A Listing Of Larboard Brain Commentaries

001. Blah Blah Blah 12/7/2012.

002. Regarding the Number of Comments My Inaugural Blog Post Received 12/8/2012.

003. Follow Me 12/9/2012.

004. Shutting Down My Blog 12/11/2012.

005. Convince Me to Not Shut Down My Blog 12/12/2012.

006. Blog Readers Are Missing Out 12/13/2012.

007. Something Controversial 12/14/2012.

008. Why Does President Obama Want to Destroy My Wealth? 2/6/2013.

009. The Socialist Dystopia Formally Known as America 2/7/2013.

010. Is George W Bush a War Criminal Or A War Hero? 2/7/2013.

011. Will the State of The Union be Muslimey? 2/12/2013.

012. Prez Hussein Nominates Two Islamist Infiltrators to Cabinet Positions? 2/16/2013.

013. Liberals More Likely To Get Butt Cancer, Doctors Say 2/21/2013.

014. How to Eliminate Poverty 2/24/2013.

015. America-Hating Propaganda Coming to Your TV Courtesy of Global Warming Hoaxster Al Gore 2/27/2013.

016. Traitorous Al Gore Conspires With Those Who Wish Death to America 2/28/2013.

017. Changing the Definition of Marriage is NOT a Civil Right 3/1/2013.

018. Global Warming Scammer Al Gore Exposed 3/7/2013.

019. Blah Blah Blah 2 3/8/2013.

020. New Pope 3/15/2013.

021. Dufus VP Joe Biden (who is Catholic) Excommunicated by Pope? 3/22/2013.

022. Atheists Intellectually Superior, But Going To Hell 4/2/2013.

023. Liberal Druggies 4/5/2013.

024. Saving America by Stamping Out Liberalism 4/6/2013.

025. Prez Obama Disrespects Israeli Leader 4/9/2013.

026. Popularity of Conservative Blog Plummets 4/12/2013.

027. Note to Libertarians 4/15/2013.

028. Our Second Amendment Rights are Safe. For Now 4/20/2013.

029. The Barack Hussein Obama Impeachment 4/21/2013.

030. Happy Liberal Commie Propaganda Day 4/22/2013.

031. George W Bush's Lie-Berry 4/25/2013.

032. Deport All Muslims? 4/26/2013.

033. Kill All Humans (Except White Conservatives) 4/28/2013.

034. NBA Homo 4/30/2013.

035. Congratulated For Being Gay? 5/1/2013.

036. The World's Greatest Jihadist (Obama & The Boston Marathon Bombers) 5/2/2013.

037. Our Disgrace of a President Uses Office to Officially Endorse The Right To Murder Privately 5/3/2013.

038. Is Barack Hussein Obama an Illegitimate President? 5/4/2013.

039. Barack Hussein Obama Liberal Drug Pusher 5/5/2013.

040. Taxacrat Mugging Attempt 5/7/2013.

041. The Scandal Predicted to Bring Down the Barack Hussein Obama 5/8/2013.

042. The Tyrant Obama Orders Death From Above Via Drone 5/15/2013.

043. Obama And The I-Word (If Only We Could Recall Him) 5/18/2013.

044. How Dumb Does Barack Obama Think We Are? 5/20/2013.

045. Regarding Jodi Arias 5/23/2013.

046. Shutting Down My Blog Because I Have Retired From Blogging 6/20/2013.

047. The Big Promotion 6/30/2013.

048. Regarding Jodi Arias 2 7/12/2013.

049. My Problem With Dan The Liberal Slacker 7/24/2013.

050. The Maker Blues 11/9/2013.

051. Barlowe Bayer Confesses 2/22/2014. Note: A fake "confession" authored by the blog-hijacker Dan.

052. The Offensive Blog Defecator Known As dmarks 3/8/2014. Another Dan-authored commentary.

053. Barlowe's Google email & Blog Were Hijacked! 3/11/2014.

054. Barlowe Discovers Who Hijacked His email & Blog 3/17/2014.

055. Blah Blah Blah 3 5/2/2014.

056. An Update On The Hacking Of Barlowe's Google Account 5/8/2014.

057. Traitorous Prez Hussein Giving Aid & Comfort To Terrorists Re: Bergdahl Swap 6/25/2014.

058. Barlowe Fired For Beating The Sh!t Out Of Dan The Liberal Slacker! 11/17/2014.

059. "The Man" Tried To Break Barlowe, But Failed 8/1/2015.

060. Barlowe Rejects The Sin Of Homosexuality (Not That He Was Ever - Even For One Second - Tempted) 8/9/2015.

061. Why America, Why? 8/23/2015.

062. "Death To America!" Says B. Hussein Obama With Deal That Allows Iran To Get Nukes! 8/28/2015.

063. President Donald Trump? 9/4/2015.

064. "Death To America!" Says Prez B. Hussein With Deal That Allows Syrian Terrorists (Masquerading As "Refugees") To Enter America By The Thousands! 11/26/2015.

065. Transgendered Leftist Activist Attacks Planned Parenthood, Shoots Cops & Veteran In A False Flag Operation 12/1/2015.

066. President Trump Will Obliterate ISIS by Bombing The Shit Out Of Them 12/12/2015.

067. Sick Liberal Pervert Leo DiCraprio Stars In Film Where He Is Homo Raped By A Bear 12/16/2015.

068. Hillary Clinton More Likely To End Up In The Big House Than The White House 1/22/2016.

069. Donald Trump Has A Huge Dick 3/10/2016.

070. Donald Trump's Manhood Is Enormous 3/11/2016.

071. Our Future President, Donald Trump, Tweets Photographic Proof of His Impressive Package 3/14/2016.

072. "Little Marco" Is Jealous Of Donald Trump's Yuge Penis 3/16/2016.

073. Expert Affirms That Trump's Large Penis Could Prevent World War 3 3/18/2016.

074. The Liberal Media's Sick Obsession With Donald Trump's Penis 3/20/2016.

075. Liberal Media Focusing On Donald Trump's Penis While Ignoring The Fact That Our Current "President" Is A Gay Sex Addicted Muslim Pervert 3/22/2016.

076. On Our Future President, Donald Trump, Being "Endorsed" By A Democrat Hate Group (The Ku Klux Klan) When It's Hillary Clinton With Actual Ties To KKK! 3/28/2016.

077. Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have A Penis (One Reason Among Many To Not Elect Her President) 4/2/2016.

078. On Men Dressing As Women & Entering Women's Bathrooms So They Can Sexually Assault Actual Women & Little Girls 4/20/2016.

079. It Is A 100 Percent Certainty That Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Going To Prison 4/27/2016.

080. Father Of Canadian Born Ted Cruz Linked To JFK Assassin Oswald 5/9/2016.

081. Victory For Murderers At Planned Parenthood Thanks To Liberals On Supreme Court 6/28/2016.

082. Trump Grabs Women By The Pussy And They LIKE It! 10/10/2016.

083. Donald J. Trump Was Sent By God To Save Our Nation 10/15/2016.

084. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

085. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

086. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

087. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

088. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

089. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

090. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

091. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

092. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

093. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

094. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

095. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

096. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

097. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

098. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

099. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

100. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

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