Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Barlowe's Google email & Blog Were Hijacked!

Contrary to false "confessions" and labeling of a pal as a "blog defecator", ol' Barlowe believes none of that asinine baloney. Barlowe was actually quite horrified when he discovered someone other than himself had hacked into his Google account and written posts pretending to be him.

Or, that is the story Barlowe is going with, in any case. Barlowe had a great run with his posts written in a Conservative voice, and Barlowe would like to go back to making fun of agreeing with those who are in the right by being a part of the Right.

The consensus seems to be that someone called "Dervish Sanders" is the offender who pretended to be me. Barlowe contacted the folks at Google to let them know what was going on, and that is how he regained control of his account. But just who hijacked Barlowe's blog could not be determined for certain. Obviously whoever it was is way too smart to get caught. It could have been this "Dervish Sanders", or it could have been someone else.

In any case, even though Barlowe could delete the posts written by this hijacker, he has decided to let them stand. That way, this commentary makes sense. How could Barlowe talk of someone hijacking his account and writing posts pretending to be him if there were no posts? People would say, "WTF are you talking about, Barlowe. I see no such posts".

So, by leaving them I can say... the posts are right there. And give a link. That is what some a-hole wrote while pretending to be ol' Barlowe. Barlowe never "confessed" to jack squat. Barlowe is a Conservative through and through, and will be so to the day he dies.

Whether or not anyone believes ol' Barlowe is another matter entirely, I suppose. But, about that Barlowe also does not give jack squat, as the opinion of others is not something Barlowe spends that much time worrying about. Barlowe is the kind of Maker who lets his hard work and accomplishments speak for themselves. As opposed to some pansy-assed Liberal Taker who whines about it when others point out their deficiencies.

TLB #53, BS #4.

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