Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NBA Homo

Did you hear about the NBA player that came out as a homosexual? My response to this is why? What does sodomy have to do with playing basketball? Why couldn't you have kept this to yourself? I certainly did not want to know.

How many NBA players have come out as straight? I am pretty sure that there haven't been any. When watching basketball I have never wondered who each player (or any player) was having sexual relations with. But the homosexuals think this is information we need to know.

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins said, in an article he wrote in which he revealed that he prefers it in the butt, claims that he wishes someone else had gone first. Maybe he's worried about "discrimination" from people grossed out that he'd share these disgusting details of his personal life WITH THE WORLD that nobody wanted to know about.

I acknowledge that homosexuals face actual discrimination, and I'm opposed to it. So why did Collins go out of his way to ensure he was subjected to some? That makes no sense to me, and causes me to feel a lot less sympathy for him if any discrimination comes his way.

The policy of not asking and not telling, which we should have kept in the military, seems like the way to go to me. What (or who) everyone does in their personal lives is nobody's business. Not only that, but we really don't want to know (that you enjoy smooching other men because that is not natural).

Also, Jason Collins is black, a community that is seen as being more outspoken with their religion-based objections to men lying with men. I blame Obama for this. If he had not "come out of the closet" in support of queers tying the knot I seriously doubt there would have even been a conversation regarding who the first major league sports player to reveal himself as a homo would be.

Hussein should have stuck with his original position on his issue. He used to support civil unions, but his endorsement of homo marriage emboldened the homosexuals and the homosexual advocates who want us all imagining homosexual sex (and puking). Can there be any doubt that, if not for Obama, Collins would have kept who he has sex with PRIVATE?

It is also my understanding that he isn't that great a player. I certainly hope he does not complain when let go that it's due to his being gay. Check out the picture of Mr. Collins on Wikipedia. I think everyone probably already knew he doesn't like the ladies, and he got the job. So, no false cries of victimization please. But being a Liberal (which he no doubt is) I would not be surprised if that is exactly what happens.

And, no, I am not a homophobe, unless you think Christians who take the Biblical view when it comes to men lying with men are homophobic. That is my personal view, but I'm not going to force anyone to accept it. If you're going to risk eternal damnation that is your business. At least respect my desire to not want it shoved in my face, thank you.

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  1. He probably didn't want to have to keep it a secret anymore. It's not a very healthy way to live.

  2. I am more bothered that a proud rapist is the "hero" of the L.A. Lakers.

    1. The dominance of Kobe and his team are one reason I am disinterested in today's NBA. I miss Pippen, Isaiah Thomas, Bird, Jordan, Sir Charles, KJ, Thunder Dan Majerle, and even Rodman and the Sleestak.