Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Big Promotion

So the boss man calls me into his office and sits me down. Then he says, "Barlowe, you've been with the company for a long time. You're a hard worker and you've produced a lot of profit for this firm. Long story short, I want to offer you the big promotion. Needless to say, a substantial raise comes with the promotion. And the corner office too. The downside is that you'll have to take on a lot more responsibility and work more hours. But I have confidence that you can handle it".

Now, being a shrewd negotiator I didn't jump at the offer, but first had him lay out all the details. How much was the "big raise"? No, it wasn't enough. I had been entertaining offers from other firms, and the boss man's offer fell short. So we negotiated a bit and he increased his offer. I think when retirement time comes I will be sitting mighty pretty. But the increased hours and responsibility leave little time for frivolities like blogging (I was kidding about "going off the grid").

The real reason for my absence is that I've been quite busy getting up to speed on my new responsibilities. I've had to reorganize an entire department as well as call a few under performing team members into my office. Unfortunately some of them had to be let go, which means more work for me interviewing replacements. But now that my house is in order I think the future for my department is looking mighty good. Meaning I am anticipating increased profits going forward.

No doubt the boss man will be very pleased, which means I should be able to negotiate for an nice salary bump the next time my evaluation rolls around. That would be on top of the one I just received. Us productive people are in high demand, what with approximately 47 percent of the country contributing nothing to the kitty, but instead pulling resources out. Yes, people like me have to work harder to support the deadbeats, and (for that reason) I considered not accepting the promotion.

It thoroughly sickens me to think that a good portion of my hard earned salary will be distributed as hand-outs to Obamaites who spend all day smoking weed and watching TV. I work harder and the government takes more? Yeah, the raise pushed me up into a higher tax bracket, so that's more of MY MONEY going to the welfare state. These people should get jobs instead of Obamabucks for nothing.

But that is why they voted for him. He got re-elected and they get their payoff. And it is people like me that have to pay for it! Anyway, I wrote a few posts before everything happened that prevented me from blogging (writing posts or commenting on the blogs of my blogging friends dmarks and Will Hart). I'll probably post those (at least) over the next few days or weeks (seeing as they are already written). After that, who knows? I'm going to be pretty busy with my new responsibilities.

TLB #47, BS #2.

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  1. What? From going "off the grid" into the "corner office"? I was hoping for some
    walleye/mosquito/northwoods tales.