Saturday, August 1, 2015

"The Man" Tried To Break Barlowe, But Failed

In all honesty, however, The Man did come very close to breaking Barlowe. He had to dig down deep and, through prayer and manliness, keep himself from going insane. What am I talking about, you might ask? Also, where has Barlowe been? (That is another question you might be asking).

As you might remember, it was my last commentary, now many months old, where I revealed that Barlowe snapped and let Dan (my co "worker") have it. By which I mean I punched him in the nose. And broke his nose, for which Barlowe was not only arrested, tried and convicted (of assault), but also successfully sued by the lazy liberal slacker!

After Barlowe rejected the plea deal that would have resulted in probation only, I was convicted by a jury of my "peers" and sent upstate for a six month stay behind bars. I say "peers" (in quotes) because I think the "peers" were actually peers of Dan, by which I mean they were all lazy Liberal losers! I mean, that is the only way I can explain Barlowe being convicted when I was only acting in self defense!

Now, I probably could have done six months standing on my head, but Barlowe did more in prison than serve time. Unfortunately Barlowe was "lucky" enough to get sent to a prison with a sadistic warden who put Barlowe into a cell with a large Black man. A retarded miscreant who anally raped Barlowe on an almost daily basis.

That is, until Barlowe put an end to the abuse by shiving his abuser in the yard, rendering him dead. Yeah, for that Barlowe could have received a lot more time... which is why I hesitated for so long. But one can only take so many anal rapes before one simply does not care any longer.

Fortunately the act was not caught on camera and Barlowe was never charged with the "crime" (of self defense). In fact, as soon as the other prisoners found out, Barlowe became somewhat the hero. Because Barlowe's abuser was sent up for raping many little boys.

Which explains why Barlowe was targeted, even though he is an older gentleman. His abuser was a homo. Excuse my political incorrectness... I mean he was a same sex attraction pervert. Although that is (apparently) acceptable in Barack Hussein Obama's America now. Being attracted to persons of the same sex that is. Raping children is, for the time being, still against the law.

In any case, I have more to tell, but (for now) I will sign off. But I am back and have decided to give this blogging thing another go... so stay tuned for further commentaries from ol' Barlowe... beaten (and anally raped) but not broken.

TLB #59, BS #8.

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