Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Atheists Intellectually Superior, But Going To Hell

Atheists like to make fun of Christians, referring to the Almighty as an invisible or imaginary friend. I'm not a Christian who takes the Bible 100 percent literal, but I wouldn't dream of referring to a Christian who did as a Bible-thumping moron.

These atheists who look down their noses at Christians - on one hand their snobbery can make my blood boil. On the other hand, I feel sympathy for them, seeing as this life is short and they'll be spending eternity in unbelievable agony burning in the lake of fire.

This sympathy is not so great that it should allow them to discriminate against believers, however. In this life I'd prefer to not have to put up with their condescension and mocking, thank you. On the Left we have religious intolerants like Bill Maher (a vile know-it-all who made a Christian-bashing film that makes fun of how stupid believers are for having faith). This does not exist so much on the Right, except for Libertarians.

Libertarians are, it is my understanding, traditionally atheist. Ayn Rand was an atheist, but Rand Paul is not. I don't understand that. Pen Jillette is a Libertarian, and very strongly atheist. I've seen him on TV bashing Christians for their beliefs, so I know he's lying when he says he's "very respectful of Christians in [his] book". The book is titled, "God No!" and is all about how he's better than the gullible fools who believe in a power greater than them (Or, that is what I strongly suspect the book is about, as I have not read it).

Some Liberals claim to be Christian, but it is impossible for anyone who is OK with murdering babies to be Christian. Murder is prohibited in the 10 commandments. Liberals also believe in stealing from those who work hard and giving it to the lay-abouts who think government should provide for all their needs. They may as well reject God and go atheist because their God does not exist.

I think Liberals who claim to be believers are fake Christians using Christianity to justify their selfishness... which is something they have in common with the atheists - snobbery and selfishness, although they add an admiration for sloth, something the atheists don't subscribe to.

In any case, I believe the judgment for atheists and Liberals will be the same in the end - eternal damnation. Not that they are worried, as being wrong is a possibility that is incomprehensible to them.

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  1. Comparing conservative/liberal with believer/atheist-agnostic is a bit complicated ; the apple/orange problem.

  2. I know not all Liberals are atheist and not all Conservatives are religious. I thought you linked to this article to show me my assumptions were wrong but the article says, "As we'd expect atheists lean liberal and Democrat". Seems to be saying I'm right.

  3. Not questioning your assumptions, just noting a broad distribution.
    The data was from 1992: there has been shifting towards the secular for whatever reasons the
    last few years. My perception of complexity in the issue is based
    in part on voter demographics..85% scientists, 75% Jews, 67% young
    voted Dem in the last election. We may suspect the first group to
    be mostly non-religious; non-orthodox Jews, while traditional, tend
    secular as do the younger set. 75% of the religious right, which I
    take to be fundamentalists, voted GOP: So, I agree with your contention about religiosity v politics. Naturally, as a liberal and agnostic, I would disagree with tagging them as 'stealing from those who work hard', 'snobbery', 'selfishness' & 'admiration for sloth' as oversimplified and tending egregious....but we all have opinions. Kudos for addressing a contentious subject, though.

  4. As the person being quoted here ("Bible thumping moron"), let me throw an olive branch of sorts and say that I agree with your assessment of Mr. Maher as a "vile know it all".

  5. I was inspired to write this after reading your blog, but the post was meant more as a general rebuke (not directed at you specifically) of people who make fun of and bash Christians.

  6. Atheists like to flood the google search index with Christ hate. If they were atheists, they would keep it to themselves and don't go around cursing and name calling Christians. I was an atheist and only have I done it once. I was done after that. My life sucked. I repented, was reborn, I've seen the Holy Ghost and I've felt his fiery heat. Atheists are demon possessed and are deluded into hell. No atheist can survive God's judgement. Atheists all throughout history were freemasons, illuminati, Jewish Zionists who keep Talmud, sellouts etc...Atheists get pissed off because they like to keep their delusions. They like to mock God and say all sorts of stuff against him, mortal stuff. They're that hypocritical. They claim to have read the Bible but as they kept reading it in hate, their wisdom was taken away. They're a rotten empty bunch of liars. I was an atheist before because it was a time for me when I was being indoctrinated and K12 teaching me evolution as the basis.