Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Death To America!" Says Prez B. Hussein With Deal That Allows Syrian Terrorists (Masquerading As "Refugees") To Enter America By The Thousands!

I don't know how there can be any doubt now that our illegitimate Kenyan Muslim president is actively working against the interests of the United States! This time the unelected/ineligible US "president" B. Hussein is bringing thousands of potential terrorists (which the traitorous Left calls refugees), into the country against the will of the American people!

Yes, many state governors are saying N-O, but others are saying that, yes, they really want a Paris-style attack! Although I doubt that the constituents of these insane Leftist governors want this. At least the next time these "death to America" governors come up for election the electorate will install 50 Republicans as governors?

As Ann Coulter said (via tweet) when Paris was attacked, "Donald Trump was elected president tonight". By which she meant the seeds were sown for Mr. Trump's landslide election. Now that B. Hussein has demanded the US accept Syrian "refugee" terrorists? How can Mr. Trump NOT be a lock for president?

I mean, why THE HELL would the voters send another Democrat to the White House given that the current Democrat is currently working (from the inside) to bring down America? And by "another Democrat" I mean Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bernie Sanders, the Commie Socialist in second place, won't get the nomination. A lot of the Blacks (and others who like free stuff) might be willing to vote for comrade Sanders, but with no Billionaires backing him up he doesn't stand a chance. Hillary, who has the big money Liberal fascists on her side, has the nomination locked up, I think.

No, I think it's looking like a virtually certainly that our next president will be Donald Trump. That is, unless the B. Hussein election stealing machine manages to steal the election for Hillary. A president Hillary Clinton would continue to import Syrian "refugee" terrorist by the TENS of thousands!

Me? I'm with Ann Coulter and Donald Trump. If Trump is elected he will immediately begin deporting the Syrian "refugee" terrorists in addition to the Mexican illegal alien murders and rapers.

TLB #64