Friday, July 12, 2013

Regarding Jodi Arias 2

In my previous post on this subject I briefly mentioned that Jodi Arias' victim and former boyfriend Travis Alexander was a Mormon. Jodi Arias is a Mormon, although she converted to Mormonism simply to please her (at the time) boyfriend. Although her conversion may not have been genuine. I also read something about her being Wiccan previously.

In any case neither one of them (as we all WELL know) adhered to their religion when it came to premarital sex. But, according to Arias, Alexander had a "Bill Clinton" view of sex, in that only intercourse counts, and that other methods could be used to get around the Mormon prohibition against getting it on prior to holy matrimony.

But that lying pervert Clinton was wrong, as was Mr. Alexander – if Arias is to be believed (although she is a huge liar I think, in regards to this, she is being truthful). Sounds like he used her and tried to throw her away, and that is why she snapped. There has to be some reason she murdered him, aside from being crazy, that is.

BTW, I'm not saying she was justified in killing Alexander, or that Arias is (or was at the time) legally insane and therefore not culpable. NO. She was convicted and justifiably so. Only that she should have dumped him for being an a-hole and a pervert instead of killing him.

Speaking of Mormons, I must (or perhaps I should not) say that is a problem I had in voting for Romney. Honestly (and maybe I shouldn't be this honest) I don't consider Mormonism a real religion. I think Joseph Smith was a fake and a liar - and it is his lies that form the basis of Mormonism. That is why I had reservations voting for a candidate who believes Joe Smith was a prophet and "The Book of Mormon" is something other than complete baloney.

But it wasn't as if there was a viable alternative. The Libs may conclude, given what I just said, I'd have supported Santorum... but no. That guy went to far in combining religion and government. Religion is a private matter and should largely stay that way. Also, he was a little too homophobic. I mean, I believe marriage shouldn't be redefined, but beyond that I think the guy is for the government sticking its nose in people's private lives WAY too much.

FYI, this falls into the category of "burning off old posts" I mentioned in my previous commentary... this something I wrote awhile ago and didn't get around to posting (on the same day I wrote the other Arias post actually). But, given my new job responsibilities, I didn't have the time to publish it. I had a few minutes today so I decided to check in, and it appears the place is dead. Only one comment on my post concerning why I've retired from blogging? Others indicated a desire to know where I'd gone, but the desire quickly faded, apparently.

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