Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Update On The Hacking Of Barlowe's Google Account

Awhile back I revealed that Barlowe's Blogger/Google account was "hacked" by an employee who works at the same firm as I. This individual, a lazy Liberally-inclined slacker whom Barlowe intensely dislikes, had the balls to sit down at my work computer while I was signed into my Google account and author posts that had me "confessing" to being a Liberal!

Long story short, I took my concerns to the IT guy as soon as I realized someone had been messing with my blog... and with his help discovered it was Dan. The last time I spoke of this violation I revealed that I would take my evidence of this serious breach of office protocol to the boss and strongly suggest that Dan be fired.

To my utter and complete shock the boss rebuffed Barlowe's request and actually chastised Barlowe! The boss did say that he would have a "word" with Dan, but that Barlowe was the one who was in trouble... for using a work computer for "personal" and time-wasting activities!

Now, while this accusation is complete bullpucky, as Barlowe is one of the firm's best salesmen and the blogging in question was done on his own time, I said nothing. Obviously nepotism secures Dan's place with the firm, as the slacker brings absolutely nothing to the table. No skill, no willingness to put in the time and learn the business and no common sense at all!

If Dan were not the son of the boss man's college roommate he never would have been hired to begin with. And if he had been hired - he would have been quickly fired.

At least the boss realized that pairing Barlowe and Dan as mentor and mentee wasn't going to work any longer. The boss assigned someone else that task, to Barlowe's relief. So AT LEAST there is that. Otherwise Barlowe is still STEAMED and still wants Dan fired. I guess I'll just have to bide my time until Dan screws up royally... and mark my words... it WILL happen.

As for me posting about this on my blog and the boss possibly reading it... no worries. The boss has absolutely ZERO interest in blogging and would never seek out or read Barlowe's blog in a million years.

TLB #56, BS #6.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Blah Blah Blah 3

Just a blah blah note to let my blah blah readers (if any) know that this blah blah blog is not abandoned or closed. I am simply on hiatus. Check back frequently so as to not miss my blah blah return!

TLB #55