Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blog Readers Are Missing Out

Blog readers are missing out by not visiting, reading, and responding to my blog posts. Soon my blog may be shuttered and they'll never know what might have been. All the witty, interesting and insightful posts I would have written if only someone had shown the least bit of interest. When it comes to an end they'll be sorry.

Or, people not reading now might stumble upon my blog at a latter date, read what I wrote up until the time I decided to stop, and lament the fact that I did not continue. If someone responds then, will I become encouraged to start up my blog again? Who knows? I think it depends on how much time has passed. I may lose interest and this future response might go unnoticed. Or, I may have become extremely bitter about the fact that people refused to respond.

You had your chance. It came and went, and now (in the future), my attitude might be "screw you"! Honestly, I'm getting there now. At first I was simply perplexed regarding the lack of interest. Now I'm starting to get mad.

TLB #6

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