Friday, March 18, 2016

Expert Affirms That Trump's Large Penis Could Prevent World War 3

Actually the Liberal Media reports that some quack "doctor" says the exact opposite.

The following via the guttersnipes at The Huffington Post.

Expert Warns That Trump's Small Penis Could Trigger World War III (excerpt) ZURICH (Rooters): Presidential candidate Donald Trump's efforts to refute allegations about the size of his penis received a blow yesterday when a prominent Swiss sex researcher made public a scientific report indicating that Mr. Trump suffers from Small Penis Syndrome (SPS). Professor Herman Schwanzkopf, the report's author, warns that - if Trump becomes President - his efforts to over-compensate for having a "micro-penis" might pose a macro-threat to world peace. (Link).

What a bunch of BS, I say. Another example of the Liberal Media mocking Mr. Trump for his large member. Instead of starting WW3, Mr. Trump will crush ISIS with his huge penis. I'm not saying he'll literally defeat ISIS with his penis, only that Trump's large member will give him the confidence to do what needs to be done to defeat terrorism and make America great again.

Unlike our current Muslim president, B. Hussein. Despite being Black he obviously has a very small penis. Which is why he has us bending over and taking it up the rear like a dirty homosexual. Seriously, B. Hussein prostrating himself in front of our enemies sickens me. Truly, I want to barf.

As the former VP nominee Sarah Palin noted, under Obama "America would apologize as part of the deal as the enemy sends a message to the rest of the world that they capture, and we kowtow, and we apologize, and then we bend over and say thank you enemy".

Sarah Palin is obviously a very smart woman, which is why she endorsed Donald J. Trump for president. Should Mr. Trump name Mrs. Palin as his VP? She is an extremely beautiful woman, as is Trump's current wife, Melania. I'm not sure I'd want a woman a heartbeat away from the presidency, however. I mean, I'm not misogynist, but the leader of the free world seems like the job for a man to me.

Something else that should have disqualified B. Hussein from the presidency, IMO. Not being a man, that is. Fact is, I heard that our Muslim president is a homosexual and his wife is actually a dude. By which I mean "she" is a transexual who hasn't had his weenie cut off.

Are either of these facts true? I can't say I know for certain. But it definitely sounds plausible to me, and, from the looks of it, "Michelle" has a bigger penis than "her" husband. YUCK! Yet another reason we need to make sure the next president is a real man like Donald J. Trump.

Pic: A screenshot of Michelle Obama's penis (clearly visible through her pants) as she dances on the homosexual Ellen Degenerate Show.

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