Sunday, July 30, 2017

Our Brave Leader's Determination To Kill The Worthless Eaters

Obstructionist Demonrats and traitorous RINOs are standing in the way of Trump fulfilling his campaign promise of repealing ObummerCare. As you may or may not know, ObummerCare imposed an extra tax on the earnings of wealthy investors. Forcing Makers to pay for the healthcare insurance of worthless eaters. These people (Takers) are evil. Refusing to work, they believe that society owes them.

They live on government assistance. Before the socialist tyrant Obama, many died due to a lack of insurance. A good thing, as keeping a useless eater alive means more expense in the future. If a worthless eater gets seriously sick, they deserve to die. If they didn't want to die they would have sought a job that provided health care insurance. But most are so dumb that the possibility of becoming ill or getting hurt never occurs to them.

The socialist Muslim Obama decided these people should have access to healthcare. Obviously bringing these "people" into the system into drove up the cost for the rest of us. Damn Obama! Stealing from productive people to increase the excess human garbage problem was part of his plan to weaken America to the point where it would fall to the Muslim hordes.

As for the Takers, everyone knows that parasites need to be exterminated, not coddled. If ObummerCare is not repealed we (those of us who matter) will suffer. Which is why our savior President Trump announced that he would stop paying the ObummerCare subsidies. He will stop the flow of "free money" to those in the lowest income brackets.

President Trump knows that ObummerCare must die in order to save our great nation. More people will die, but they are useless Takers who, prior to the evil Obummer giving them free health care insurance, were dying anyway. Due to their own stupidity. If one wishes to live, one must work!

But Libtards do not understand this. They think loafers should be kept alive by stealing from people who work hard. They do this for votes. "Thank you for the free stuff" the useless Taker says. "You have my vote".

This is how Demonrats "win" elections. Illegals also appreciate free stuff and vote for Demonrats in appreciation. That is how Hillary Clinton "won" the popular vote. But even with millions of illegals voting for the bitch, President Trump triumphed (thank God).

Now obstructionist Demonrats and RINOs stand in the way of President Trump making America great again. But he will prevail in the end, I have no doubt. ObummerCare will fail on it's own and the useless eaters will lose access to health care. And go back to dying when they get seriously ill or injured. Which is how it should be, praise Trump!


TLB #84