Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It Is A 100 Percent Certainty That Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Going To Prison

Ronald Kessler, a respected journalist who has written for NewsMax, revealed recently that the charges are about to be handed down.

Veteran journalist Ronald Kessler tells Newsmax TV that Hillary Clinton will likely be indicted before the general election for using a private email server to conduct classified government business as secretary of state — but will likely be pardoned by President Barack Obama.

"Definitely before November. Possibly in a month or two", Kessler said Friday [4/15/2016] on "The Steve Malzberg Show". "By definition, putting classified information on an unsecured server is gross negligence. You saw President Obama trying to make excuses for her. I think he's leading up to giving a pardon to Hillary, but there's no question. She will be indicted. ... Jim Comey, the FBI director, is a man of great integrity. I think [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch is as well ... not political in the way Eric Holder was. No question she will be indicted". (NewsMax 4/15/2016).

I also read on the blog of Willis Hart that Hillary will not just be indicted, but be tried, convicted, and sent to prison before the voting this November.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that, While I'm Not a Huge Trump Supporter (Johnson's My Candidate), I Do Take Some Solace from the Likelihood that at Least the Dude Won't be Forced to Run his Campaign from a Prison Cell or from a Pre-1990 Time-Machine in Which the Old Soviet Union Still Exists... Yep, there is that. (4/13/2016 AT 4:22pm).

Yes, it is true that Willis Hart is an extremely paranoid individual (dude kicked me off his blog because he thought I was a sock puppet of someone else he hates), but I think he might be right about this. I mean, Ronald Kessler points out that "by definition, putting classified information on an unsecured server is gross negligence".

So if what HRC did is BY DEFINITION gross negligence, obviously she'll be convicted and sent to prison. Perhaps for only a few years, but she's obviously guilty. The only flaw in Willis Hart's thinking is that he apparently forgets that B. Hussein may pardon her on his way out of office. Unless he's impeached and removed from office for dereliction of duty in trading 5 Taliban terrorists for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl (according to another Willis Hart post).

But I doubt that will happen, given the fact that there simply isn't that much time remaining in B. Hussein's term. So he likely WILL pardon her. Although, seeing as she's going to be the nominee, a conviction and pardon should definitely derail her bid for the White House, handing the presidency to Donald J. Trump.

Not that Mr. Trump couldn't have defeated her handily, even if she were not about to be indicted and convicted. The American people are sick of the Obama transformation (away from Capitalism and personal responsibility and toward more Socialism and Statism). They want America to be great again, and realize that Donald Trump is the only candidate who can do this.

Except for those who are voting for Comrade Sanders due to all the free goodies he's offering. If Comrade Sanders had gotten in that surely would be continuation of our travel down the path to ruination. Although under Sanders the speed at which we're traveling down that path would have been GREATLY accelerated. Under a possible president HRC the speed might be increased slightly (given her recent rhetoric, although she could be lying).

Which means we HAVE to elect Donald Trump. Not that a HRC, as a convicted felon, could win. She can't. Not unless the voters grow complainant. If they think Trump has it in the bag and stay home... HRC could win. Meaning we all need to get out on election day and vote Trump. Our country's future depends on it.

Ronald Kessler is, BTW, the journalist who reported that Lyndon Johnson (the racist SOB) laughed about all the ni##ers who would be tricked into voting Democratic after he signed the Civil Rights legislation. And, turns out LBJ was right. Today the lazy Blacks vote for Democrats because they offer them the most free goodies. Today it is the hard working Whites who are the slaves for the lazy Blacks. A fact that truly disgusts me.

Anyway (back on topic) it's a 100 percent certainty that HRC will be sentenced to prison, and a less than 100 percent certainty that she'll serve hard prison time. If the socialist Muslim illegitimate president doesn't pardon her. But maybe President Trump will (somehow) get the Obama presidency voided (along with his pardons). Due to the fact that B. Hussein was born in Kenya and was therefore never eligible for the US presidency? I'm not sure how that could be accomplished, but if it can? Donald is the man to do it.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On Men Dressing As Women & Entering Women's Bathrooms So They Can Sexually Assault Actual Women & Little Girls

Hard to believe, but the "progressive" Left is in FAVOR of this! Clearly this is an integral component to the Democrat's war on women. Calling legislation designed to prevent these tragedies (women and girls being assaulted/raped/murdered) in public restrooms is "discrimination"?!!

Proof that the Left is evil. Want more proof? How about the faux outrage that ensued after our future president, Donald J. Trump, expressed support for punishing women who murder babies (have abortions)? Only the Satanically-aligned Left would be outraged by the suggestion that killers of children should be held accountable when babies are slaughtered. Just call the kid a "fetus" and it's OK?

The Bible says "thou shalt no kill". It doesn't say, "thou shalt not kill, unless you're going to kill a baby still in the womb... then go ahead". I've got to wonder about the Left's motivations for their opposition to bathroom rape. Is it possible they want more babies that can be aborted... as an offering to the Dark One?

Donald Trump, being a Godly man, is opposed to the slaughter of innocents demanded by the Left. My only issue with Trump is his support for Planned Parenthood. Not for the many many abortions they perform, but for all the other good stuff (supposedly they do stuff re women's health). As if that other stuff makes up for all the murdering.

Perhaps Mr. Trump is hopeful that he can get some Conservative Democrats to vote for him? I honestly don't have a clue. There are Democrats that support the unborn's right to life (even if they are a minority in a party that generally approves of killing kids). They do exist, so why not go for their votes?

Which is why I'd preferred to be able to vote for Mike Huckabee, who promised to protect the unborn (using the National Guard to shut down the abortionists) on day one of his presidency. And he was strongly opposed to the abomination (and affront to the Lord) of homos marrying. Unfortunately, he dropped out.

So Trump is the only one left, what with the Canadian-born Cruz being ineligible. Not that I did not enthusiastically vote for Mr. Trump in the primary. I did. Because I'm convinced that he will be an excellent president who WILL make America great again.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have A Penis (One Reason Among Many To Not Elect Her President)

I'm not a misogynist, but I really think that the job of president needs to be done by someone with a penis. Preferably a huge one, which Mr. Trump has confirmed that he has. "There is no problem" our future president assured us.

Hillary Clinton? She's a pantsuit-wearing ball-busting shrew who emasculates men and places their nuts in her testicle lockbox, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out. Although Mr. Trump, who no doubt has a huge swinging sack to match his large member, has nothing to fear, given the fact that it's "lib testicles that get ensnared in the testicle lockbox".

The fact that Donald Trump has larger than average equipment will actually give him an advantage when he faces off against Shrillary. She wasn't able to keep her own husband in line, for crying out loud! Mr. Trump clearly keeps his women in line. If they do get out of line he discards them. The same will hold true with Hillary. Donald Trump will destroy and discard her, as he has done his numerous ex-wives.

Although the Democrats might end up running comrade Sanders, if Shrillary is prosecuted and convicted before securing the nomination. But Mr. Trump would also defeat Bernie easily. Bernie likely has shriveled old man dick. Yes, Mr. Trump is only a few years younger than comrade Sanders, but as his doctor said, Mr. Trump "will be the healthiest individual ever elected president".

Politics aside, I have to wonder if it is wise to elect a man as old as Comrade Sanders as our president. At 74, Bernie Sanders might have a heart attack if he found that the voters selected him. He's so decrepit that he looks like he's at least 100. So it's quite likely he'll die early in his first term. And that's setting aside the fact that, as a Socialist, he'd destroy our economy *if* he were somehow able to push through his agenda of mucho "free stuff".

Anyway, back to Donald Trump's big dick... I think his having such a large member explains why he's in such good health. As you may have heard, having lots of sex "helps keep your immune system humming". And we know that Mr. Trump bones so much that his wife can't keep up with him. This explains why he needs to trade up for newer model every few years.

As for Hillary Clinton... As we know her husband can't stand sex with her. So she obviously isn't getting any. Which likely explains why she hates men so much. Frankly I think the choice is easy. Even if you're (for some mystifying reason) a Democrat. Do you really want a shriveled up old hag as president? As opposed to a man filled with vitality who regularly bones a woman decades younger?

Yeah, this might be why Mr. Trump has criticized many of his opponents as being "low energy". Mr. Trump is a man with a big dick who has LOTS of sex, and sex is energizing. Exactly what we need from a commander in chief, IMO.

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