Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prez Obama Disrespects Israeli Leader

In stark contrast to most of Hussein's diplomatic trips, wherein it is his practice to bow and apologize for America, prez Obama continued his disrespectful treatment of America's closest and strongest ally during his March visit to Israel. Reportedly our POTUS, proving the shame patriotic Americans feel in regards to his poor leadership is justified, told Benjamin Netanyahu that their meeting on the 21st was a waste of time, would accomplish nothing, and was pointless.

This was Hussein's very first visit is Israel; a trip our illegitimate prez apparently felt would make up for his continual dodging of the Jewish leader during his first term.

While visiting the Holy Land, the clueless ex-community organizer half-assed it and gave the standard speech calling for a two state solution to the centuries-old conflict built on generations of religious and cultural resentment. The news story I read remarked how some who attended the speech described it as laughably simple-minded. But I guess Hussein can check the box in that an attempt to broker peace, no matter how pitiful, is something that's required of US presidents if they are elected, or rely on voter fraud to steal a second term.

A blogger for The Economist notes that a former US ambassador to Israel suspects Obama was "only interested in making sure the other side gets blamed for lack of progress". Then the blogger asks, "So why bother?" Indeed, why did Hussein bother when his lack of any real concern is so apparent?

Could the reason be that our prez is actually a Muslim that isn't with American in its support for Israel? In the opinion of this Conservative the evidence strongly supports this hypothesis.

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