Friday, September 4, 2015

President Donald Trump?

I think I'll vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. As for Huckabee, my preferred candidate, saying that Obama "will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven", I say he is offering "brutal honesty".

All the Republican candidates would immediately begin to roll back Obama's gay agenda if elected. Except for Kasich and Jeb. Huckabee appeals to the good Christian voters of this country. While Trump tells the truth re the invading illegals, he has yet to say where he stands on traditional marriage. The fact that he's been married so many times does give me pause.

All the positive things Trump has said about Hillary also gives me pause. Although, as Trump has noted, Hillary might not make it to the nomination and may instead end up behind bars. Perhaps due to being convicted of treason for disseminating classified info via her private email server?

Remember, however, that her cheating husband should have been impeached and removed from office, but wasn't. I am not therefore too hopeful that Hillary will be held accountable for any of the incompetence she displayed during her tenure as secretary of state. Including the fact that she got one of our diplomats killed in Benghazi.

Surely Trump, a proven businessman with a long history of accomplishment, would do a better job than the bungling/incompetent/traitorous Obama? I mean, he just "negotiated" a deal with Iran that gives them 100 million and a path to build a nuke within 2 months?

Obama should be sent to the slammer along with Hillary, both of them being traitors to America. This is why Trump says we need to "make America great again". It was great until Bubba and Hillary Klintoon and the undercover Muslim came along (shouting "death to America"... internally).

Problem is, Trump will need to get enough votes to overcome all the democrat cheating. And even though he'll get the votes of all the law-abiding Mexican-Americans, all the illegals voting might guarantee a Hillary victory.

TLB #63