A Listing Of Larboard Brain Commentaries

001. Blah Blah Blah. 12/7/2012.

002. Regarding the Number of Comments My Inaugural Blog Post Received. 12/8/2012.

003. Follow Me. 12/9/2012.

004. Shutting Down My Blog. 12/11/2012.

005. Convince Me to Not Shut Down My Blog. 12/12/2012.

006. Blog Readers Are Missing Out. 12/13/2012.

007. Something Controversial. 12/14/2012.

008. Why Does President Obama Want to Destroy My Wealth? 2/6/2013.

009. The Socialist Dystopia Formally Known as America. 2/7/2013.

010. Is George W Bush a War Criminal Or A War Hero? 2/7/2013.

011. Will the State of The Union be Muslimey? 2/12/2013.

012. Prez Hussein Nominates Two Islamist Infiltrators to Cabinet Positions? 2/16/2013.

013. Liberals More Likely To Get Butt Cancer, Doctors Say. 2/21/2013.

014. How to Eliminate Poverty. 2/24/2013.

015. America-Hating Propaganda Coming to Your TV Courtesy of Global Warming Hoaxster Al Gore. 2/27/2013.

016. Traitorous Al Gore Conspires With Those Who Wish Death to America. 2/28/2013.

017. Changing the Definition of Marriage is NOT a Civil Right. 3/1/2013.

018. Global Warming Scammer Al Gore Exposed. 3/7/2013.

019. Blah Blah Blah 2. 3/8/2013.

020. New Pope. 3/15/2013.

021. Dufus VP Joe Biden (who is Catholic) Excommunicated by Pope? 3/22/2013.

022. Atheists Intellectually Superior, But Going To Hell. 4/2/2013.

023. Liberal Druggies. 4/5/2013.

024. Saving America by Stamping Out Liberalism. 4/6/2013.

025. Prez Obama Disrespects Israeli Leader. 4/9/2013.

026. Popularity of Conservative Blog Plummets. 4/12/2013.

027. Note to Libertarians. 4/15/2013.

028. Our Second Amendment Rights are Safe. For Now. 4/20/2013.

029. The Barack Hussein Obama Impeachment. 4/21/2013.

030. Happy Liberal Commie Propaganda Day. 4/22/2013.

031. George W Bush's Lie-Berry. 4/25/2013.

032. Deport All Muslims? 4/26/2013.

033. Kill All Humans (Except White Conservatives). 4/28/2013.

034. NBA Homo. 4/30/2013.

035. Congratulated For Being Gay? 5/1/2013.

036. The World's Greatest Jihadist (Obama & The Boston Marathon Bombers). 5/2/2013.

037. Our Disgrace of a President Uses Office to Officially Endorse The Right To Murder Privately. 5/3/2013.

038. Is Barack Hussein Obama an Illegitimate President? 5/4/2013.

039. Barack Hussein Obama Liberal Drug Pusher. 5/5/2013.

040. Taxacrat Mugging Attempt. 5/7/2013.

041. The Scandal Predicted to Bring Down the Barack Hussein Obama. 5/8/2013.

042. The Tyrant Obama Orders Death From Above Via Drone. 5/15/2013.

043. Obama And The I-Word (If Only We Could Recall Him). 5/18/2013.

044. How Dumb Does Barack Obama Think We Are?. 5/20/2013.

045. Regarding Jodi Arias. 5/23/2013.

046. Shutting Down My Blog Because I Have Retired From Blogging. 6/20/2013.

047. The Big Promotion. 6/30/2013.

048. Regarding Jodi Arias 2. 7/12/2013.

049. My Problem With Dan The Liberal Slacker. 7/24/2013.

050. The Maker Blues. 11/9/2013.

051. Barlowe Bayer Confesses. 2/22/2014. Note: A fake "confession" authored by the blog-hijacker, Dan.

052. The Offensive Blog Defecator Known As dmarks. 3/8/2014. Another Dan-authored commentary.

053. Barlowe's Google email & Blog Were Hijacked! 3/11/2014.

054. Barlowe Discovers Who Hijacked His email & Blog. 3/17/2014.

055. Blah Blah Blah 3. 5/2/2014.

056. An Update On The Hacking Of Barlowe's Google Account. 5/8/2014.

057. Traitorous Prez Hussein Giving Aid & Comfort To Terrorists Re: Bergdahl Swap. 6/25/2014.

058. Barlowe Fired For Beating The Sh!t Out Of Dan The Liberal Slacker! 11/17/2014.

059. "The Man" Tried To Break Barlowe, But Failed. 8/1/2015.

060. Barlowe Rejects The Sin Of Homosexuality (Not That He Was Ever - Even For One Second - Tempted). 8/9/2015.

061. Why America, Why?. 8/23/2015.

062. "Death To America!" Says B. Hussein Obama With Deal That Allows Iran To Get Nukes!. 8/28/2015.

063. President Donald Trump? 9/4/2015.

064. "Death To America!" Says Prez B. Hussein With Deal That Allows Syrian Terrorists (Masquerading As "Refugees") To Enter America By The Thousands! 11/26/2015.

065. Transgendered Leftist Activist Attacks Planned Parenthood, Shoots Cops & Veteran In A False Flag Operation. 12/1/2015.

066. President Trump Will Obliterate ISIS by Bombing The Shit Out Of Them. 12/12/2015.

067. Sick Liberal Pervert Leo DiCraprio Stars In Film Where He Is Homo Raped By A Bear. 12/16/2015.

068. Hillary Clinton More Likely To End Up In The Big House Than The White House. 1/22/2016.

069. Donald Trump Has A Huge Dick. 3/10/2016.

070. Donald Trump's Manhood Is Enormous. 3/11/2016.

071. Our Future President, Donald Trump, Tweets Photographic Proof of His Impressive Package. 3/14/2016.

072. "Little Marco" Is Jealous Of Donald Trump's Yuge Penis. 3/16/2016.

073. Expert Affirms That Trump's Large Penis Could Prevent World War 3. 3/18/2016.

074. The Liberal Media's Sick Obsession With Donald Trump's Penis. 3/20/2016.

075. Liberal Media Focusing On Donald Trump's Penis While Ignoring The Fact That Our Current "President" Is A Gay Sex Addicted Muslim Pervert. 3/22/2016.

076. On Our Future President, Donald Trump, Being "Endorsed" By A Democrat Hate Group (The Ku Klux Klan) When It's Hillary Clinton With Actual Ties To KKK! 3/28/2016.

077. Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have A Penis (One Reason Among Many To Not Elect Her President). 4/2/2016.

078. On Men Dressing As Women & Entering Women's Bathrooms So They Can Sexually Assault Actual Women & Little Girls. 4/20/2016.

079. It Is A 100 Percent Certainty That Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Going To Prison. 4/27/2016.

080. Father Of Canadian Born Ted Cruz Linked To JFK Assassin Oswald. 5/9/2016.

081. Victory For Murderers At Planned Parenthood Thanks To Liberals On Supreme Court. 6/28/2016.

082. Trump Grabs Women By The Pussy And They LIKE It! 10/10/2016.

083. Donald J. Trump Was Sent By God To Save Our Nation. 10/15/2016.

084. Our Brave Leader's Determination To Kill The Worthless Eaters. 7/30/2017.

085. Donald J. Trump, The Heroic Hero President Who Personally Saved Many Lives While Visiting The Harvey-Ravaged Texas. 9/2/2017.

086. Hero President Saves Lives Of Hurricane Harvey Victims (Confirmed Via Photographic Proof)! 9/4/2017.

087. President Trump To Dreamers: Get The Hell Out Of My Country! 9/15/2017.

088. It Has Been Revealed To Me That I, Barlowe Bayer, Am A Prophet Of The Savior Of The United States, Donald John Trump. 11/2/2017.

089. I'm A Hebephile Too! 11/23/2017.

090. God's Candidate Roy Moore Will Vanquish Satan's Candidate, Doug Jones. 12/11/2017.

091. NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Whore Who Puts Out In Return For Campaign Contributions. 12/12/2017.

092. Barlowe Bayer's Tale Of An Uber Successful Hardworking Maker. 12/15/2017.

093. Voters Of Alabama Demand More Abortions! 12/18/2017.

094. Confirmed! George Soros Stole Alabama Election From Roy Moore For Doug Jones. 12/20/2017.

095. Praise Jesus! Our Godly Leader Donald Trump Allows Us To Say "Merry Christmas" Again. 12/27/2017.

096. Thank God (The Christian God) That Donald Trump Has Given Us Permission To Say "Happy New Year" Again. 12/28/2017.

097. President Trump Should Order A North Korean Nuclear Strike Now! 1/1/2018.

098. How Fortunate We Are To Have A Very Stable Genius As POTUS! 1/11/2018.

099. It's A Man's Business If He Needs To Beat His Wife. 2/9/2018.

100. So Many School Shootings: Proof Positive We Need MORE Guns. 2/16/2018.

101. A Moment Of Silence For The 17 Murdered Florida Teens. 2/21/2018.

102. Hillary Clinton Colluded With Russia. Lock Her Up! 5/26/2018.

103. Master Negotiator President DJT Makes History! NK To Get Rid Of Their Nukes Immediately 6/13/2018.

104. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

105. Not Yet Authored Larboard Commentary NA.

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