Thursday, March 7, 2013

Global Warming Scammer Al Gore Exposed

Whatever you want to call it - "global warming" or "global climate change" - the evidence shows it isn't happening. Or at least humans have nothing to do with it. Now, I know you've heard that there is a "consensus" within the scientific community that ex-president Al Gore's "documentary" is indisputably 100 percent factual, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Even Al Gore does not believe his own BS. This, we know, because of Al Gore's own hypocritical actions. If he really believed in global warming would he own two energy guzzling McMansions built on land that may soon be underwater (if one is to believe his propaganda film)?

Also, as I pointed out in a previous post, Gore recently sold his TV network to Al Jazeera, which is owned by Arabs who make their money from oil. Do you think that America-hating propaganda is the only thing they will promote? Is it likely, do you think, that the channel owned by oil-rich Arabs will encourage their viewers to "go green" and try and reduce their oil consumption?

Of course not. And, is this not extremely strong evidence that Al Gore is nothing but a scammer who is knowingly lies to the gullible Liberal sheep in an attempt to separate these progressive fools from their money? Just like when he lied about inventing the internet (although I do not know that he made money from this fib; perhaps the purpose was only self-aggrandizement?)

Mark Hendrickson of Forbes asks, "Who would benefit from this catastrophically expensive agenda [of addressing "global warming"]?"

You'd most likely be shocked to learn that those who stand to profit enormously from this agenda are "the political and politically connected elite -- the Goldman Sachs outfits that would reap billions from trading carbon permits; the Al Gores and corporate and political insiders that would amass fortunes from their ties to a government-rigged energy market and investments in politically correct technologies..."

Shocked if you're an average American that is. The global warming hoaxsters have done a bang up job of convincing the public at large that there is actually reason to be concerned.

Luckily it appears as though the so-called cap-and-trade legislation is dead in the water, although Prez Hussein is still blowing billions of taxpayer dollars on "green energy" "investments" that are actually payoffs to cronies who donated to the Hussein regime. When is the electorate going to wise up and stop voting for these corrupt Democrats?

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  1. G.E. is another one, Barlowe. Those blankety blanks are making a killing off of this green agenda and the tax-payers are picking up the bill for it.

  2. Remember Gore is the boob who claimed to have created the Internet.

  3. I've gone from global warming agnostic to full boar skeptic in less than a year and it's dudes like Gore and Michael Mann that have prompted it.