Monday, March 14, 2016

Our Future President, Donald Trump, Tweets Photographic Proof of His Impressive Package

The following from ABC News.

Donald Trump... [tweeted] what is supposedly an image of his private-parts. The tweet was quickly deleted but not before being retweeted over 5,000 times. [The caption attached to the tweet said] "As you can clearly see, there is nothing wrong with the size of my penis! Proof!". ABC News reached out to Trump's campaign for comment about the x-rated tweet and (at the time of this press release) did not receive a response. (Donald Trump Tweets Image Of His Penis – WARNING: Graphic Content. 3/9/2016).

Unfortunately ABC news, while attaching the image our future president Donald J. Trump tweeted, censored Mr. Trump's penis with a black box. Clearly this Leftist news media outlet was too frightened to post the uncensored picture. Not that I need to see Mr. Trump's penis to know it is quite large. If you follow the link and take a gander at the pic, you'll see that the black box obscuring Mr. Trump's member is large, hence it stands to reason that what it's covering is large too.

And Mr. Trump, for a man of his age, has a nice body too. Not great, but he's pushing 70, so he's in much better shape than most men his age. As his doctor said, Mr. Trump "will be the healthiest individual ever elected president". This he said he could "state unequivocally".

Politics aside, I have to wonder if it is wise to elect a man as old as Comrade Bernie Sanders as our president. At 74, Bernie Sanders might have a heart attack if he found that the voters selected him. He's so decrepit, though, that he looks like he's at least 90. So it's quite likely he'll die early in his first term, I think. And that's setting aside the fact that, as a Socialist, he'd destroy our economy *if* he were somehow able to push through his agenda of "free stuff".

Then there is Hillary Clinton, who is 68. Sure, she's a year younger than Mr. Trump, but she looks pretty decrepit to me too. And do we really want some old hag as the ruler of the free world? As opposed to a man whose "physical strength and stamina are extraordinary"?

Hillary Clinton has serious health problems that are being covered up. The Political Insider says "her closest advisor Huma Abedin has admitted on State Department emails that Hillary is sick and often confused. And Matt Drudge has noted Hillary Clinton's possible use of a walker during magazine photo shoots".

Yikes, huh? And her failing health isn't the only reason she's unfit to be president. I think that she could also die in office. Or be indicted and sent to prison. Tom Delay says that the FBI is "ready to indict" her. If so, will HRC drop out, clearing the way for Bernie Sanders to run as the Democratic nominee?

If so I predict an easy victory for Mr. Trump. Yes, a LOT of worthless Takers want the free stuff Comrade Sanders is offering (paid for by Makers like myself), but a majority reject the politics of envy that Sanders represents. Trump would also prevail in a matchup with HRC, however. There is a lot of hate out there for the Clinton crime family.

So Trump is virtually a LOCK for our next president. Of this I am fairly confident. Unless the Republican establishment tries to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump. And the Democrats could ramp up their election thievery. That is another worry. But, given that many states have instituted voter ID laws, that should be minimal (I hope).

Which is why I'm tentatively concluding that, come January 2017, we're going to be inaugurating a president Trump. The healthiest individual ever elected, according to his doctor. And the most well endowed too. Which clearly is driving the Leftist media crazy, what with them cracking jokes about Mr. Trump's impressive package. How juvenile of them.

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