

So, I was dating this 30-something woman when her 13 year old daughter caught my eye. Subsequently I asked permission to date her (the daughter). The mother was irrationally offended and slapped me and told me to get the f*ck out of her house. Then (a few months later), when I came into some money (a rich relative died) she actually approached me!

She was interested in resuming our relationship, but I said "no way". I did take the opportunity to remind her that I found her daughter quite attractive, however. At which point she began crying. Finally I got it out of her that she'd run into some financial difficulty and was about to have her home foreclosed on.

Anyway, I managed to negotiate a date with her daughter in exchange for paying off her mortgage. Actually, I gave her a few thousand dollars for the date and it wasn't until awhile later that she agreed I could go further if I stepped in to prevent her (and her daughter's) imminent homelessness.

Deflowering a 13 year old was one of the finest experiences of my life, I must say. Or, so I imagine, given the fact that, if anyone asks, the 13 year old and I only kissed. As opposed to me taking her "innocence". I will deny that happened, as will the girl and her mother. Because I warned them of the severe consequences if either of them blabbed.

Not because there is anything wrong with what I did, but because some tightwads might THINK there is something wrong with a 50-something year old man having sex with a 13yo girl. I mean, I never considered it previously. Or, I thought about my urges but never acted on them until recently. Obviously, as per the acceptance by the voters of Alabama (who may very well send Roy Moore to the Senate) Trump's base thinks it's perfectly natural (Joseph was an older male when he hooked up with Mary).

In a comment on his blog, FreeThinke writes, "attempts to DENY our essential identity as SEXUAL BEINGS have caused MOST of the MISERY experienced through the ages". Additionally "hypocritical moralizing is as harmful to the human psyche as it is vicious and profoundly stupid".

Donald Trump also dates (and marries) younger women (though not as young as Moore used to date). The lesson here is that men should throw off the chains of hypocrisy and stop denying our essential identity as sexual beings. If a man is attracted to a young girl, he should go for it. As long as she is 13 or older. And especially if, when you ask her mother for permission, the mother says yes.

As for older women who want to date young men? I'm not opposed (lest you accuse me of sexism). Perhaps the old bag is well off and the young man sees the perks in having a sugar-mamma. And he will agree to date the older woman (despite his natural revulsion). That's fine by me. I am surely no prude. In fact, I've decided that I'm a PROUD hebephile. Although I'm not going to go around announcing it. Outside of this blog post, that is (which I will claim is "satire" if it comes to anyone's attention).

BTW, now that I've had my way with the 13yo a few dozen times, I think I've tired of her. Time to find another girl to "date". As for the mother, when I paid off her mortgage I also had her sign a non-disclosure agreement drawn up by my lawyer. I don't think she read the agreement carefully, because it says I am the owner of her home and can kick her to the curb anytime I choose. That will ensure she keeps her mouth shut, I am confident. I mean, she already agreed to let me bone her daughter to avoid being put out in the cold.

TLB #89

Thursday, November 2, 2017

It Has Been Revealed To Me That I, Barlowe Bayer, Am A Prophet Of The Savior Of The United States, Donald John Trump

Armageddon was averted with the election of Donald J. Trump. Hillary, the beast foretold of in the Book of Revelation, was defeated by an emissary sent by our Lord and Savior. That emissary? Donald John Trump. Trump, prior to being sent to earth on a mission from God to delay the Rapture, resided in Heaven at God's right hand. One of the "Powers" Angels (the picture above depicts Trump in his true form).

Wikipedia/Christian angelology/Powers or Authorities: The "Powers" (lat. potestas f, pl. potestates), or "Authorities", from the Greek exousiai, (pl. of exousia, see Greek root in Eph 3:10). The primary duty of the "Powers" is to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order. Being warrior angels, they also oppose evil spirits... These angels are usually represented as soldiers wearing full armor and helmet... Their duty is to oversee the distribution of power among mankind, hence their name.

That Trump is actually a Powers Angel came to me in a powerful vision. Suddenly I knew that the Savior of the United States came to us from the realm of the All Mighty. To do battle with the evil Hildebeest. Victory was not guaranteed. A loss would result in the commencement of Armageddon, or the end of the world as we know it.

In a prior post I misidentified Donald Trump as a prophet of God. But the absolute truth is that, our President, as revealed to me in my vision, is a Powers Angel. Not incidentally, it is I, Barlowe Bayer, who is a prophet (I've come to realize). Although I'm not sure, as a prophet of Trump, what my duties and responsibilities are.

Frankly it's a position that I'd prefer fall to someone else. Maybe spreading the word via this blog will be all that will be required of me. Unless I receive another vision informing me otherwise, I will assume that is the totality of what the Heavenly Father is requiring of me at this time.

BTW, remember that the evil Hildebeest was defeated but not destroyed. The NYT reports that there are rumors of a HRC comeback. The article suggest that the Hildebeest may run for the mayorship of NYC. Fake news? Most likely, considering the source. But the fact remains that HRC lives. And, while evil lives, evil plots.

My point is that the destruction of the United States has only been postponed. The Deep State continues to do battle with our duly elected president, Donald Trump. The forces of evil hope to bring down Mr. Trump via false charges of collusion with Russia. When we all know that it was HRC who colluded with Putin.

A fact I will be writing about in the future. For now let me just say that the fight continues. The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States did not deter the Hildebeest or her master, Satan. God knows that he will destroy the enemy of His elect, Israel, at Megiddo, also called the Valley of Josaphat (Source), while Satan believes he will be victorious.

As a Christian, and now prophet of the Savior Donald John Trump, I know that this battle is inevitable. But, as far as I'm concerned, this battle can (and should) occur at a later date. This is why Our Heavenly Father sent his emissary (and Powers Angel), Donald John Trump, to keep the Hildebeest at bay (for now).

Why have we been granted this reprieve? I honestly cannot say, except to point out that God would not have sent Trump to save us if this was the time that the End Times should begin. And I, as a prophet of Trump (as revealed to me in a vision from God) will spread the word via this blog. Be thankful loyal Christian supporters of Trump. The time for death and destruction is not yet upon us! Praise be to Trump!

TLB #88

Friday, September 15, 2017

President Trump To Dreamers: Get The Hell Out Of My Country!

The fake news is attempting to spin recent developments as President Trump allowing these parasites to stay, but it's bullshit. President Trump would NEVER allow these so-called "dreamers" to continue leaching off our great country. He promised to get tough on people here illegally. A promise he would NEVER break!

Nancy Poop-loser and up-Chuck Schumie think they made a deal with Trump to allow the "dreamers" to stay, but they were PLAYED. "Any statements from Pelosi and Schumer should be ignored" according to Bill O'Reilly.

And Mr. O'Reilly is right, of course. Nancy and Chuck won't be writing the legislation. Congressional Republicans will. And they want the DACA dreamers to get the hell out of the USA as much as Trump does. Or the Freedom Caucus does. And they'll say "no way, Jose" to any legislation that allows these law-breakers to stay.

Either we're a nation of laws or we aren't. Of course the lawless Muslim who occupied the White House for 8 years used unconstitutional powers to allow these illegal brats to stay in our country (stealing jobs from Americans and leaching off the Libtard-created Social Safety Hammock). But President Trump will NOT tolerate these law-breakers!

No matter that their parents brought them as young children. Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, neither is a young age. They broke the law and they must leave. Supposedly some don't even speak Spanish. Tough titties. They better learn.

An official Trump administration press release says "The Department of Homeland Security urges DACA recipients to use the time remaining on their work authorizations to prepare for and arrange their departure from the United States".

You can't get any clearer than that. This "deal" that Nancy and Chuck THINK they made? That's Trump yanking their chain. He's having a bit of fun at the expense of these hated Libtards. He's also having some fun at the expense of the dreamer brats. Many aren't kids any longer, but adults. Adults that should have self deported as soon as they turned 18. 18 is when you take responsibility for your own actions. Instead they opted to stay here illegally.

Get the hell out! Then we build the wall to keep them out (given the fact that they'll probably try to sneak back in). BTW, that social safety hammock I previously mentioned? It's gone as soon as Trump signs his first budget. We might not be able to deport American born Libtard losers, but Trump WILL kick them off the dole! God bless President Trump.

TLB #87

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hero President Saves Lives Of Hurricane Harvey Victims (Confirmed Via Photographic Proof)!

In my last post (TLB #85) I related an account of (duly elected, electoral college winning) President Donald J. Trump saving the life of a Hurricane Harvey victim in Texas. Although, at the end of my account, I revealed that I'd made it all up.

However, as it turns out, Trump actually DID save the life. At least one, as the picture at the top of this post shows. I assume that the man grabbed hold of the rag held out by our hero president, then clamored into the raft.

Mr. Trump then went on to save more lives. I assume. I mean, he wouldn't go out, save one life, then return. As if the one life he save was a "photo op". He wouldn't waste the time of the rescuers in that manner. Because they've got work to do and that doesn't include presidential photo ops.

The photo is REAL, in other words. The President saved one life, for which a photographer happened to be close enough to snap a pic (obviously the photographer isn't a member of the dishonest media). Trump then went on to save many more lives. I assume. Because (as I already pointed out), it wasn't a photo op. Also, the Austin Fire Department rescuers were doing a job that didn't end with one rescue. So SUCK on that, Libtards!

Now, I should point out that I got this pic via Snopes (the biased Libtard "fact checking" site). Snopes says the image is a photoshop creation. They then show an image they SAY is the "original".

No doubt there are Libtard "photography experts" who work for Snopes who say that the red rag Trump has in his hand was placed there to obscure photoshopping work/extend his reach. Libtard asshats may point out that the 2nd image is obviously the clearer of the two. But I say that the 2nd image is the fake/photoshopped one. A Libtard would photoshop our heroic hero president out of a picture showing him rescuing a Harvey victim. There is no low to which they will stoop to discredit our awesome president. Because they are filled with hate for this great man.

Snopes claims that the "original" picture can be found on CNN (and they provide a link). CNN is one of the fake news outfits that have been trying to take down our wonderful leader (a fact Trump himself has tweeted about). The Libtards running CNN hate President Trump with a passion. That they'd edit him out of a picture in which he saves the life of a Harvey victim should be a surprise to no one. Shame on Snopes and shame on CNN for spreading fake news and photoshopping out of existence the heroics of our hero president!

TLB #86

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Donald J. Trump, The Heroic Hero President Who Personally Saved Many Lives While Visiting The Harvey-Ravaged Texas

"All the photos of our grand children have been destroyed" an old woman blubbered into the microphone of a reporter. President Donald J. Trump approached the woman, placed his arm around her, and comforted her. "Thank you, Mr. President" the crying woman cried, burying her face in our sympathetic leader's chest.

"There, there" the emphatic comforter-in-chief said, comforting the ugly old hag. "You'll be back in your home soon" Mr. Trump said. "Within days, I can tell you that. Believe me. If I have to rebuild your house myself, I'll do it" Trump promised. "Thank you, sir" the old hag replied, mascara running down her ugly old hag face.

"Help!" a young girl screamed, running up to our commanding and handsome POTUS. "My grandmother fell into the river" she cried. Our brave and heroic President did not hesitate. He ran in the direction of the cries for help; the direction the young girl had come from. Approaching the churning water our hero president, without breaking his stride, dove into the inky black and swiftly moving icy cold water.

Spotting a floating, but quickly moving body, our duly elected POTUS swam toward (what he assumed was) the grandmother. Trump's powerful arms cut through the water, propelling him forward. Soon he caught up with the body. Another old hag, our hero-in-chief noted. Not more than an "2". Still, he grabbed her and swum toward shore.

Thanks to his muscular biceps and a Hercules-like strength belying his 71 years, Trump easily hefted the plump grandmother into the air. Moving away from the shore, Trump placed her gently down on the grass and began CPR. Soon the woman coughed and spat up some of the dirty water. "You saved me!" the woman exclaimed, greatly surprised to see that her hero was the duly elected, Electoral College winning, president of the United States.

"You are welcome, milady", the compassionate hero president replied. Soon people - the Secret Service members tasked with protecting the greatest leader ever to serve our nation, members of the fake news (horrible people who hate our country) and members of the public - surrounded our heroic hero president and the old grandmother he had just saved. The little girl was there too. Falling to her knees, she gave her grandmother a huge hug. Turning to the president she exclaimed "thank you for saving mi abuela, sir".

"Huh, what's that?" Trump asked, a confused look on his face. "Abuela is Spanish for grandmother, sir" a Secret Service man said. "I see" the president replied. "Are you and your grandmother in the United States legally, little girl?" a suspicious POTUS inquired. As it turns out, she was not. Both the little girl and her grandmother were in the US illegally, and they were soon deported. But not before posing for pictures.

Given the fact that the picture-takers were members of the lying media, however, the headlines read "heartless Trump has young girl and her grandmother deported". They didn't report the heroic rescue, the lying America-hating bastards! Or, that's what I'm guessing would happen if the story I just related had actually happen. Instead of being 100 percent fabricated by me.

Because the press is the enemy of the American people and will NEVER give Trump a break, nor praise him when praise is warranted. Which, given the fact that Donald J. Trump is the greatest president to ever grace the office in the entirety of the history of our nation, is often. But, being mostly Libtards, the media hates the United States and wants to see it fail.

Sad, but true. The Left despises Trump so much that the fellow could discover a cure for Alzheimer's and they'd probably say that it was because he hated young folks. Seriously, what I've been witnessing over the past seven months is like nothing that I've ever seen before (and, trust me, I've been around for a while). It's creepy and disturbing - The fact that the media and deep-state are trying to take him down over complete bullshit (the whole fake Russia narrative).

Image: What our heroic hero president looks like in my dreams. Thank you, God, for allowing the citizens of the United States to see the truth about the corrupt Hillary Clinton and vote for Mr. Trump, making him our 45th duly elected President!

TLB #85

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Our Brave Leader's Determination To Kill The Worthless Eaters

Obstructionist Demonrats and traitorous RINOs are standing in the way of Trump fulfilling his campaign promise of repealing ObummerCare. As you may or may not know, ObummerCare imposed an extra tax on the earnings of wealthy investors. Forcing Makers to pay for the healthcare insurance of worthless eaters. These people (Takers) are evil. Refusing to work, they believe that society owes them.

They live on government assistance. Before the socialist tyrant Obama, many died due to a lack of insurance. A good thing, as keeping a useless eater alive means more expense in the future. If a worthless eater gets seriously sick, they deserve to die. If they didn't want to die they would have sought a job that provided health care insurance. But most are so dumb that the possibility of becoming ill or getting hurt never occurs to them.

The socialist Muslim Obama decided these people should have access to healthcare. Obviously bringing these "people" into the system into drove up the cost for the rest of us. Damn Obama! Stealing from productive people to increase the excess human garbage problem was part of his plan to weaken America to the point where it would fall to the Muslim hordes.

As for the Takers, everyone knows that parasites need to be exterminated, not coddled. If ObummerCare is not repealed we (those of us who matter) will suffer. Which is why our savior President Trump announced that he would stop paying the ObummerCare subsidies. He will stop the flow of "free money" to those in the lowest income brackets.

President Trump knows that ObummerCare must die in order to save our great nation. More people will die, but they are useless Takers who, prior to the evil Obummer giving them free health care insurance, were dying anyway. Due to their own stupidity. If one wishes to live, one must work!

But Libtards do not understand this. They think loafers should be kept alive by stealing from people who work hard. They do this for votes. "Thank you for the free stuff" the useless Taker says. "You have my vote".

This is how Demonrats "win" elections. Illegals also appreciate free stuff and vote for Demonrats in appreciation. That is how Hillary Clinton "won" the popular vote. But even with millions of illegals voting for the bitch, President Trump triumphed (thank God).

Now obstructionist Demonrats and RINOs stand in the way of President Trump making America great again. But he will prevail in the end, I have no doubt. ObummerCare will fail on it's own and the useless eaters will lose access to health care. And go back to dying when they get seriously ill or injured. Which is how it should be, praise Trump!


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