Sunday, May 5, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama Liberal Drug Pusher

Libertarians, while completely wrong when it comes to social issues, do have it correct when it comes to fiscal matters. According to a recent article by Libertarian Wayne Allen Root, Prez Hussein is like a drug pusher, addicting the population to entitlements.

In his commentary Wayne says, "He has addicted the whole country to welfare, food stamps, disability, unemployment, free meals at school, housing allowances and free healthcare. He's turned almost the whole population into addicts with their hands out".

Wayne is absolutely right, although I'd disagree that the addicts are "almost the whole population". The people with their hands out are the 47 percent Mitt Romney referred to in that private speech he gave to donors that a Liberal operative illegally recorded. But the Liberals and Liberal suckers rejected Romney's advice that America enter rehab. Instead they voted for the candidate who promised to continue feeding their addiction.

Romney told the addicts he was going to cut them off. He told them he'd grow the economy by getting rid of oppressive regulations and cutting the taxes of job creators. Under a Romney presidency everyone who was willing to work hard would be able to provide for themselves and wouldn't need the Liberal entitlements.

But Romney was vilified for telling the truth, and it cost him dearly. The Liberal parasites and leaches don't like it when their victims complain. Getting the voters hooked on freebies from the Government (that the productive sector of society pays for) is the only way Democrats can win!

Which is why Hussein the drug pusher continues his call for the job creators and successful individuals to be taxed more and more. Someone has to pay for all the free drugs (entitlements) the Democrats hand out like candy. But we all know that addicts (unless they get clean) eventually die. This is the path America is headed down under the Liberals.

Barack Hussein Obama is killing our economy by enabling the Liberal druggies addicted to entitlements. America needs to detox. It will be hard, but we'll come out stronger on the other end. Unfortunately the healing can't begin until we get our fiscal house in order, and that isn't going to happen with Hussein "leading" the nation.

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  1. "welfare, food stamps, disability, unemployment, free meals at school, housing allowances and free healthcare.." preceded Obama
    by a bit: welfare 1940/1964-food stamps 1964-unemploment 1932 (FUCA-insurance: handled by states-school lunch programs 1946, etc.
    So the problem has been around for quite awhile. You are correct-it is a major problem.
    Romney? Probably the best of the GOP candidates
    in 2012 (John Huntsman would have pulled independents and some dems, but was anathema to
    the weird far right)
    The few unemployed I know are desperate for work, would rather work. Some are working 3-4
    menial jobs and barely getting by. The job creators? Dunno, corporate profits are at an all time high, the very rich are getting much jobs there. Productivity is at an alltime high, so doubt the few left working are
    slacking off. I suppose we retired folk are part of the problem..get into your 70s and you aren't quite as productive as you were when you worked for 45 years. Now, with the boomers coming along, that will add to the problem. So,
    you are free to focus your blame on Obama, but
    history shows there is enough blame to go around
    through several administrations.

  2. A lot of good points there, BB. But Obama has made the problem a lot worse, and by choice. He's missed opportunities to make jobs a priority (has he ever done this?), and passed a stimulus that was way too long on paying off cronies and enriching those with cushy jobs. And the wages of his sins of omitting a clear "get America working again" strategy show up in plenty of places, such as the soaring Black unemployment rate.

  3. Sure, these Liberal programs have been around a long time Mr. Idaho, but the Dems are continually looking to expand them (as well as add new entitlements) while the Republicans want to cut them back to the necessary levels only. Obama expanded the entitlements while Romney would have cut them and put people back to work.

    Democrat Party: free stuff paid for by the productive sector of society.

    Republican Party: jobs and prosperity for everyone willing to work for it.

    And dmarks is correct about the "stimulus" -- it was a payoff to his cronies that did not do much, if anything to help the economy.

  4. I must hang out with different folks than BB. Most of the people on unemployment that I've known have milked it. Half of them don't even look for work and when something is offered they often refuse it because it pays less than their previous job (the system in CT allows for this). And the same thing goes for some on disability. I have known so many people with mildly handicapping conditions who are able to work and who do work, but only work 25 hours a week because more than that and they lose benefits. The system is so mucked up with such disincentives that it isn't even funny.

  5. Barlowe, about your first line. Are you so sure? I know many Libertarians who are pro-life. And on the gay rights, marriage, etc issues you have to admit that Libertarians, and even the liberals are far more Constitutional. There is no limiting defninition of marrige in the law of the land.

  6. dmarks, you're referring to fake anti-choice Libertarians like Randal Paul and his father? Gary Johnson is pro-choice, BTW.