Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Socialist Dystopia Formally Known as America

It's my understanding that President Barack Hussein Obama wants to fundamentally transform America from a capitalist powerhouse where everyone can succeed if only they work hard, into a Socialist dystopia where those who work hard are punished for their success. Dinesh D'souza says it was a dream Barack Obama got from his father's ghost.

If this occurs I'll bet that even the Blacks will wish they had voted for Mitt Romney.

TLB #9


  1. Its all about greed. Socialism is the pseudo-scientific justification for those who have the most power to lord it over everyone. Or for those with no power to gain and prosper not through work, but by getting the ruling elites to steal from those who do and hand it them.

    Not sustainable, really. Not on its own anyway. It is a form of parisitism.

  2. I thought I had you "pegged" as a Liberal. Are you just mocking me?

  3. Nope. You misunderstood my windmill comments. I was defending the rights of private property owners (a conservative idea) to have them, against the idea of psuedo-science and claims that windmills cause 90% of forest fires when they really aren't ever mentioned in any source even as a leading cause.

    You might have missed where I expressed complete opposition to any government subsidy or special advantage given to this industry. A viewpoint which would result in a free market situation of hardly any private property owners choosing to erect them anyway.

  4. As for your begging for comments, I well understand. I have actually looked hard for good politically-oriented blogs in Wisconsin and google makes these hard to find.

    It is made even worse due to you being in Google +, so when I click on your ID I don't see your blog at all, whereas I used to see blogs when clicking in the ID easily.