Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Liberal Media Focusing On Donald Trump's Penis While Ignoring The Fact That Our Current "President" Is A Gay Sex Addicted Muslim Pervert

Big surprise, huh? That the Liberal Media would lie about Mr. Trump having a small penis (when it is actually huge) while totally ignoring that fact that the so-called "president" (B. Hussein Obama) is a Muslim infiltrator who attended a Christian church lead by a pastor who hates American. Oh, and that he's a gay sex addicted pervert.

Don't believe me? Yeah, well one of his ex-secret service protectors tells the truth and spills the beans in a recent book.

Secret Service Agent Says Obama Is Muslim & Gay In New Tell-All Book (excerpt from a News Examiner article by Michael Davies) A former Secret Service agent... says it is time the public knows the real truth about our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama. Former agent, Paul Horner, in his new tell-all book "The Black House", reveals what goes on inside the White House when the news cameras are turned off. In an interview with NBC News, Horner told Senior Political Analyst Tom Downey that he is one-hundred-percent positive that President Obama is not only gay, but a radical Muslim as well.

"Everyone on the inside knows that Obama is gay and a Muslim, it is common knowledge", Horner said. "I saw many men coming and going from Obama's room, at all hours. ...I am in no way homophobic, but Obama's insatiable lust for homosexual liaisons is like nothing I've ever witnessed. We're talking 10-15 partners in a single day".

"I would say a good portion of the men, over fifty-percent, were Muslim... When no one was around, except his security, Obama couldn't wait to get out of his suit and into his Muslim tunic. He would wear it while praying to the prophet Muhammad throughout the day. During these prayer sessions he insisted that he not be disturbed".

"He constantly made jokes about Americans, frequently referring to them as mongoloids and idiots. Christians were his favorite verbal punching bags. He has absolutely no respect for the Christian religion. I believe he actually hates Christians, and finds their ideology to be old fashioned and ignorant". (Link).

This is an ex-Secret Service man, so he is absolutely in a position to know the truth about our gay Muslim "president". You really think he'd lie about something so shocking? I don't. I mean, surely other Secret Service members (ex and current) would speak out if Mr. Horner was making this all up. You hear of any refutations? I sure haven't. No doubt the Obamaites think if they simply don't address these rumors people will say "that can't possibly be true".

Yet we have here (in Mr. Horner) a man who is saying that it IS true! Now, supposedly Snopes "debunked" this story, but I'm not buying it.

Snopes: [None] of these assertions about President Obama [are] true, nor did a former Secret Service agent named Paul Horner write a tell-all book titled The Black House. The NewsExaminer is a fake news web site, and NBC.com.co (which has no affiliation with the NBC network) is a shill fake news web site that reproduces content from NewsExaminer. (Link).

So it's all fake? If that's the case, then why is it that Amazon has a book titled The Black House available for sale? Yeah, according to Amazon the author of this book is Curtis R. Cochran, and not Paul Horner, but I'm guessing that Paul Horner, not being a professional writer, had this Cochran fellow write it up.

So, nice try Snopes, but your "debunk" fails. Apparently the Snopes idiots didn't think that anyone would check if such a book was actually available for sale. Which it is. I mean, I entered "The Black House Paul Horner" into the Amazon search box and this book came up. Also, if you look at the comments on News Examiner's site (attached to the excerpted article above) it's clear that numerous people have read the book. How could people have read it if it doesn't exist? Answer? Obviously they couldn't have.

You think the American people would have voted for Obama had they known this! Even African Americans (who support B. Hussein very strongly) would have rejected him if they had known the truth, I think. Sure, there are Black Muslims (The Nation of Islam), but there are also a lot of African Americans who are Christian. However, neither Christianity nor Islam are accepting of perversions like homosexuality, so I suspect that even Muslims wouldn't have voted for him.

But the Leftist Media clearly is. Accepting of perversion, that is. Which is why they're complicit in this cover up (their part being to not cover/ignore the truth about Obama). Instead they go after fine upstanding good Christian men like Mr. Trump. With made up stories about having a small penis (when his penis is actually humongous).

Disgusting (not Mr. Trump's big penis - that isn't what is disgusting. What's disgusting is that they lie about it being small. Also disgusting that they cover up the truth about our gay sex addicted America-hating Muslim "president").

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