Monday, April 15, 2013

Note to Libertarians

Stop pretending to be Republican! You may be able to fool a small segment of the population and get elected to a single congressional district or a single state (if you betray your Libertarian beliefs and say you oppose abortion), but one of your ilk has no chance at all of winning the Republican presidential nomination.

Also, you can stop pretending you have a chance of winning even a single electoral vote running on the Libertarian ticket. Some independents and moderates may throw their vote away and cast their ballot in your favor, but you will never accumulate enough of the vote to win even a single state.

All your efforts accomplish is to peel off a small segment of the Republican electorate (in addition to the aforementioned deluded independents and moderates), but the amount of votes you garner will never be enough to come within leagues of actually winning. The most you can hope to accomplish is to tip a tight election, with the most likely scenario being the election being flipped Republican to Democrat.

At least with a Republican you get a partial win, as we agree with you on fiscal issues. I must ask the citizens who would vote for such a candidate - is flushing the economy down the toilet worth it to stand on principal and vote for one of these candidates (either Libertarian or Libertarian running as a Republican)?

TLB #27


  1. I've been reading Will and RN's blogs a lot. They do have some major disagreements with Republicans on fiscal issues. For one thing, those two are dead set against crony capitalism. While the Dems are far worse then Republicans at this time, the GOP definitely has a problem of crony capitalism also.

    Also consider GW Bush, a Republican, the most fiscally irresponsible President in history up to that point; when you look at the cold hard facts of his debt.

  2. A pox on both their houses, absolutely, dmarks.......And just for the record, I probably WOULD have voted for Huntsman had he gotten the nod.

  3. Will Hart: I probably WOULD have voted for Huntsman had he gotten the nod.

    But he wouldn't have. There was absolutely zero chance of that happening. So why the pointless daydreaming?