Monday, March 17, 2014

Barlowe Discovers Who Hijacked His email & Blog

As it turns out, nobody "hacked" into ol' Barlowe's account. It was a simple matter of Barlowe signing into Google on his work computer and leaving himself signed in while he was absent from said computer. Barlowe has deduced that while he was away from his computer, but still signed into Google, a co-worker (and I use that term loosely) sat down in front of his computer, accessed his Blogger and G-mail accounts, and changed the passwords.

At first Barlowe was shocked when he tried to sign into Google and was informed that his password was wrong. Luckily he had added the mobile phone recovery option, and thus regained control of his account in that manner. Barlowe would not have even been aware of the hijacking, if the imposter had not authored posts for Barlowe's blog in which the imposter had Barlowe "confessing" to be a Librul!

Naturally Barlowe had no idea why his blogging friends Will Hart and dmarks thought Barlowe was a fake identity created by their nemesis Dervish Sanders. This is extremely strange, I thought. Ol' Barlowe never interacted with this Dervish person. Fact is, he appears to have been banned from the blogs of Will Hart and dmarks long before Barlowe showed up.

So why would Dervish target Barlowe? No, it wasn't that Dervish was someone Barlowe works with, but that someone Barlowe works with noticed this Dervish person and how hated it seems he is. That gave said person the idea to pretend to be Dervish and gain control of Barlowe's accounts by "hacking" into them.

Turns out the responsible individual was Dan, the Librul that slacks. This is the loser that Barlowe has been trying to convince the big boss to fire for some time. Barlowe found out who was responsible by going to the IT guy and asking if he could help Barlowe figure out how his account was "hacked".

Long story short, the IT guy finds out it was Dan. Now, this is a serious breach of office protocol. Something for which Dan should be fired immediately. Hopefully the big boss will see it that way when he reads the formal complaint Barlowe has filed against Dan - which includes a written report of the infraction by Ray in IT.

But, I just submitted the complaint, so we'll have to see what the big boss says. In regards to that, I will keep my readers updated. Barlowe is steaming mad and wants Dan gone, but given the fact that nepotism plays a large role in why Dan works at the same firm as Barlowe in the first place... I must admit that Barlowe isn't sure what's going to happen.

TLB #54, BS #5.

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