Thursday, May 2, 2013

The World's Greatest Jihadist (Obama & The Boston Bombing)

Get this, apparently captured Boston bombing "suspect" Dzhokar Tsarnaev (the cute one) says that, perhaps he should not have listened to his older brother when he first told him he wanted to bomb the Boston marathon. Now he says that, perhaps he should have told his brother no. A little to late for regrets, I say. Also, I doubt the jury will buy this defense of blaming everything on the dead brother.

No, I think he's going to fry. Or have his body pumped full of lethal chemicals. However the death penalty is administered at the federal level. I can't say I know much about the subject. In any case, an excuse of committing jihad and blowing people up because you love and idolize your older brother just isn't going to get you any sympathy, I suspect.

He seemed to be on the right path. In college, and therefore presumably on track for a good career in dentistry. The American dream could have been his, but he flushed it away when he decided to go along with his brother's crazy ideas about jihad. Previously he indicated that his personal priorities were "career and money", but jihad leads to death. Both for your victims and for yourself, as he certainly should have known.

If you're a terrorist-sympathizing Liberal you might ask, "what went wrong"? What did the United States do to cause the Tsarnaev brothers to be susceptible to radicalization? How far can we go in appeasing jihad-inclined Muslims so this does not happen again? Me, I'm not a part of the blame America first crowd, so I say, "who gives a sh*t"? Look what we did for him, and still he wants to kill Americans? I think it is a shame he wasn't killed in the shootout that preceded his capture. Now millions of taxpayer dollars are going to be spent trying him, as if there is any doubt regarding his guilt.

I heard the reason we needed to take him alive was to gather information regarding additional attacks that might be underway, other conspirators, who radicalized him and are they in the United States, etc. Not all the details may be out, but it appears as though there is no additional useful information to be gleaned. I heard yesterday three college friends of Dzhokar were arrested (also immigrants), but all they did is "tamper with evidence" (disposed of his backpack), and this info did not come from Dzhokar (so the cops could have taken him out and saved the taxpayers a butt load of money).

Yes, he is an American citizen so he could not be designated an enemy combatant, as some Republicans suggested (darn!). Wikipedia notes that he was (prophetically?) naturalized on September 11, 2012. So, less than a year as a citizen. Perhaps we need some kind of legislation that allows citizenship to be revoked? Clearly this is an "oops, we made a mistake" type situation. I mean, he must have had jihad type thoughts while undergoing the naturalization process, so obviously he lied when he pledged allegiance to the United States. I say that should be enough to void our citizenship "contract" with him.

Too bad we can't void our presidential contract with Barack Hussein Obama. We did try, but more people supposedly voted for him than against him. Now we're stuck with the stealth jihadist for another 4 years! What I'm referring to are the following two facts: [Fact 1] Many Republicans believe BHO is Muslim, and [Fact 2] BHO's economic policies have led to an extremely anemic "recovery" that has left many Americans behind.

Is it possible that Barack Hussein Obama is actually a follower of radical Islam determined to bring down America from the inside by waging economic jihad? If so, that would undoubtedly make him the world's greatest jihadist. But whether he is a follower of radical Islam or not, his terrible economic policies are causing great harm to our country.

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  1. Many Democrats also believe Obama is a Muslim. After all, this accusation made it big when disgraced former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton announced that Obama was a Muslim as part of her Presidential campaign.

  2. I don't doubt that at some level of counter espionage/terrorism/insurgency etc, there are those that DO try to
    get into the mind of the bomber/terrorist. (How successful, is anyone's guess). The Chechnyan angle is a bit unusual, their preferred target being the USSR. Now, regarding economic policies,
    my market shares are at an alltime high...unlike some acquaintances that lost most of theirs in '88, '02, and '08.

  3. Wall Street soars, while Main Street crumbles. Wait, isn't that what is supposed to happen under "Republicans in the back pocket of big business"?

    But when you look at it, the Democrats have become much more strongly the party of big business than Republicans. From massive taxpayer gifts to the hugest companies (all opposed by Republicans) to the pushing regulations of like minimum wage that kills small businesses while Walmart laughs, the crony capitalist monster of the 21st century definitely brays like a donkey instead of trumpeting like an elephant any more.

    And then of course there is "Obamacare".... while big "connected" businesses get exempted from it, its catastrophic punishments remain in place for small businesses, and it has already forced many companies to downsize and fire people.

  4. You would think, dmarks, that the Koch brothers and Adelmans would be in the dem pocket if it were the party of big business. But, all
    investors know when to bid and when to fold.

  5. Probably they will be eventually.

  6. Kind of funny, BB, you used "USSR".... and I didn't even notice until recently. By accepting this mistake I shared in it too!