Thursday, February 28, 2013

Traitorous Al Gore Conspires With Those Who Wish Death to America

As you probably haven't heard, ex-president Al Gore sold his TV channel Current to the Arab-owned Al Jazeera. Previous to this deal I ONLY considered this dirtbag (Al Gore) to be a dangerous huckster who "invented" global warming in order to scare American into investing in "green energy" (as it turns out, global warming is just a money making scam).

But now Al Gore is selling his TV network to those who wish to wage jihad against Christian America? World Net Daily warns that the "expansion into American cable markets by Al Jazeera... could offer a serious security risk for America".

The article goes on to point out that, "Al Jazeera's primary Arabic-language network has frequently served as a mouthpiece for [the] Muslim Brotherhood..." and that the purpose of their expansion into the US market is to radicalize Muslims living in American.

So what the hell was Al Gore thinking? Is Gore involved in this conspiracy with Al Jazeera, or did he only do the deal for the cold hard cash (and doesn't give a damn about his country)? I'd also ask why Congress hasn't stepped in and passed some kind of legislation to stop this sort of thing, but considering who is president, their lack of action isn't surprising.

Anyway, the reason I stopped on CurrentTV last night was because I was wondering if I'd hear any chants of "death to America". Not yet, apparently. They're still airing Liberal propaganda. I saw some Arab guy named "Jenk" (but spelled "Cenk") who lied about his spewing of Liberal propaganda, claiming he KNEW what his audience liked about the show was that it is "honest".

This is a exact quote from a promo for the show that I recorded on my DVR:

Jenk voiceover: "I think the number one thing that viewers like about the Young Turks is that we're honest. They can question whether I'm right, but I think the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability is just trying to look out for us".

Really Jenk? If at all honest, I'd have expected everyone still working at Current to quit en mass and call out Gore for his traitorous actions. The whoremonger Eliot Spitzer quit, but I haven't heard him say anything against his former employer.

Just another reason why I view all Liberals with suspicion. Either they're completely ignorant of how evil their ideology is, or they are complicit in that evil. Either way America would be better off without them.

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