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The Offensive Blog Defecator Known As dmarks

With his last post ol' Barlowe dropped a bombshell revelation and promised to "reveal the contents of an email that dmarks sent to Barlowe back when he thought Barlowe was on his side". But, before I get to that, let me say that I have no moral qualms revealing what Mr. Marks told me in confidence. Why? Because Mr. Marks is an unscrupulous liar who bad-mouthed a good friend of mine in this email. This was when dmarks thought ol' Barlowe was a fellow conservative blogger. Who knows how many others dmarks sent similar email communications to?

Barlowe, although he kept quiet at the time, was actually quite upset that dmarks would do something so deplorable; that is, bad-mouthing another blogger in private by attempting to get my friend banned from another blog. Again, how many of these emails has Mr. Marks sent out? How many other blogs has Mr. Marks attempted to get my friend banned from?

Barlowe would absolutely never even think to email another blogger and suggest that blogger ban dmarks from his or her blog. This kind of behavior is beyond the pale in Barlowe's opinion, which is why Barlowe will reveal what dmarks wrote to him in private with no guilt what-so-ever. Deplorable behavior like this needs to be called out, and that is exactly what Barlowe is now doing.

The message from dmarks (below) also contains his email address; and that I would have removed if not for the fact that the email is included in dmarks' profile, so it isn't something he does not want seen (unlike his blog, which is hidden). For that reason I left it.

Now, for the complete and unedited message. This communication from dmarks was sent to Barlowe's email on 4/27/2013 back when dmarks thought Barlowe was a Conservative blogger and when dmarks did not know that Barlowe was friends with another individual that dmarks hates...

dmarks via Throwawayblog ( wrote:

Hi I just wanted to quielty suggest that you adopt the blog policy Will Hart and myself reluctantly came to adopt, which is moderating the blog and deleting any W-Dervish comments. It makes a blog better by doing so. His repeated lies and personal statements are beyond what others (I.e. Ema) say, and what he demands, which have included repeatedly calling for George W. Bush to be murdered over "crimes" Bush never commited, go beyond left wing views into dangerous nuttiness.

And yes WD has gone so far as to impersonate others (such as Will) and also to send dozens of comments selling penis lengthening products. Its both fraud and harassment. He even caused the liberal "Ambassador Truth" to have a similar policy at his blog.

It is your blog and your choice, of course. Personally though I find some reluctance to comment on posts in which WD has already defecated. If you choose to adopt this policy which Will and I have, please just do it quietly and flush him regardless of what he says. I have never had to do this to anyone else in my blog, and I believe Will has only done it to two (WD and a global warming kook known as number guy).

(Note: one spelling correction was made to dmarks email... in red. Otherwise the message is complete and unaltered).

Now, I'm not going to suggest that a blog could be made better by moderating and screening out dmarks comments. That is for each individual blogger to decide. If you do, however, ever get a dmarks comment, it is a good thing to know, I think, that this guy is a notorious liar. If you want some examples I suggest checking out this blog; authored by someone who clearly has been subjected to the dangerous nuttiness of Mr. Marks.

As for the "personal statements", Barlowe doesn't know what dmarks is talking about. My friend also is not a liar (unlike dmarks), and does not make "personal statements". Not about himself nor anyone else. The claim that my friend has called for George bush to be murdered is just silly. He has never called for it, let alone "demanded" it. As for the "impersonating" of others, that happened one time when dmarks was allowing anonymous comments. My friend entered the name "Will Hart" and linked to Hart's blog. It was a joke that my friend told dmarks about shortly after doing it. dmarks makes it sound like this "impersonation" is something my friend does regularly. But, as I already noted, dmarks lies.

The member-lengthening links sent by my friend were also a joke, sent in response to dmarks insulting my friend. But I'm not going to get into a long explanation regarding that, because my friend wrote a post on his blog explaning the whole incident. If interested follow the link. I will add, however, that the "fraud" charge is idiotic and the "harrassement" allegation is bogus as well. says "not all petty annoyances constitute harassment. Instead, most state laws require that the behavior cause a credible threat to the person's safety or their family's safety". My friend has never send any "harassing" comments or emails to Mr. Marks. Mr. Marks may have been annoyed (and that actually was the goal), but "harassment" means something (legally), and no harassment ever took place.

If being annoying was "harassment", dmarks' continual lies about my friend on the blog of Will Hart and others would certainly qualify. dmarks has followed my friend around the internet and told his lies about my friend on various other blogs, referring to my friend as a "spammer" and "internet troll".

For example, back in July of 2013 dmarks encountered "WD" (his nickname for my friend... one among many) on the blog "Progressive Soup" and spun the following tale in an effort to sour the proprietor on Dervish Sanders (my friend).

dmarks: WD is lying here on many things. ... He is also a troll who has gotten banned on many blogs. from mine for posting dozens of profanity-based comments per day in which he ranted about the length of his penis. (7/1/2013).

The above comment is typical of the BS that spews from the lying maw of the confabulist dmarks. He takes a kernel of truth and surrounds it with a cornfield of fibs and vile lies. Dervish is NOT a "troll who has gotten banned on many blogs". dmarks and his buddy Will Hart banned Dervish. Nobody else has. Dervish has never posted EVEN ONE "profanity-based comment" on dmarks' blog. One or two times he swore at dmarks on Will Hart's blog when dmarks pushed his buttons by lying about him, but that's it.

Finally, Dervish absolutely never "ranted about the length of his penis". That is an "embellishment" (AKA lie) that dmarks added to the story. Every time he tells it he adds more "facts". In this case, the false fact dmarks added was that Dervish "ranted about the length of his penis"... when the comments were simply links and text for member lengthening products (sent as a joke). The links had nothing at all to so with Dervish's privates.

Now, back to the email from dmarks to Barlowe that is quoted near the top of this commentary - in regards to the charge that "Ambassador Truth" (AKA Joe Truth, AKA Joe Hagstrom, AKA Joe "Truth 101" Kelly) had a policy of moderating and deleting w-dervish comments - this is also completely false. Mr. Hagstrom/Kelly did write a commentary critical of Mr. Sanders, but he never banned Dervish from his blog (which is now closed). dmarks is lying about this as well.

Also my friend Dervish finds dmarks referring to his commenting on other blogs as "defecation" and filtering out his remarks as "flushing" highly insulting. Barlowe is also not sure what it is about dmarks' psychosis that causes him not only to be trapped in a constant state of confabulation, but also be subject to a strange fecal obsession. Who knows? Barlowe is not a psychiatrist. As a layman in this area, Barlowe's diagnosis is that the loathsome and despicable dmarks is "nuts", and, in regards to the online presence of Mr. Marks, he could be labeled a "blog defecator", as dmarks surely shits on the site (in comment form) of any blog where his inane rantings are published.

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