Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saving America by Stamping Out Liberalism

Liberalism is a scourge on our great nation and needs to be stomped out if we are to survive. Unfortunately I am strongly convinced that things will get worse before they get better, however. Much, much worse. Four more years of Obamanomics may spell our doom. So, what's the solution? Stamp out Liberalism, of course. After Obama fails perhaps the people will come to their sense and realize there is no such thing as a free lunch?

We shall have to wait and see. In any case, following are the Liberal laws, court rulings, programs, institutions and ideas I feel we need to get rid of to make America work again. Of course getting rid of them all entirely will be a monumental task, and may or may not be possible. Liberalism is like a weed: just when you think you've eradicated it, it grows back. The allure of free stuff you didn't have to work for is strong, and a certain unproductive sector of the public will always demand it as if it were their right.

Abortion: Roe V Wade should be overturned. Why is murder covered under a woman's right to privacy? If you don't want a baby use birth control. If you don't want to use birth control get your tubes tied. I'd support exceptions if a woman's life is in danger, but it would have to be proven that the likelihood of death was high (otherwise the exception would likely be abused).

Affirmative Action: rewards should be based on merit only. Slavery ended a long time ago. Are there any former slaves living today? Are there any children of former slaves alive today? No.

Citizens United, Opposition to: Liberals oppose it because the money isn't on their side, but free speech is protected by our Constitution and this ruling by the Supreme Court affirms that right.

Food Stamps: If you want to eat you have to work. It's that simple. Should there be some aid for people who are disabled through no fault of their own and cannot work? Yes, but it should be handled mainly by the churches and private charities. Government's involvement should be minimal.

Foreign Aid: How does this benefit the United States? With the exception of Israel, most of it should be done away with.

Global Climate Change: A disproved theory that should be the basis of no governmental legislation. The Liberal wet dream of taxing carbon via "cap and trade" or any other method should never be considered again.

Green Energy: "Green" is just a marketing term to sell less efficient and more expensive forms of energy. If these forms of energy can actually compete, then let them do so without the deceptive marketing spin (and government subsidies).

Inequality, Demonization of: In life there are winners and losers. Demonizing the winners does not help the losers; in fact it hurts them. The winners are innovators and job creators, and their existence is a huge net positive for the economy.

Medicare: Should be gradually phased out. People have paid into it and should get that money back (and no more).

Medicaid: Should be eliminated for the same reason the food stamp program should be done away with.

The Minimum Wage: The free market is the best way to determine how much any particular worker should be paid. Government mandating a "minimum" is distortive meddling.

Nuclear Energy, Opposition to: Nuclear energy is a relatively safe and cost effective way to meet our growing energy needs.

Progressive taxation: I'm not opposed to the wealthy paying slightly more, but progressives use that as an excuse to gouge higher wage earners. Punishing hard work via confiscatory taxation is morally wrong and counterproductive.

Tariffs: Goods should be able to flow freely and not be taxed simply because they were manufactured in other countries. Tariffs increase the cost of goods for American consumers and are bad for our economy.

Unions, Private Sector: Institute a national Right-to-Work law and private sector unions will crumble. Why do workers have a say in the way a business is run? Only the owners should have a say. If the workers don't like the way the owners decide they want to run THEIR OWN BUSINESS they can quit. Or form their own business.

Unions, Public Sector: Should be outlawed. They cost taxpayers too much. In fact, I'm in favor of doing away with most public sector jobs, period. Many, if not most of them could be privatized (the private sector being much more efficient).

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  1. As a person who doesn't fit neatly into either camp and who thinks that a homogeneity of thinking is dangerous, I would much prefer that both sides remain relevant and relatively sane moving onward.