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This page contains a catalogue of comments from/in regards to Barlowe as well as Barlowe's hilarious prank. BTW, in regards to this Dervish Sanders fellow, Barlowe continues to categorically deny that he is a "handle" of Mr. Sanders. Barlowe is a Maker, not a Taker... which seems to be the consensus in regards to Sanders (that he's a free-loading Taker).

Contra O'Reilly: Miscellaneous 169, 3/13/2013

MARCH 14, 2013 AT 9:39 AM

Barlowe Bayer: Flat tax. I wouldn't vote for Chris Christie if he ran as an independant.

MARCH 14, 2013 AT 3:14 PM

Willis Hart: dmarks and Barlowe, I would consider him and strongly. The country desperately needs some independence in my opinion.

MARCH 15, 2013 AT 5:55 AM

Dennis Marks: Barlowe said: "Flat tax. I wouldn't vote for Chris Christie if he ran as an independant."

I am guessing you are a strong conservative and usually vote Republican. As such a voter, voting for someone like Christie as an independent would effectively be a vote for the Democratic candidate. Can't say this for Will or RN. They are already voting for an independent, so there's no vote taken away.

MARCH 15, 2013 AT 10:20 AM

Barlowe Bayer: I'll vote for him if he's the Republican nominee, but the Republicans need to run an actual Conservative. We lost the last two elections (in part) due to the candidate being a Moderate.

MARCH 16, 2013 AT 5:57 AM

Roberto Severino: Barlowe, I think you've been listening to too much talk radio. What exactly do you mean by "conservative." Do you mean another imperialistic, global militaristic scumbag who doesn't give one damn about maintaining a sort of "America First" kind of policy, even though there are plenty of foreign policy screw-ups from the Obama administration. I'm just happy that we haven' made the ultimate mistake of attacking Iran and plunging the country into World War III, which can be remedied by stop outright supporting Israel to be honest, and no, I'm not being anti-Semitic, but having this obsession with funneling money there is not in the country's best interests. When I think of conservative, I think a lot about prudence and what people like Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk and the Old Right believed in and that's what the GOP really needs right now. Stop obsessing over issues like abortion to appease the Evangelical voters.

MARCH 17, 2013 AT 10:16 AM

Barlowe Bayer: The next Republican candidate for president needs to be a fiscal conservative (above all else). I'm not happy with the "nation building" we conducted in Afghanistan and Iraq. We needed to strike back against the terrorists, but the nation building was largely a waste of money. All options need to be on the table in regards to Iran, but full out war should be avoided.

Also, I oppose abortion because it is murder. Most people believe murder should be illegal, not just Evangelical voters.

Contra O'Reilly: Note to Shaw, 3/18/2013

MARCH 24, 2013 AT 9:33 AM

Barlowe Bayer: Seems as though this "Shaw" person (whoever she is) isn't going to respond. Did you think she would? Also, that w-dervish fellow whom you banned left a comment on my blog (just one though, luckily he didn't decide to start spamming me... yet). I took a look at his blog... it appears as though he has a strong disliking for both Will and dmarks. There are quite a few posts bashing both of you.

Contra O'Reilly: America's Nastiest Congresspersons?, 5/2/2013

MAY 3, 2013 AT 4:06 PM

Barlowe Bayer: So dmarks believes there is absolutely zero chance Obama was born in Kenya? Personally I think the "evidence" of his Hawaiian birth is a little shaky.

MAY 3, 2013 AT 4:23 PM

Willis Hart: What about the newspaper announcements? Are you saying that his family, the hospital, and the newspapers all were working in cahoots somehow?

MAY 4, 2013 AT 2:35 AM

Dennis Marks: The idea that Obama was born in Kenya, and the idea that Gore got more votes in Florida in Nov 2000 are quite akin to each other, sorry.

MAY 4, 2013 AT 10:31 AM

Barlowe Bayer: The family, the hospital and the newspapers were not "working in cahoots" somehow. The family is the one who faked Obama's Hawaiian birth (or so it is alleged). I'm not 100 percent convinced either way, as I explain in my most recent blog post. Sorry, dmarks, but I disagree that people who continue to question Obama's eligibility to run for president are "facts be damned" crazies.

MAY 4, 2013 AT 3:37 PM

Willis Hart: Put the certificate aside for a minute. How do you explain the newspaper announcements?

MAY 4, 2013 AT 4:30 PM

Dennis Marks: Barlowe: I didn't vote for him. Either time. But I support the democratic process (which puts me in sharp contrast to the "Gore won in 2000" liars. Barack Obama won both times. If it is suddenly discovered that he was really born outside the US, I would support whatever legislative or constitutional process came up that would let him stay in office. I am sure most members of Congress from both parties would participate in this.

No, I would not have an elected President booted out of office on a technicality. Will just curious, if the birth certificate WERE fake, would i t make little difference to you?

MAY 4, 2013 AT 7:07 PM

Barlowe Bayer: I answer that question in my blog post. In short: the papers took the word of the state department of health, and they took the word of the parents in issuing a certificate of live birth. People advocating this theory say Obama's mom lied about where he was born, not as part of a grand conspiracy in which he would some day become president, but to get the benefits that come with being a US citizen.

MAY 4, 2013 AT 9:17 PM

Willis Hart: I don't know, Barlowe. I mean, aren't there some hospital records and stuff that can verify this? It just seems too conspiratorial to me.......Just for the record, I DID vote for him in 2008 but not in 2012 (I voted for Johnson instead).

MAY 6, 2013 AT 12:40 PM

Barlowe Bayer: Of course it would make a difference to me if Obama's BC was fake! I'd be for impeaching him and removing him from office ASAP. Or overturning the election, but I believe that less likely (not that impeachment is likely either). I don't believe there even is a process for overturning the results of an election... especially at this late date.

MAY 8, 2013 AT 4:17 PM

Dennis Marks: Barlowe said: "I don't believe there even is a process for overturning the results of an election... especially at this late date".

It's kind of hard. Gore lost in 2000 when the voters went to the polls in the beginning of November. He has vast armies of lawyers perjuring themselves in court trying to overrule how the people voted. He failed, and Bush won that election the way Clinton did before him and Obama after: by getting enough votes of the people in enough states. The only asterisk after the election of 2000 is that the guy who lost tried to steal it with lawyer tricks and failed.

Contra O'Reilly: Note to Shaw 2, 5/6/2013

MAY 15, 2013 AT 10:11 AM

Barlowe Bayer: Liberals think it is just fine when their savior does it. The same things Obama does and the hypocrite Liberals would be demanding impeachment.

MAY 16, 2013 AT 3:22 PM

Willis Hart: And I really wouldn't mind Biden taking over at this point. Yes, the dude is gaffe prone but he's straight.

MAY 18, 2013 AT 2:05 PM

Lisa G.: Barlowe, not all us libs agree with Obama has done. Believe me, he's pissed us off plenty. The wire tapping, rendition, torture, etc. has really soured me on him. The wiretapping especially ticks me off because you can get permission from the FISA to do it, even after you've started. It seems that FISA is just a stamp process, but at least it's a matter of public record then. Obama should just come clean on the Benghazi thing and admit they screwed up; I don't know why they lied about it in the first place. Dumb. Just because Bush did it, doesn't make it ok for Obama to do it. However, if we didn't impeach Bush for it, then Obama gets a slide too because the precedent has been set.

The R's have been screaming for impeachment (although they admit they don't have any charges) since he was in office for 7 months. (Really? How badly could you screw up in 7 months?) You can't impeach without charges; even I know that. Enough with the BS already - shut up, sit down and get something done for a change - that's what we pay you for.

Biden is a great guy but he has no filters. Now that may be good for a laugh, but running the country - eh, not so good.

Contra O'Reilly: At the Intersection of Fascism, Stupidity, And Intolerance, 5/9/2013

MAY 10, 2013 AT 4:55 PM

Dennis Marks: Only someone of a fascist mindset would support the idea of burning books.

MAY 11, 2013 AT 2:40 AM

Dennis Marks: Probably the same kind of person who might not have a problem putting "deniers" in ovens, too. If one supports one of the bad things Nazis do, then why not others?

MAY 11, 2013 AT 10:02 AM

Barlowe Bayer: I give up. Who are you referring to? [Note: See SWTD #147].

MAY 11, 2013 AT 10:20 AM

Willis Hart: wd.

MAY 11, 2013 AT 11:22 AM

Dennis Marks: Oh. I sensed a temporary drop in the intelligence of the discourse. Thanks for explaining.

rAtional nAtion uSA: Kansas SoCons Continue Efforts To Insure Denial Of Rights To Same Sex Couples, 2/13/2014

Mon Feb 17, 2014 AT 07:32:00 AM EST

rAtional nAtion: Curious Barlowe Bayer used the 1'st person when referring to unpublished comments of Derve (the Swerve) Sanders. Then decided to remove the comments. Are they one on the same? Different individuals linked by a common cause? Trolls intent on.disruption of others blogs? Or just a pathetic individual(s). We'll likely never know the answer to these questions for certain, nor should we care. One, both, or one in the same the charade will continue. Just not here.

Mon Feb 17, 2014 AT 08:18:00 AM EST

Dennis Marks: When Dervish raised suspicion Saturday by sending me a message begging for blog access as himself and then as "Barlowe" a few minutes later, I tried to figure out how he did it. I also looked at my own Blogger profile, and decided to make some changes.

I didn't figure though, that as part of Dervish's spoofing, he would come to "Rational Nation" and post a message clearly from the point of view of Dervish but under the "Barlowe" name.

I think the real Barlowe is another person, a victim of whatever Dervish decided to do. Will might remember Barlowe, a very conservative person who posted like a typical conservative (but not something radical or trollish). But I am not sure. Maybe Dervish just decided to pretend to be a conservative for a long time in another blog. *shrug*.

Mon Feb 17, 2014 AT 09:23:00 AM EST

rAtional nAtion: Yep, there are times you just shrug, say whatever, and know it is whatever it is. Barlowe is a crank, Dervish Sanders a insufferable scratched recording. Moving on...

rAtional nAtion uSA: The Invasion Of Imposter Bloggers, 3/2/2014

Tue Mar 04, 2014 AT 09:19:00 AM EST

Dennis Marks: Mr Dervish has boasted of impersonating Will "Take no prisoners" Hart, for nefarious purposes, multiple times. While I am willing to bet he has nothing to do with the fake-Shaw maggot pile, it is still reprehensible. I hope he has backed away from this, and if he hasn't before, does so after reading this post and the comments.

Wed Mar 05, 2014 AT 06:36:00 AM EST

Dennis Marks: Les.... this comment is definitely on topic. Shaw Kenawe (the real one) is part of the problem, not the solution. She dislikes it when the imposters go after her, but loves it when an imposter goes after others... if the imposter is on her same side ideologically. WD didn't let me down, Shaw did with her lack of principle.

WD has definitely done what is denounced in the first paragraph of the parent post. He has faked Will's ID on multiple blogs, and has made at least 4 fake accounts to try to get around Will's ban (WD doesn't realize "no means no").

Here:, until WD deletes it, is WD boasting of some of this, and Shaw cheering him on, as usual.

Will and myself weren't "pranked". I thought Barlowe was a hardline partisan, but a good kid (because unlike WD, he doesn't "shit in [the] living room" (to use RN's words) wherever he goes. When WD revived the "Barlowe" account to try to get into my blog, it fooled no one.

And by the way, I have had absolutely no posts, or even comments about him at my blog. I have, however, had a post about the interesting historical Whirling Dervishes, that took me 2 minutes to make. A couple of posts about the "Dennis the Menace" cartoon, a couple about fast-food magnate Harland Sanders, etc that all took little time to make. The subject of Dervish Sanders? Nope. It is not my problem that WD made a false assumption about these posts, has temper tantrums, and has spent hours and hours refuting what hethought these posts concerned.

Fri Sep 04, 2015 AT 01:15:00 PM EDT

Dervish Sanders: I just saw (9/4/2015) this comment from dmarks concerning me. Even though nobody (but Les) will likely read it, I would still like to set the record straight (for posterity). If Les does not decline to publish, that is.

Regarding dmarks' claim that I "boasted of impersonating Will Hart, for nefarious purposes, multiple times"... this never happened. Not even once. I "faked" Will's ID one time on dmarks' blog. At the time he allowed anonymous commenting, so I made a comment by entering Will's ID and a link to his profile. This happened ONCE on dmarks' blog. Not on "multiple blogs". The reason dmarks knows this is because I told him (although not in a "boast"). I did it as a joke in response to dmarks banning me from his blog for submitting a comment he didn't like (re baloney he wrote about Chicago's gun laws).

I made one account to comment on Will's blog. I have no idea what the "4 fake accounts" dmarks refers to are. As for dmarks' link, nothing has (or will) be deleted. dmarks deletes comments (posts). I do not. Also, dmarks and Will absolutely were pranked, in that Will published, and Will and dmarks responded to the comments from Barlowe. That was the prank. I can link to these comments as proof if requested (Barlowe comments to which dmarks replies). Although then dmarks will (if he sees this) delete them.

As for dmarks' claim that he has "absolutely no posts, or even comments about [Dervish] at my blog". This is untrue. He has a comment about me on his blog. A comment he says (on the Libertas blog) is there "for anyone to see if they ask to be approved for [his] blog". (The comment says a lot about me, according to dmarks).

Contra O'Reilly: Fuck the "Speak Softly" Part, I Guess, 3/6/2014

MARCH 7, 2014 AT 10:49 PM

Willis Hart: Yeah, that is pretty funny. And how 'bout the fact that he actually posed as a conservative (Barlowe Bayer) FOR MONTHS, simply in an effort to stick it to me and dmarks? That is pretty effed up as well, I think.

MARCH 8, 2014 AT 1:19 AM

rAtional nAtion: Yeah, evil manifests itself in many ways. Apparently it can be found on and amongst old bones, just knawing away.

MARCH 8, 2014 AT 5:34 AM

Barlowe Bayer: Barlowe Bayer heard that dmarks thinks ol' Barlowe is a "handle" of that liberal douche you're always talking about here on the blog of Will Hart, but Barlowe stridently denies it ("confessions" aside). Barlowe also denies knowing who the hell Richard W. Symonds is. Barlowe has never heard of this person. He does find it quite funny, however, that from now on - if anyone who disagrees with Will decides to comment - that Will is going to suspect the commenter might be the hated "WD" in disguise. Barlowe laughs at the thought. Barlowe also laughs at dmarks and Will, given the success of his prank. By the way, this guy who shits himself... Barlowe thinks that he might be a handle used by Dennis... er, I mean "dmarks".

MARCH 8, 2014 AT 10:19 AM

Willis Hart: Just an example of the depravity out there, folks.

MARCH 8, 2014 AT 6:00 PM

rAtional nAtion: Forgive me, but this BB is a real zip wad asshat. Birds of a feather flock together. Whether progressive or conservative the the depraved mentality has the same narcissistic motivation.

MARCH 9, 2014 AT 12:00 AM

Rusty Shackelford: RN... its your buddy Col.Sanders... hard to believe someone would waste that much time for nothing... I guess when you are sucking on the public teat you have an excess of time... a prime example of a taker or a maker.

MARCH 9, 2014 AT 10:33 AM

Willis Hart: Hey, Russ, the only other possibility is Cliffy (an excess amount of spare time, etc.) and I don't even know if he's still alive at this point.

MARCH 9, 2014 AT 4:58 PM

Rusty Shackelford: Holy Christ Will... I had totally forgotten about Clif. I guess you could say Clif is an older version of WD,but somewhat smarter and Cliffy did serve in the army while the only thing WD ever served was food at the drive up window.

WD is the prototypical liberal "taker" who contributes absolutely nothing to society and has zero value to the economy.His ilk cannot be embarrassed, for he feels deep in his soul successful people got there through some conspiracy rigged against him and now owe him.

MARCH 9, 2014 AT 5:40 PM

Dennis Marks: Will: It should also be noted, that Shaw Kenawe, who has complained about the fakers swarming around her, has enthusiastically endorsed Mr. Sanders' "Barlowe" game. A game, which, by the way, was up quite a while ago, when Barlowe actually asked who the Col. was... something that told me he was Mr. Sanders. Really, the only "gotcha" here is Shaw's trick in making people believe she has any integrity. I thought a lot better of her, now I don't.

I've been away attending to more important matters, but have dropped in here for a bit. My latest blog post concerns Gore, a man who had absolutely nothing to do with the invention (or creation, for pedants) of the Internet and was most definitely not elected to the Presidency in 2000:

MARCH 9, 2014 AT 5:44 PM

Dennis Marks: And speaking of pranks, it is clear that RN is pulling WD's strings like a master... or would be, if he wanted to bother with that. All he has to do is refuse to post a few of WD's comments, and WD predictably launches into a very time-consuming post on his own blog in which WD proves to us that RN was quite wise to not let the posts appear on RN's own blog.

MARCH 9, 2014 AT 8:39 PM

Willis Hart: I'd like to be compassionate and disagree with you, Russ, but I can't. Ya' nailed the thing.......Yeah, I was kind of disappointed in Shaw, too, dmarks. You'd think that the woman would have a little more sense than to scrape the bottom of the ship like that... And what's with the Obama worship?

MARCH 10, 2014 AT 9:21 AM

Dennis Marks: Will: Speaking "pranks", I played Barlowe/Dervish/Lickshitz whatever he uses like a fiddle, and spent very little time doing it. The "truth about Dervish" post on my blog, the mere title of which caused WD to have a major tantrum on several blogs, was just a couple of paragraphs on the historic Whirling Dervishes. The posts about Dennis were about the cartoon character Dennis the Menace. The posts with Sanders in the title were all about the fast-food magnate.

My most recent post about Gore and Sanders was this time about Gore Vidal (a man who, like Al Gore, never created the Internet), with an unrelated pic of Col. Sanders. All of these posts on my blog took about two minutes to write, just some quick cuts and pastes. All of them generated multiple false accusations/assumptions, along with extremely time consuming whiny posts at WD's blog based on the false assumptions. None of my blog posts or posts or content have ever involved W Dervish/etc, now or ever. Most of them have elicited some interesting comments from participants.

I've decided to stop, for the reason that there is only so much that can be said about Col. Harland Sanders and Dennis the Menace. I have no doubt WD will easily find other reasons to have conniptions, such as recently when he whined and moaned at great length because RN sent to spam some of WD's below-standards comments at "Rational Nation".

MARCH 10, 2014 AT 7:30 PM

Willis Hart: The amount of time that he spends writing comments (hundreds of them and on multiple posts) that will never be posted, read, or responded to - that time alone would probably be sufficient for an Associate's degree online.

MARCH 10, 2014 AT 7:38 PM

Dennis Marks: ".... that time alone would probably be sufficient for an Associate's degree online..."

Remove all the letters from the first "O" through the word "degree", and you have the unfortunate reality.

MARCH 10, 2014 AT 7:49 PM

Rusty Shackelford: Seeing that I am part of his support system....the next time he's in the neighborhood I'd like him to sweep the driveway.

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 3:59 PM

Willis Hart: He has a blog entitled "The Truth About Dennis Marks" and it is chock to the brim with long, meandering, and paranoiac diatribes that nobody in his right mind would ever read beyond sentence one and, so, yeah, sweeping your driveway would definitely be a huge step up.

Contra O'Reilly: On the Assertion by Some that We Should Never Criticize the Pentagon Budget, 3/10/2014

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 1:07 PM

Barlowe Bayer: I agree with you about not criticizing it. We very much should criticize Obama's slashing of the military budget... a treasonous act that will surely make us vulnerable to the terrorists. I can only pray the next president will be a Republican. BTW, I see that Mr. Hart commented on my blog while it was under the control of a hijacker. Just so everyone knows, I never wrote that I was "confessing" to be a Liberul. Barlowe is still a Conservative, for the record. Hopefully that clears everything up.

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 2:33 PM

Willis Hart: That's quite a saga over there, me-buck.

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 3:47 PM

Rusty Shackelford: Finally....another strong conservative voice....I kind of like this Bayer chap..he seems to be a clear thinker. I'd love to hear his opinion of Obama tenure as president and who he feels Obama compares to GWB.

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 5:40 PM

Dervish Sanders: Barlowe is a liar. I did not hijack his account.

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 7:42 PM

Willis Hart: You gonna take that, Barlowe?

MARCH 11, 2014 AT 10:04 PM

Rusty Shackelford: I would expect Dervish to slander a conservative like Bayer....WD cant handle any truth from the right and a becon of truth.

Contra O'Reilly: On the Concept of a Solitary Individual Wasting Valuable Moments of His Existence Penning and Maintaining a Ledger Entitled, "The Truth About Dennis Marks", 3/13/2014

MARCH 17, 2014 AT 12:51 PM

Barlowe Bayer: This Dervish fellow seems to be giving you guys a lot of grief. I read what was going on here and it appeared as though you thought Dervish was the one who hacked into my account. Just so everyone knows, the mystery has been solved, and the person who hijacked my account has been identified. It wasn't Dervish, but only someone pretending to be him. Someone that Barlowe works with. My apologies to Mr. Sanders.

Contra O'Reilly: On the Administration's Administering of Obamacare, 3/14/2014

MARCH 17, 2014 AT 2:53 AM

Dennis Marks: RN: Unlike Shaw, I condemn all of the fake blogger ID games. That is integrity and consistency. Her views on this seem to be based on whether it not the target of this crap is conservative or liberal (seen in her applause of WD's Barlowe games). That is a distinct lack of integrity. Also, her linking to Democratic Party campaign sites to support her arguments isn't anything to be proud of...any more than it would be good for conservatives to link to Limbaugh as a source.

MARCH 17, 2014 AT 3:52 PM

Dennis Marks: RN said: "...Look in the mirror fellows..."

I can with clear conscience. Shaw cannot. She complains when she is the target of the fakers, but specifically applauds WD when he does it. In this she has no integrity. I have no problem, now as always, condemning those who are doing this to Shaw... and also WD, who does something quite similar. If Shaw really did have "integrity", she would have condemned W Sanders ID games instead of enthusiastically endorse them.

MARCH 17, 2014 AT 8:20 PM

rAtional nAtion: Now, perhaps I missed it but when and where did Shaw enthusiastically endorse Dervish Sanders I'D games? It is possible she believes there is insufficient evidence to conclusively indict DS. If this so I personally disagree with her assessment. However, I do not agree she lacks integrity.

Shaw is guilty of being a partisan, just as Rusty is. But she has the good sense and decency not to go around calling him a twisted dick in retaliation for his crude vulgar characterization of her. I on the other hand have zero compunction in calling Rusty that.

Contra O'Reilly: A Quick wd Update, 7/28/2014

AUGUST 1, 2014 AT 8:43 AM

Dennis Marks: Will, do you think you can convince Sybil Sanders to only use his Barlowe personality?

AUGUST 1, 2014 AT 9:46 PM

Willis Hart: I kinda liked Barlowe and, so, yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing him again... As for wd, I remember him telling Les that he wasn't going to leave any more "serious" comments if Les was simply going to delete them. Youza, huh?

AUGUST 2, 2014 AT 3:22 AM

Dennis Marks: Will: Agreed. And no, it was not (as I suppose WD is leaving hundreds of messages claiming) because Barlowe was a conservative that we found him a welcome presence. No, it was because WD took care to craft his "Barlowe" character as a civil, well behaved fellow.

Libertas And Latte: he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven, 7/27/2015

AUGUST 1, 2015 AT 1:36 PM

Barlowe Bayer: I might vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. As for Huckabee's comments, he too offers "brutal honesty" IMO. He would immediately begin to roll back Obama's gay agenda if elected. He appeals to the good Christian voters of this country. While Trump tells the truth re the invading illegals, he has yet to say where he stands on traditional marriage. The fact that he's been married so many times does give me pause.

AUGUST 1, 2015 AT 2:08 PM

Constitutional Insurgent: Why do you hate liberty?

AUGUST 1, 2015 AT 3:12 PM

Dennis Marks: CI: You have him figured out. I'm sure you are aware that Barlowe Bayer is one of Dervish Sanders' many suck puppet, fake accounts?

Libertas And Latte: D.C. Stands with criminals, 8/1/2015

AUGUST 1, 2015 AT 3:05 PM

Barlowe Bayer: I say all the illegals should be deported, along with Eleanor Holmes Norton! Seriously, I pray the next president is a Republican and that Republican immediately puts the breaks on Obama's illegal executive amnesty. Him (BHO), we could deport back to Kenya. [Mote: This comment was removed by the blog proprietor].

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