Friday, April 12, 2013

Popularity of Conservative Blog Plummets


TLB #26


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    "Popularity of Conservative Blog Plummets"

    And of course this comes as no surprise to any one. Face it, besides fear and self-loathing, what do "Conservative Blog"s have to offer the public?

    Ema Nymton

  2. I'm a liberal, but let me help. One of the conservative blogs gets consistent
    comments sin the 30-50 range. That one specializes in damning any
    thing to the left of Breitbart and especially jumping like buzzards on any liberal that leaves a comment. That mix seems to build a
    number of loyal followers. (but it likely takes quite awhile.)

  3. Emma, I snuck a peak at your blog, and I see you have even less comments (while have been around longer) than my blog. Also, I do not loath myself at all. As for what conservative blogs have to offer... we represent the views of approximately 50 percent of the voting populace.

    Also, what about all the fear the Liberals were sowing about the possibility of Romney becoming president? According to them, the US was going to become a full oligarchy if Romney had been elected and thousands of poor people would die when the government cut the programs that allow them to mooch.

  4. Ema's a dolt, Barlowe. Best to just ignore her.