Sunday, August 9, 2015

Barlowe Rejects The Sin Of Homosexuality (Not That He Was Ever - Even For One Second - Tempted)

As Doctor Ben Carson truthfully related, being a homo is your choice. And, despite tasting semen for the first time in his life, Barlowe did NOT like it and was NOT converted. Barlowe CHOSE to remain totally straight. Although his abuser tried very hard to convince me to chose the "alternate" homo lifestyle, Barlowe refused.

I was not making a double entendre either, when I said Barlowe's abuser tried very "hard". While his abuser's member was extremely hard (as well as extremely large), I was referring to the efforts only. By which I mean the anal raping. As well as the oral raping. Barlowe did not enjoy it one bit. In fact, it was pure hell.

I do take some solace, however, in the fact that my abuser is going there (hell, that is). For being a homo, as well as for the raping. In any case, I am now doing my best to put this nightmare behind me. Also not a double entendre... although, yes, my behind was quite sore for awhile.

Luckily Barlowe has not contracted AIDS. Which I got myself tested for as soon as I was released from the slammer. What a relief! But the nightmare is not over yet, it seems. Dan, my former co "worker" sued Barlowe and Barlowe lost! In addition to paying for Dan's medical bills (resetting his broken nose), a large judgment was handed down for "pain and suffering".

Because the wuss cried a lot in court about how much pain he was in... and the jury bought his act. And awarded Dan an extra 1.2 million, which was Barlowe's entire life savings!

Now Barlowe is utterly broke! Not only that, but none of his former clients were interested in taking their business to Barlowe. Yeah, I tried to start my own firm and poach my former clients, but none bit. (the a-holes!).

So, for now, I'm flipping burgers at Mickey-D's. How humiliating! But still I work hard, in order to impress the pimply-faced teen who is now my "superior" that giving an ex-con a second chance was a good idea.

By the way, in regards to Barlowe being a completely straight male, one of the first things I did after receiving my first Mickey-D's check was to find a hooker and give her a good banging (missionary). Sex outside of marriage might be something the Lord frowns upon, but I think the Lord would give ol' Barlowe a pass, given recent events.

Fact is, I think the Lord smiled when he saw proof that Barlowe had rejected the sin of homosexuality.

TLB #60, BS #9.

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