Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Liberal Media's Sick Obsession With Donald Trump's Penis

Caution! This post contains explicit descriptions of the sex act. Not for Children!

The following via some sicko posting on an obscure website called "the cut". This is (according to the article) an excerpt from a fiction book by our future president's ex-wife, Ivana, in which a man and woman "do it". The man (here called "Adam") is a stand in for Mr. Trump. Or so says the article author.

[Adam] took a nipple between his lips, flicked it with his tongue, and felt Katrinka's arms tighten around his neck, her body arch in pleasure. In a moment, they were on the floor, on top of the mink coat, Katrinka's legs gripping his waist as he moved deeper and deeper into her. Finally, after a long time, they finished and lay quiet, each one trying to come to terms with the depth of feeling the other inspired, so much stronger, more compelling than anything either had experienced with other lovers, sometimes bewildering in its intensity, producing alternately joy and terror. As Adam pulled away from her, his cock fell for a moment into the valley between her legs, leaving a smear of semen on the dark silk. He smiled with satisfaction. (Link).

The article goes on from there, chronicling through time each time Donald Trump's penis is mentioned. Or each time Donald Trump mentions his penis. The article is titled "A History of Donald Trump's Penis".

Yeah, it's no wonder the smut-obsessed Liberal media has latched onto this and won't let go. As we all know, it's perverts who gravitate toward the Left. As the "Duck Dynasty" guy, Phil Robertson said, "I'm Republican because Democrats endorse perversion". This is surely an accurate statement.

That's why it really makes me mad when the Liberal media refers to Mr. Trump as "racist" or a "bigot" when the truth is that the Democrat Party is the Party of hate. When it's Democrats who want to tear apart the family and replace family values with perversion. Mr. Trump is a good family man. Yes, he's been married a few times, but each time it was (1) one at a time, and (2) a union of one man and one women. Unlike with Dems, who think two men or two women can be "married".

BTW, clearly Mr. Trump was right to divorce Ivana, author of the pornographic (and gross) "novel" excerpted above... an excerpt from the 1992 "novel" For Love Alone. Trump divorced her in 1991. Perhaps because he came across this smut (while Ivana was writing it) and was disgusted?

Anyway, what this shows is that everyone (it seems) appears to be obsessed with Mr. Trump's member. His ex-wife, the Liberal media, etc. Why? I guess that people's privates are just on the minds of these sick perverts constantly. Is "Little Marco" a closet Liberal? That he was the one that brought up Mr. Trump's penis during the debate does make me wonder. I mean, he IS hispanic. but then, so is the Hispanic-Canadian Cruz.

Another reason to elect Trump. He's the only one left in the race who is a REAL American. Yeah, Kasich is still in it (for some reason), but he does not now (nor did he ever) have a snowball's chance in hell. He won Ohio and then made a big deal about it. How sad and pathetic! He should drop out already. Also, given the fact that he accepted the Medicaid expansion, I have to ask... is this guy a real Conservative or a RINO?

Kasich is opposed to murdering babies in the womb, so he does pass that litmus test. But helping poor losers instead of letting them suffer the consequences of their own bad decisions? No, that doesn't fly with me. No way I'd vote for him. Not that it matters, as Trump pretty much has the nomination in the bag at this point.

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