Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Convince Me to Not Shut Down My Blog

Yesterday I expressed exasperation at my blog so far not receiving any comments or followers. As a result of this lack of interest, I decided to shut down my blog. This action most likely resulted in a few disappointed lurkers (lurkers are people who read but never respond). Now they may have left a response begging me not to shut down my blog, but probably figured it was useless because I'd never read what they wrote (having shut down my blog and moved on).

The purpose of this post is to assure people that if any comments or pleas to continue are posted - I will see them. And I'll respond. I could even be convinced to not shut down my blog. I think that just one word of encouragement could get me going again. It only takes one to get the ball rolling. Before long I could have hundreds of followers. I hope that anyone who was reading my blog comes back after reading that last post.

If you are a person who was reading (and enjoying) my blog but left after I said I was quitting... but happen to check in again and read this... please come back (and post a comment letting me know you want me to continue blogging). If you're a new reader please stick around for a little while... and post a comment letting me know you want the witty and insightful posts to continue. I want to share my wisdom with the world, but don't wish to waste my time if no one is reading.

TLB #5

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