Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will the State of The Union be Muslimey?

All presidents always conclude the state of the union by claiming it is "strong", but the American people know that right now it isn't. The Hussein administration bailed out the Wall Street fat cats - and they're doing better than ever - but many hard-working Americans are still struggling (with the exception of those who voted for Obama - they're lying back and taking it easy while enjoying their extraordinary financial gifts).

Anywho, what do you think Barack Hussein Obama will call for in his speech before Congress? Will he express his desire to abolish the 2nd amendment and lock up freedom loving patriots who refuse to turn over their guns? Or will he only push for other infringements on our constitutional rights that fall short of total gun confiscation, such as banning so-called assault rifles and high capacity clips? Useless background checks that criminals won't adhere to?

Will the "president" I didn't vote for insist that we travel further down the road to socialism and increase the tax burden on the job creators? Will he say he's willing to reduce our reckless spending, but only by gutting the military?

Certainly he won't suggest we abolish our legal system and replace it with Sharia Law, even if that is his secret ambition?

TLB #11

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