Monday, November 17, 2014

Barlowe Fired For Beating The Sh!t Out Of Dan The Liberal Slacker!

It's just as well, in my opinion. Because I simply could not take it any longer. Dan, when I confronted him in regards to his hijacking of my Blogger account, taunted "what are you going to do about it old man?".

That is when I snapped. I looked around, and seeing nobody else in the parking lot, I let Dan have it. A look of shock appeared on the young punk's face right before my fist hit his nose. Blood spurted everywhere and Dan went down.

After that Barlowe was not only fired, but arrested! Barlowe's lawyer got him out of jail, but he's still in trouble with the law and could go to prison for assault. I could accept a plea deal, pay a fine and get probation, but I think I'm going to demand a trial by my peers.

I mean, Dan was clearly asking for it and people should be cheering Barlowe's actions, not demanding he pay for Dan's medical bills, firing him or threatening him with jail time. It's an outrage!

TLB #58, BS #7.