Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On Men Dressing As Women & Entering Women's Bathrooms So They Can Sexually Assault Actual Women & Little Girls

Hard to believe, but the "progressive" Left is in FAVOR of this! Clearly this is an integral component to the Democrat's war on women. Calling legislation designed to prevent these tragedies (women and girls being assaulted/raped/murdered) in public restrooms is "discrimination"?!!

Proof that the Left is evil. Want more proof? How about the faux outrage that ensued after our future president, Donald J. Trump, expressed support for punishing women who murder babies (have abortions)? Only the Satanically-aligned Left would be outraged by the suggestion that killers of children should be held accountable when babies are slaughtered. Just call the kid a "fetus" and it's OK?

The Bible says "thou shalt no kill". It doesn't say, "thou shalt not kill, unless you're going to kill a baby still in the womb... then go ahead". I've got to wonder about the Left's motivations for their opposition to bathroom rape. Is it possible they want more babies that can be aborted... as an offering to the Dark One?

Donald Trump, being a Godly man, is opposed to the slaughter of innocents demanded by the Left. My only issue with Trump is his support for Planned Parenthood. Not for the many many abortions they perform, but for all the other good stuff (supposedly they do stuff re women's health). As if that other stuff makes up for all the murdering.

Perhaps Mr. Trump is hopeful that he can get some Conservative Democrats to vote for him? I honestly don't have a clue. There are Democrats that support the unborn's right to life (even if they are a minority in a party that generally approves of killing kids). They do exist, so why not go for their votes?

Which is why I'd preferred to be able to vote for Mike Huckabee, who promised to protect the unborn (using the National Guard to shut down the abortionists) on day one of his presidency. And he was strongly opposed to the abomination (and affront to the Lord) of homos marrying. Unfortunately, he dropped out.

So Trump is the only one left, what with the Canadian-born Cruz being ineligible. Not that I did not enthusiastically vote for Mr. Trump in the primary. I did. Because I'm convinced that he will be an excellent president who WILL make America great again.

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